What is a moss ghost

The story of the Moospfaff
(Spirit of the moss forest)

The Moospfaff is said to have once been a priest from the mountain monastery of All Saints, who lost the holy of holies (host) from his bursa (bag) in the forest during a mistake (last unction) to the moss farmer in a dark night. Since that time he has looked in vain. He can't find rest until he's found it. Howling and moaning, he wanders as a ghost through the moss, frightening people and playing tricks on them.

The moss spirits are a group of girls and boys between the ages of 7 and 13. The group was founded in 1975 by the Oppenau guild council.
The moss spirits take an active part in the Oppenau Fasent event. These include the Rose Monday parade, the children's parade on Carnival Sunday, and on the “Dirty Dunnerschdig” they organize the popular “Gizig Rufe” in the Oppenau shops, with all interested Oppenau children walking in groups through the shops and collecting sweets.
The moss spirits are also very crazy about the external parades on which they are allowed to accompany the guild.



During the “Colorful Evenings”, the Moosgeister inspire the audience every year with their appearance, where local events are discussed in a special way.





They also meet outside of the Fasent, e.g. to rehearse for their performances, for the St. Nicholas celebration and for an annual outing.