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TM 30-506.
20 MAY I944

By order of the Secretary of War:
Chief of Staff.


THIS DICTIONARY has been intentionally limited in scope to military subject matter and directly related fields. It has been compiled primarily for use by American military personnel with at least a fair knowledge of German.
As far as possible the editors have endeavored to furnish actual equivalents rather than literal translations from one language into the other. Thus, although the literal translation of Entwicklung would be "development," a study of the German operations manual reveals that Entwicklung follows Entfaltung ("development") and hence is the equivalent of "deployment." Translations have been provided (generally with a note of explanation) only where equivalents do not exist or could not be found.
In the case of ranks, the corresponding United States rank according to function has been given, as listed in TM-E 30-451 (September 1, 1943).

In the arrangement of terms the single-entry method has been used. A term like advance guard, will be found only under advance and not under guard.

Entries are arranged in straight alphabetical order, regardless of whether any given entry consists of one word or more, thus: direct current direction directional direction board direct observation.

The only exceptions to straight alphabetical order are a limited number of phrases which the reader would be unlikely to look for under the first word of the phrase. Thus, in Feuerstellung appears under Feuerstellung, not under in.
Among various equivalents for a given term, synonyms are separated by commas, different meanings by semicolons.

For definitions of many of the English terms used, see TM 20-205, Dictionary of United States Army Terms, 18 January 1944.


* Based on AR 850-150, 1-2, Aug 14, 1943; and FM 21-30, Oct 1943.

AA antiaircraft
AAA Antiaircraft Artillery
AAF Army Air Forces
Adrm Airdrome
Adm Administrative
Adv Gd Advance Guard
Ammunition Ap Airplane
Armd Armored
Arty artillery
Ash Airship
AT antitank
Avn Aviation
AWS Aircraft Warning Service
Btry Battery
BC Battery Commander
Bdg Bridge
Bln balloon
Bn Battalion
CA Coast Artillery
Cal Caliber
Cam camouflage
Cav cavalry
Civ Civil, Civilian
Clo Clothing
Cml Chemical
Com Communication
Comd Command
Com Z Communications Zone
CP Command Post
Cpl Corporal
CWS Chemical Warfare Service
Div division
Elec Electrical
Engr Engineers
FA Field Artillery
FR Flash Ranging
Ft fortification
G Gun
Ger German (no authorized source)
GHQ General Headquarters
Govt Government
H Cav Horse Cavalry
H-Dr Horse-drawn
HE High Explosive
Hq headquarters
Inf Infantry
Inst instrument
Lt. Lieutenant
LM Land Mine
Maj Major
Math Mathematics (no authorized source)
Mech Mechanics, Mechanical
Mecz Mechanized
Med Medical
Met Meteorological
MG machine gun
Mil Military
Mort Mortar
MP Military Police
MT Motor Transport
Mtcl Motorcycle
Mtr engine
Mtz Motorized
Nav Naval
NCO Noncommissioned Officer
Obsn observation
Ord Ordnance
Pers Personnel, person
Photo Photography
Pon pontoon
Great parachute
Pvt Private
PW Prisoner of War
PX Post Exchange
QMC Quartermaster Corps
R rifle
Wheel radio
Ren Reconnaissance
Regiment regiment
RR Railroad
SA Small Arms
Sgt Sergeant
Sig signal
Sig C Signal Corps
SL Searchlight
SR sound ranging
Surv surveying
Tac Tactical, Tactics
Tech Technical
Tg Telegraph
Tk tank
Tng training
T of Opns Theater of Operation
Top topographical
Trans Transportation
Tp Telephone
Trac Tractor
Trk truck
US United States
USA United States Army
Vet Veterinary
Z of I Zone of the Interior



Degradation m dismantling (a structure, etc.); mining (ore).
dismantle to dismantle (a structure, etc.); to mine (ore).
evacuate (PW, wounded, etc.).
Figure / illustration, figure, diagram.
to tie, lash (Tp wire).
blow off to release gas (CWS).
dim (a light).
"Fade out!" "Out of action!" (AA SL).
Low beam n dim light (on auto headlight).
cancel break off; cease; withdraw. abort the camp to break camp, abort the skirmish to withdraw from action.
Canceling the battle, withdrawal from action.
to brake.
Braking gear (aircraft carrier).
abbriicken dismantle (a, bridge).
Incline / slope (top,).
