Go pound of salt, what does it mean

You can use a 3 pound bucket of Maldon salt | buy extra crispy - extra crispy - 2021

Are you amused when you buy things in bulk? Like a 6 pound tub of Nutella or a 5 pound bag of gummy bears? It is true that things seemingly inappropriately sized are funny. Like tiny kitchens or kitchens that are far too big for humans. It's also true that if you use something around a kitchen a lot, there is likely an option to buy in industrial quantities. After all, that's what the restaurants do. You will find so many things larger or smaller than what you would use in your home kitchen at a restaurant supply store.

You might not be surprised that you can buy a three-pound bucket of Maldon salt, the fanciest salt, on Amazon. People who love food are deeply invested in salt for good reason. Salt is basically the reason why everything tastes like everything. It makes the food taste more like itself. A good finishing salt like Maldon will add just the right amount of salt and crunch to whatever it takes. For example, Maldon is great with brownies and cookies of all kinds. It's fabulous on salad. A little sprinkling at the end of a dish gives the dish that certain something. Its shape, which is a pyramid, allows it to distribute the saltiness a bit, as opposed to the concentrated salty punch of table salt. It is an ingredient that professional chefs use sparingly as it is much more expensive than regular kosher salt. For example, you wouldn't salt with Maldon pasta water because it would be like putting that $ 60 butter on a pan for baking.

I mean, at least you wouldn't normally do that. But when you have three pounds of Maldon you might get a little crazy. The bucket's reviews are a mix of odes to salt - "after years of buying fancy fleurs de sel and other salty esoteric items, I walked the happy pyramids and fell in love" - ​​and questions about using Maldon in your hot tub. (Nobody is going to stop you?) This would make a good gag gift too, which is actually very useful, like sending 20 pounds of rainbow sprinkles to a desk. And when they get angry, you could say "don't worry" and laugh all the way home.