What if Orthorn Skyrim died

Get to the books

The Arch-Mage has asked them to go to Urag gro-Shub and help him find out what this artifact is, that ominous rotating sphere that was excavated in Saarthal, and what it is doing.

Walkthrough [edit | Edit source]

Talk to Urag gro-Shub [edit | Edit source]

The arch-mage sends you to Urag gro-Shub, the librarian of the academy. You can find this in the Arcanaeum. So first go back the way you took to the Arch-Magician, go left and down the steps to get to the Arcanaeum. Urag can usually be found behind the desk at the end of the library. Talk to him and he will tell you that the books you need were loaned to a magician named Orthorn. However, this magician has disappeared. He was last seen in Twilight Fortress, and Urag wants you to bring the books back. So go to Twilight Fortress.

Find the stolen books (3) Edit source]

Outside the fortress there are three mages and a fire atronach who hang outside the vault. Two of these will be near the entrance, one on top of a lookout in the center, and the atronach will be in the remnants of the crumbling tower nearby. Kill them all and go inside the fortress.

The entrance to the vault can be found in the crumbling tower where the atronach was. So go there and enter the vault. You come out in a short corridor that opens into a flooded room with two Frostbite spiders and an apprentice ice mage. The one-magician sits at a table on the first floor. The magician mainly uses ice spears just like he uses light protection to protect himself. He will heal himself as soon as he is low in life points. When he's dead, go down the corridor to the right. Watch out for the pressure plate that releases poison arrows across the corridor at the foot of the steps.

There is a room with some loot on the left hand side on the way down the corridor. Just before you step into the next room, there is a frost rune on the floor. Blast this to activate it remotely, then move on. There is a novice summoner in this room who comes running as soon as the rune is triggered. It mainly uses flames. After she is dead, you can use the four levers at the exit to free the trapped vampires who run into the next room and attack the magicians there. The vampires tend to be very quick, but you can pickpocket them to get some armor and weapons into their inventory to give them a real chance.

Either wait for the confusion to subside or wade in and start firing at random. There are three magicians in the room, a novice fire magician, a novice summoner, and an ice magician. When you're dead, continue down the hall into another circular room with dungeon cells lining the wall. At the far end is a novice storm mage. The moment you see you, he runs to the levers in the center of the room and starts the release of the monsters in the cells. There are two wolves there that will come running out and attack you directly if you are not fast enough.

At this point you can finish the optional task. Pull the middle lever and speak to Orthorn when he comes out and ask him where the books are. He will tell you that the leader of the magicians in the fortress was interested in the books and took them away from him. Next to the prison with the wolves is a corridor that takes you deeper into the vault and ends at a magician's shooting range. There are three other magicians here, a novice ice magician and an apprentice fire magician.

Go back the way you came and up the long flight of stairs. At the top is a spacious corridor with coffins on each side and two novice necromancers at the end. When you enter the hallway, skeletons will emerge from the coffins. Bring them all down and head towards the coffins at the end where more simple skeletons will appear. Kill these too and take the exit on the left to the Twilight Fortress.

Go around the corner into the great room with a Novice Summoner and a Novice Storm Mage. Both will flee through a door in the back of the room when they are low on life energy. In the room beyond that there will be a novice necromancer to help the two of them. On a pedestal in the first room, where the novice summoner stood, there is a [[| The Doors into the Realm of Oblivion | Textbook]], which increases your summoning skills.

Now go across the room where the novice necromancer was and go down the hall. At the end of it you come to a room with a confidante behind a few work tables and an apprentice ice mage on the upper floor. A Novice Storm Mage, Novice Summoner, and the Familiar will emerge from the entrance on the second level to the left of the stairs. In the room on the other side of the stairs is a stone from Barenziah along with an alchemy lab and an arcane enchanter.

When you're done, go up the steps into the room the Storm Mage and Summoner came from and you will come out in a circular room filled with bookshelves. Exit the room on the other side and go around the corner along the hallway and you will be greeted by a fire atronach. Go through the door he was guarding into the ritual chamber of Twilight Fortress.

Inside the chamber is The caller, the boss of this place and the one who stole the books. If Orthorn is still alive at this point, you can mess with the caller so that you can get the books back and leave Orthorn behind in exchange. If he is dead or you have decided not to leave Orthorn, you have to start a fight. She teleports across the room to each of the three books and summons a Fire Atronach to help her. Alternatively, if you've made up your mind to let Orthorn behind, he'll sneak up behind her and betray her anyway.

When you have the books, it's time to get back to the academy.

Free Orthorn (Optional) [edit | Edit source]

You free Orthorn right before the end of the vaults from the Twilight Fortress, in a round room with dungeon cells. It can be released by pulling the middle lever in the center of the room.

Bring the books back Edit source]

Back at the academy, go to the Arcaneum and report to Urag. He will thank you for the books and reward you with 6 textbooks that increase each of your magic skills by one point. Talk to him again and he will tell you that he identified the strange artifact and that you should go to the Hall of Elements to meet Tolfdir there. This starts the follow-up task of Good intentions.