Cover plate (G).
seal to seal, calk, pack.
Sealing against war gas gas-proofing (CWS).
Sealing ring, washer.
serve complete a period of service.
Drift / drift (Avn, Nav).
Drift meter m drift meter (Ap).
Drift area m landing area, jump area (Prcht troops).
Drift sight n drift meter (Ap).
to throttle (an engine).
to fire, i.e. pull (a trigger); press (a button).
Abrückvorrichtung / release mechanism (G).
Evening party suit m special evening dress uniform.
Departure, start; downhill run (skiing).
Departure time / time of departure, time of starting; time of descent (skiing).
Waste m waste; drop (Elec).
falling to slope (top).
sloping terrain. sloping terrain.
intercept pull out, level off, flatten out (Avn); intercept (Tac).
Interception radius m pull-out radius (in dive bombing).
Abfangwalze / front roller, roller bumper (MT, Tk).
Abfederung / spring system, suspension (MT).
dispatch to dispatch (messages, vehicles, trains, etc.); to process for further disposition.
Terminal buildings control tower (Adrm).
to fire.
Release mechanism (Mort).
Firing lever m firing lever (G).
Firing circuit for machine gun ror gun (Tk).
Firing mechanism.
Severance payment / pay and / or reimbursement, financial settlement.
Departure m take-off (Avn); going flight, departing flight, receding flight (AAA).
Take-off speed.
Take-off performance / take-off rating.
Inquiry apparatus m operator's telephone.
Query jack / operator's answering jack.
inquire as to party or line desired (Tp).
to feed (an animal).
Exit error m jump, vertical jump (Arty).
Exit error angle m angle of jump, jump, vertical jump (Arty).
Departure direction / line of departure (ballistics).
Departure angle m quadrant angle of departure (ballistics).
Abgase npl exhaust gases, waste gases.
Exhaust turbine (Ap).
flattened flattened, flat.
flattened part of the cartridge meplat (SA Am).
fought battle-weary.
chased winded, worn out.
worn out, worn out, worn away; eroded (G barrel).
Deported TO evacuee.
dismounted (pers).
separately detached (unit, etc.).
parked parked.
worn down (Clo).
pour off to spray chemical warfare agents (Avn).
Slide rails fpl bullet-deflection rails (Tk).
tap to transfer map distances with compass or dividers, to plot (in this sense).
Measuring the distance measuring map range with dividers or compass.
Demarcation, delimitation.
depend take off (a pack); unhook (a trailer); hang up (Tp); overtake and leave behind (slang).
to cut down; to "beat it" (slang).
take off lift up; pull up, take off (Avn).
Fetch command n party detailed to fetch anything; aircraft ferrying detachment.
intercept, listen in, monitor (Rad, Tp).
Danger of interception (Tp, Rad).
Intercept station (Sig C); monitoring station (wheel).
tilt wing over (Avn); withdraw from action (slang).
disconnect from binding post (Elcc).
detach to detach, to detail.
Agreement n deviation; agreement, convention; point of aim (at instant of firing).
report the deal to call the shot.
agreement deviate.
Departure point m point of called shot, point of aim.
Subcaliber tube (G).
Abkommschießen n subcaliber firing, subcaliber practice.
Abkrümmen n trigger squeeze.
to squeeze (a trigger).
Unloading command n unloading detail.
unload unload, detruck, detrain.
Filing / dump.
Deposition fence m drift fence (a type of snow fence for winter operations).
Drain plug.
Expiry m completion, termination; launching, starting.
Runway (Adrm); landing ramp (for seaplanes).
Drain mountain m hump, incline (RR).
Drainage post m bridge-traffic control post.
Drain valve n relief valve (Hydraulics).
eavesdropping listen in, intercept (wheel).
to ring off (Tp).
derive divert (a stream, etc.).
Derivation; derivative (Math); leakage (Elec).
Distraction / diversion (Tac); deflection, refraction.
Diversion attack TO diversion, feint attack (Tac).
Reading mark / index line, index mark.
read to read (instruments, etc.).
Reading error TO index error.
Reading / setting, reading.
deliver deliver.
Detachment / relief (Tac).
replace relieve, take over.
March off TO half-squad (Cav); departure, start.
ready to start.
Abmarschführer m half-squad leader (Cav).
march off, start the march.
lose weight remove, take off; decrease; accept, take.
Erosion, wear; wear and tear; attrition.
Wear of the pipe erosion of the bore.
