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Forrest Gump quotes his philosophical mom as saying; “He's stupid who does stupid.” That's the way it is, but you can't say that in Schland.

Take, for example, the disgusting judgment of the hearty baroness from Brühl (PDF). There's a Nazi like that Claudia Roth called disgusting and was sentenced for it. If he had called her statements disgusting rather than her, then he probably wouldn't even have been charged.

Where's the difference? On the one hand it is about the person, on the other hand it is about what they say or do. And at the point comes Forrests Mum comes into play, because of course there is no difference from the point of view of Art 5 GG. If I consider a person's statements to be disgusting, then I can also mean that the person himself is disgusting.

I'm only bringing this to 2 the records because I called the Nazi stork a racist and I'm sure I will do it againhumpst will.

Sometimes I am inclined David to be right ... BTW: Happy New Year and hold on ... someday it is Trump History ... and to believe that the excessive American interpretation of the freedom of speech is correct. But then I remember that whoever does not drive the Nazis over the brown mouth need not be surprised if his mouth is shut himself ... tit 4 did.

No, our view of things, shaped by our history, is better for us if it is only properly implemented by judges. The black smocks must finally understand that they are being used by the Nazis to silence the callers in the desert. The AfD is not a democratically legitimized party, but a shitty brown bunch controlled by Raffkes to abolish democracy. They want money, not power. Power is for Gauland & Co. only means to the end of enrichment at the expense of little Leutz.

I like it:

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