Attrition in the battle of attrition.
Abort m toilet, latrine.
bounce off to ricochet.
Ricochet m ricochet.
Ricochet fire.
Rebound angle m angle of ricochet.
show off uncouple, unlimber (Arty).
Rainfall aerial spraying (CWS).
tear off to rip, tear off.
Tear-off button m fuze-cord button (hand grenade).
Rip cord (Prcht); fuze cord (hand grenade).
Breakaway fuse with friction igniter, rip-cord igniter.
abrasion-resistant wear-resistant.
to block, interdict, box in, seal off (Tac); to bolt (a door, etc.).
Lockdown fire n box barrage (Arty).
Move away n departure.
to ring off (Tp).
disarm disarm.
to slip (Avn). to fall off (Avn).
sag to drop, pancake (Avn); to founder, sink (slang).
Unsaddling troop with unsaddling detail (Cav).
Paragraph m berm (Ft); heel (of shoe); paragraph.
to estimate (distance, etc.).
Shear n shear (Mech).
deport evacuate; expel, deport.
Farewell m departure; discharge; resignation. honorable farewell honorable discharge.
shoot to down, to shoot down (an Ap); to disable, put out of action (a Tk or vehicle); to shoot (a person).
shielding to blanket, screen, cover, protect, shield.
Shielding, screening (wheel).
slaughter to massacre, slaughter.
knock off repel; reject.
Towing service m recovery service, towing service (MT).
Towing n towing.
Towing equipment.
Towing command n recovery party, wrecking section.
Tow truck m wrecking truck.
Towing train in wrecker platoon, maintenance platoon (MT).
End plate n base cover (Am).
grease lubricate.
cut off to cut off, isolate (Tac); to cut (wire, etc.).
Section m sector, phase (Tac); area, section.
Sector boundary.
Sector reserve.
in sections by sectors; in phases.
unscrewable, detachable.
pace off (a distance).
Transcript / copy.
Deportation m evacuation (of PW, wounded, etc.); transportation to the rear (of salvage, supplies, etc.).
Deportation point / evacuation station.
Discharge (of a gun); downed enemy airplane; disabled tank or vehicle.
Shooting distance / slant range to present position (at instant of firing) (AAA).
downhill steep (top).
Launch point m present position (at instant of firing) (AAA).
Launch tube n projector (CWS, Siff).
weaken reduce (Photo); weaken.
Withdrawal movement, disengagement.
withdraw, disengage, withdraw (Tac); increase distance between aircraft in flight.
Jumpmaster (Prcht troops).
Landing area n landing area (Prcht troops).
Intent, intention. dismount (from H or vehicle); do time, serve, a sentence.
secrete isolates (Med); divide, separate; segregate (PW).
Segregation / isolation (Mod); division, separation; segregation (PW).
Isolation quarters (Med).
relieve strain on wire by tying (Tp); Relieve tension, unharness, uncock, relax.
shut off close or block (a road, etc.); lock (a door, etc.); cut off, isolate (Tac).
to brace.
bail out, jump (Avn).
Jump TO jump.
Departure port m jump-off base (Avn).
Jump with delayed opening delayed jump (Prcht).
unreel 'unreel, unwind.
rinse out, wash out.
Unwinder m paying-out reel, axle of hand reel (Tp).
Detecting n gas detection (CWS).
Distance in distance (from front to rear). See also time interval.
Distance light n marker light (MT).
Distance throwing n pattern bombing.
stake off (Engr, Surv); ' plot (a course, etc.); trace, tape off (a mine field, etc.).
Stake m stake (Surv).
brace to brace, stiffen.
descending branch (of trajectory).
TO railroad yard.
turn off to park, stop; to turn off (an engine or motor).
Siding n classification track, siding (RR).
Parking space m parking place, parking area, dispersal area (Adrm).
vote to tune (wheel).
Tuning condenser (wheel).
Tuning sharpness / selectivity, sharpness of resonance (Rad).
Tuning dial (wheel).
Tuning coil / tuning coil (wheel).
strip off to patrol (a road, area, etc.).
graduate (into degrees).
Crash TO crash, plunge (Avn). crash to down (at Ap).
search to search, sweep.
Abscissa / abscissa, X-coordinate.
Sampling box / pick-up unit (record player).
Division / battalion (Cav, Arty, Armd Comd); detachment, unit (Tac); department, section (Adm). "Squad (company, detail, etc.), stop!"
Department adjutant m battalion adjutant.
Division commander m battalion commander.
Abteilungsnachrichtenstaffel / battalion communication section.
Department staff TO battalion headquarters.
Removal m evacuation.
evacuate evacuate.
cut off, separate, isolate, disconnect.
"Resign!" "Dismissed!" (formal style, to an individual). Compare "Resigned!"
let go of dismiss (an individual).
Drift / drift (Avn).
Abtriftmesser TO driftmeter (Avn).
Drift sight n lake drift sight.
Drift angle m drift angle (Avn).
go into a spin (Avn).
Hobbing ram TO tappet rod (eccentric-cam type).
down downward, downhill.
wastewater to drain (water).
Defense, active defense; military security.
Defense matters fpl security matters.
Defense service m counterintelligence.
Defensive success TO defensive success.
Abwehrgeschütz n antiaircraft gun.
Defensive combat TO defensive combat.
Defensive measure; security measure.
Abwehr Officer m security officer.
Abwehrvorbildung / defensive preparation, preparation of defensive measures.
Abwehrwaffe / defensive arm; defensive weapon.
defensively defensively.
Defense zone / defensive zone.
deviate deviate.
different initial speed velocity error.
Deviation, deflection, error.
reject repel.
Deflector TO fender; recoil guard (G * mount).
to drop, jettison (Avn).
absent absent.
Abwind m descending air current (Met).
Bombing release. See also litter.
Drop tank m slip tank, belly tank (Ap); aerial delivery unit (airborne operations).
Drop device n bomb-release mechanism (Ap).
Dropping gondola / lake dropping box.
Drop height / bombing altitude, bomb-release altitude (Avn).
Abschlagkiste / aerial delivery container (airborne operations).
Drop message.
Abwurfpatrone / message container (for drop message) (Avn).
Chute m bomb rack (Ap).
Message-dropping ground; drop point (airborne supply) -
Bomb-release mechanism (Ap).
Drop target n bomb sight (Ap).
stall to stall (an.engine).
"Count!" "Count off!"
Badge «badge, device, emblem, insignia; marking (Ap, Tk).
pull off pull (a trigger); withdraw (Tac); hone, whet, sharpen; make a print (Photo); subtract, deduct, draw off.
Trigger m trigger (SA); withdrawal (Tac); contact print (Photo); deduction (of pay, etc.).
Trigger guard with trigger guard (R).
Sear spring (R).
Trigger-sear fork (R).
Trigger pull (SA).
Trigger handle w lanyard handle (G).
Trigger lever (MG); firing lever (G).
Trigger bar (AA gun).
Lanyard / lanyard (Ord).
Trigger bar / sear - (pistol).
Trigger pin? " trigger pin (R).
Sear m sear, sear nose (R).
Trigger piece, firing lever (G).
Trigger mechanism (SA); firing mechanism (Ord).
Trigger shaft / firing rod (AA gun).
Branch; junction line CAB ;.
Axle drive m axle drive (MT). Axle pressure m axle load (MT). Axis / axis; ordinate; axle; shaft. Armpit / shoulder. So see shoulder. Axis entanglement / angle of
axle swing (MT). Achsfeder / axle spring.
Achsfederung / axle suspension.
Axle bearing n axle bearing.
Axle nut.
Steering knuckle m wheel spindle (MT).
Achsschenkenkellenkung / steering-knuckle type of steering, Ackerman steering (MT).
Swing arm in wheel spindle (G).
Axle seats mpl axle seats (for gunners).
Axle camber m pivot inclination, kingpin inclination (MT).
Axle journal in kingpin, steering knuckle pivot (MT).
Axle journal camber in -pivot inclination, kingpin inclination (MT).
Achterzelt n eight-man tent.
Eight-speed transmission n eight-speed transmission (MT).
"Danger!" "Attention!", "Caution!", "Danger!", "Lookout!"
"Attention! Present that, rifle!" "Present, Arms!"
Adamsitm adamsite (CWS).
Adjutant m adjutant, aide, aide-decamp, executive officer.
Adjutantur / Adjutant's Office (department of the Oberkommando des Heeres serving as central clearing office for routine matters; in no sense equivalent to US Adjutant General's Department); personnel group of general staff sections (in army, corps, and Div).
Eagle m eagle.
Admiral m admiral.
Africa Fighter m veteran of the African Campaign.
Aggregate n unit, set; charging unit (Elec).
Ago name of an aircraft manufacturing company.
Akjam boat-type runner (placed under gun wheels for operations in deep snow; also used as a, swamp conveyance for ivounded, etc.).
Files fpl documents, records, papers, file.
File material n official documents.
Filing cabinet.
Action area? «Lake driving area, flight area, etc.
Action radius in the lake area of ​​action.
active active; regular.
active troop line troops, combat troops.
acoustic location sound location, acoustic orientation (AAA),
Alarm m alarm; air raid warning.
"Alarm off!" "All clear!"
alert on the alert.
Alert, stand-by.
Alarm station at the alarm station.
Alarm shooting device n trip-wire alarm.
Alkali cartridge (oxygen breathing apparatus).
Solo flight.
general offer levee en masse.
General Army Office General
Army Office (central section in rear echelon of Oberkommando des Heeres) (abbr. AHA).
General Air Office General Air Office (section of Ger Air Ministry).
General Wehrmachtamt General Office of the Armed Forces (central section in rear echelon of Oberkommando der Wehrmacht).
general orders general orders.
All-wheel drive (MT).
Alp / mountain pasturage.
Age n age.
Age limit.
Aging resistance / resistance to aging.
old guard old guard.
Old rubber n-m scrap rubber.
Old material n junk, scrap, waste.
Scrap metal, scrap metal.
Aluminum alloy / sea aluminum alloy.
Aluminum alloy.
Amatol n amatol (Am).
Anvil m anvil (Am).
anvil-shaped cumulo-nimbus incus (mead).
Anvil screw / threaded anvil (Am).
Ammonium picrate n ammonium pic-rate (Am).
Ammonpulver n ammonal (Am).
Ammonium nitrate explosive n ammonium nitrate explosive.
Ammeter n ammeter.
Amperage / amperage.
Amphibian airplane.
Amphibious chariot m amphibian tank.
Amt w office, bureau; administrative function; telephone central.
officially official.
Exchange connecting device m telephone-exchange connecting device (connects field Tp with country-wide network).
Amtswalter m administrator (Reich Labor Service).
Official supplement m telephone-exchange auxiliary set (connects field central ivith country-wide network).
Anaglypt n anaglyph (Surv).
Illiterate in illiterate.
Direction of air flow (Avn).
One and a half decker m sesquiplane.
Rate of change / remaining velocity (ballistics).
to crank, to turn over (an engine).
Starting crank (MT).
Recognition, acknowledgment.
Letter of appreciation n commendation.
Approach gear m low gear (MT, Tk).
Attack m surprise attack, raid.
First letter m initial, first letter.
Initial twist (Ord).
Initial velocity, muzzle velocity (ballistics).
Initial charge.
Initial position.
Anfeuerung / combustible composition (in a flare cartridge).
Ignition kit m booster charge (Am).
to approach (a target) (Avn).
Approach coming flight (AAA); approach run (bombing); approach flight (Avn).
Approach baseline /. principal course of approach (Inst landing).
Approaching course (Avn).
Direction of approach (Avn).
Approach sector m on-course zone (Inst landing); approach zone (Adrm).
Approach angle, angle of approach (Avn).
request to requisition (adm).
Requirement / requisition.
Requisition character n requisition number.
Leader m file leader.
Specifications fpl data, statements.
Relative m member; relative.
the next of kin next of 1 kin.
ajar supported by, in contact with, covered by (Tac).
ajar wing supported flank.
"Started!" "Fall in!" (at attention).
affiliate to attach.
to attack.
Attacker m attacker, aggressor.
adjacent adjacent.
Attack m attack (Tac); charge (Cav).
Attack of organized positions.
Attack from the movement attack from march column.
Attack with limited aim limited attack, attack with limited objective.
Attack sector m attack sector, zone of action in attack.
Form of attack, form of offensive action.
Attack order.
Start of attack m time of attack.
Attack Provisioning / assembly (area) for attack.
Attack width / frontage in attack, attack frontage (Tac).
Attack flight m air-attack flight, raid (Avn).
Attack wing m attacking wing.
Form of attack; attack formation.
aggressive aggressive.
Assault combat n offensive combat.
Attack zone n terrain of attack, attack zone.
Assault trench.
Attack group, attack echelon.
Offensive action.
Attack altitude / air-attack altitude, bombing altitude (Avn).
aggressive aggressive.
Plan of attack.
Direction of attack.
Attack stripe m attack sector.
Attack troops fpl attack units, attack troops.
Attack progress m progress of an attack.
Attack attempt m attempted attack.
Attack wave, attacking echelon.
Objective (of attack). first target immediate objective.
Intermediate objective.
Anhalt m guide, general principle.
Reference point m check point (Gunnery, Air Navigation, Surv); item in a check list (combat orders).
Appendix m appendix (to a manual, etc.).
Trailer load (MT).
Append «. Lake surveying by attaching.
Trailer m trailer (MT); tender (RR); tie-on day.
Attachment note m tie-on tag.
Accumulation, concentration, piling up.
Height, hill, rise.
Anchor m armature, rotor (Elec); anchor (Nav).
Armature shaft (field TV).
Anchor beam m anchor stock.
Anchor fluke.
Anchorage m anchorage (Nav).
Anchor light n anchor light.
Anchor light n weighing anchor.
Anchor line / line of anchors (Bdg).
Anchored mine, moored mine.
Anchor mast m mooring mast.
Anchor stake (for a guy line).
Ankerplatte (part of a clockwork fuze).
Anchorage m anchorage (Nav).
Ankerrödel m anchor rack stick (Bdg).
Anchor shank.
Anchor rope n guy line.
Anchorage (Nav).
Anchor hitch.
Anchor seeker m grapnel.
Anchor rope «, anchor cable.
Änkerturm mooring tower.
Armature shaft (Elec).
Armature winding.
Windlass / capstan.
Anklage / charge, complaint.
to cling tenaciously, to hold fast.
ankleben to paste, adhere, stick, fasten with adhesive.
Announcement, bulletin, notice.
Announcement command n preparatory command.
Announcement signal n warning signal.
to crank.
Plant / installation; annex, inclo-sure (in a manual).
to start (an engine); to temper (steel).
Starter m starter (Mtr).
Starter button (Mtr).
Starter motor with starter motor (Mtr).
Anlaßpatrone / cartridge for cartridge starter (Mtr).
Starter pistol / cartridge starter (Mtr).
Starter switch m starter switch (Mtr).
Start m take-off run (Avn).
Take-off distance (Avn).
ringing to ring (Tp).
create to aim (R); to dock; to put ashore; to construct.
Landing point m aiming point.
Jetty / pier, wharf.
light up illuminate.
Anmarsch m approach, approach march, advance (Tac).
Approach route m approach, approach route.
approximately approximate.
Approach march formation.
Approach march (Tac).
Assumption; acceptance, reception.
Reception office / recruiting office; receiving office (letters, etc.).
Anode / plate, anode (Elec).
Anode battery / plate battery, "B" battery (wheel).
Direct plate voltage (Rad).
Anode circuit m plate circuit (wheel).
Anode feedback coupling1 (wheel).
Anode power loss / plate dissipation (wheel).
Anorak m parka (clo).
Arrangement / order.
adapt adapt, blend (Cam).
Aiming n taking of bearings, radio direction finding (Avn).
to creep up, to stalk.
Right n claim.
Stimulant n stimulant. to sight, sight in, align; to cause (damage, etc.).
to roll along runway (on take-off run). Call m call, call-up (wheel, tp); challenge.
Answer to call-up (wheel).
Call flap / switchboard drop (Tp).
Call indicator n incoming-call signal light (Tp).
Call signal n call signal (Tp).
Accumulation / concentration (Tac).
Extension wing m stub wing (Ap).
Intake stroke m intake stroke, suction stroke (Mtr).
Intake stroke m intake stroke (Mtr).
Intake manifold with air intake horn (carburetor).
Intake duct (Mtr, Ft).
Intake pipe (Mtr).
purchase procure.
switch on connect, switch on; tap (a wire).
Enrichment / concentration (CWS).
Visual aids npl illustrative material, demonstration material (Tng aids).
Connect n harmonization (Ord).
to sight in.
Stop m aiming or firing position with rifle or machine gun; stop (Ord).
post to post (a notice, etc.).
Type of attack / firing position (of the soldier).
Notice board.
Stop angle m try square.
connect join, close up, connect.
Connection in liaison, support, contact (Tac); connection, junction, coupling.
Connection station m junction (RR).
Connection terminal / binding post (Elec).
Connection jack / line jack, station-line jack (Tp).
Connection man in connecting file.
Connection point m connecting point (in axes of Sig Com).
Connecting cord (Elee).
Connector plug m plug, connecting plug (Elec, Tp).
Connection piece n connecting piece, joint, coupling, union.
Connection part of the Garhe margin of the sheaf of fire.
Safety belt (Avn).
Line of intersection.
Cutting intersection (Surv).
to intersect; determine a fix (air navigation); obtain a bearing (Rad, FR).
Mpl cross bearings.
Connection m sighting shot.
schedule launch, commit (Tac); ram (G).
Rammer (G).
Panoramic sketch (Top).
Address / designation (of a target).
Claim w claim.
Establishment / institution, establishment, station.
to dam up, flood.
Impoundment / damming, flooding; flooded area.
to tie, fasten, hitch.
Clip-on plate n float plate (on a trail spade).
to attach, fasten, hitch; to infect.
infectious disease communicable disease, contagious disease.
Angle of pitch, blade angle (propeller); angle of attack (Avn).
Control beacon n directional beacon (Avn).
to paint run weapon up and down side of tree, etc., (to find firing support); to paint.
Painting TO paint.
Direction of air flow (Avn).
to assault, attack, charge.
to request.
Inundation, inundated area.
Antenna, aerial.
Omnidirectional antenna.
Antenna connection TO antenna binding post.
Antenna connection socket / sea antenna socket.
Antennenbuchse / antenna jack.
Antennas formed antenna array, antenna structure, antenna system.
Antenna device n antenna outfit, antenna equipment.
Antennenhapel / antenna reel (Ap).
Antenna capacitance.
Antennenkondensator m antenna condenser.
Antenna coupling.
Antenna circuit TO antenna circuit.
Antenna power.
Antennenmast TO antenna mast.
Antennenspule / antenna tuning coil.
Antenna rod TO antenna rod.
Antenna position / directional position of the antenna.
Antenna current indicator TO antenna ammeter.
Antenna resistance TO antenna resistance.
Antiflatterbock TO antishimmy shackle (MT).
Request TO request; recommendation, suggestion, proposal.
drive to drive, impel, propel.
to fall in; begin (an assignment); assume (duties, etc.).
"Line up!" "Fall in!" (not atten-. tion).
Drive TO drive (-Mech).
Driving axle (MT).
Type of drive (MT).
Äntriebskegelrad n bevel drive pinion (differential gear).
Drive wheel ", drive wheel (MT).
Drive pinion TO starter pinion (on armature shaft of starter). •
Drive shaft.
Drive gear »i drive gear (MT).
A.N. procedure n A.N. method (of instrument landing).
to sight at.
Warming-up shot.
Candidate; cadet.
instruct to direct, instruct, allot.
Instruction / directive; instructions; allotment.
to crank (an engine).
Tapping line / power lead-in (wheel).
Indicator m indicator, marker.
Indicator slide (MG).
Force of attraction.
aim to sight, to aim.
Suit uniform; suit of clothes.
to ignite, light.
Aphon gear n constant-mesh transmission (MT).
Apotheker m pharmacist.
Equipment backpack in instrument case (portable wheel).
Apparatus / chassis (wheel); fixtures (tech).
Appeal roll call; template; inspection.
Aquadagm aquadag (lubricant).
Arado name of an aircraft manufacturing company.
Works fpl works (Ft).
Work suit m fatigue uniform, work uniform.
Labor service m See Reich Labor Service.
Liability to labor service.
Arbeitsführer m captain (Reich Labor Service).
Arbeitsgeschütz n roving gun (Arty).
Working stroke m power stroke (Mtr).
Work command n fatigue detail.
Labor camp n labor camp.
Arbeitsmann m workman (Reich Labor Service).
Working cycle n functioning, action (Mech).
Work cycle m power stroke (Mtr).
Arbeitsurlaub m leave for purposes of war work.
fit for labor duty only (abbr. a.v.). a.v. Home fit for labor duty in zone of interior only.
Arktik / smoke acid for use in extremely cold weather (CWS).
arctic cold air polar air (Met).
Dashboard n instrument board, instrument panel.
Arm rest / elbow rest (trench or firing pit).
Bracelet n lake armband.
Wrist watch.
Armband / arm band, brassard.
Army (a tactical unit, distinguished from Heer, the Army).
Army command m army field order.
Army clothing office n army clothing depot.
Army letter / army postal station.
Army field hospital n army surgical hospital.
Army area.
Army group / task force usually comprising one army and miscellaneous units.
Army Intendant m Army Intendant (Adm official at army Hq in charge of rations, clothing, equipment, pay, etc.).
Army map depot n army map depot.
Army Corps n Army Corps.
Army motor vehicle park m army motor transport park.
Army ammunition depot.
Army Intelligence Department / Army Signal Battalion.
Army intelligence regiment n army signal regiment.
Army supply leader m commander of army services of supply (also known as commander of army supply troops).
Army High Command n high command of an army, army headquarters (abbr. OAK).
Army Medical Battalion.
Army supply office n office o.f army ration supply.
Army supply depot n army ration-supply depot.
Sleeve m sleeve (Clo).
Cuff with cuff (clo).
Sleeve badge.
Cuff patch.
Bracer / splint (for arm fracture).
Armzeichen n arm and hand signal, arm signal.
Arrestant m person under arrest.
Arrestanstalt / military prison.
Detention room n detention room, guardhouse cell, guardhouse.
Arreststrafe / confinement, sentence of confinement.
Detention ward in the military hospital.
Arsinw arsine (CWS).
Art / kind, manner, method, type.
Art. B. body / sea artillery observation center.
Artillery / artillery. light artillery light artillery. heavy artillery medium artillery. heaviest artillery heavy artillery.
Artillery Department / artillery battalion.
Artillery on march m moving up to positions (Arty).
Combat artillery / counterbat-tery fire.
Artillery observer m artillery observer, spotter.
Artillery observation department / observation battalion (Arty).
Artillery observation post.
Artillery fire m artillery fire.
Artillery impact m shell hit, shell burst, point of impact (Arty).
Artillery aviation mpl artillery reconnaissance aviation.
Artillery flight m artillery mission (Avn).
Artillery aircraft artillery observation airplane.
Artilleriefiihrer m division artillery commander (special staff Arty officer and Arty commander at Div Hq).
Artillery division / organization of artillery.
Artillery group / artillery group, artillery groupment.
Artillery column / ammunition supply column (Arty).
Artillery commander ni corps artillery commander (in GHQ pool); division artillery commander (when GHQ artillery is attached). Higher artillery commander special staff artillery officer (at army Hq).
Artillery intelligence center.
Artillery Intelligence Unit in the artillery intelligence section.
Artillery Park w artillery equipment park.
Artillery point board / point-designation crid.
Artillery rake with graphical firing table.
Artillery Reconnaissance Troop m artillery reconnaissance detail.
Artillery Barrage n artillery barrage.
Artillery train.
Artillery support.
Artillery Liaison Command n artillery liaison command post, artillery liaison detachment.
Artillery Liaison Officer.
Artillery survey.
Artillery survey team in the artillery survey section.
Artillery preparation.
Artillery tractor / artillery prime mover.
Artilleryman m artilleryman.
artillery reconnaissance artillery reconnaissance.
artillery reference points tnpl artillery reference points.
Arznei / drug, medicine, medicament.
Medicine chest.
Medicine box / See medicine box.
Medicines n medicine, medicament.
Doctor m doctor, medical officer.
Medical Academy of the Air Force school of aviation medicine.
medical treatment medical treatment, medical attendance.
medical examination / medical
examination, physical examination.
Asbestos m asbestos.
Staff of Aesculapius m caduceus.
Assistant doctor m second lieutenant (Med).
Astm branch; knot (in wood).
Astro m celestial navigator (Avn slang).
astronomical navigation celestial navigation (Avn).
astronomical survey platoon.
Astverhau m dead abatis made of tree branches.
Breathing insert m filter element (gas mask).
Breathing apparatus n oxygen apparatus (Avn).
Breathing mask / oxygen mask (Avn).
Breaemmundstück n mouthpiece (oxygen breathing apparatus).
Breathing bag m respirator bag (oxygen breathing apparatus).
Breathing hose m hose (gas mask, oxygen breathing apparatus).
Ethylarsine dichloride n ethyldichlorar-sine, ED (CWS).
Ethyldichlorarsine n ethyldichlorar-sine, ED (CWS). (Ger aborts Dick).
Attack / charge (Cav).
Dummy (target, vehicle, etc.).
Corrosive warfare agent vesicant, vesicant agent, blister agent, blister gas.
Etchant n caustic.
Caustic soda n lye, caustic soda, sodium hydroxide.
Aubo-Pehre / outboard-motor ferry (Aubo = outboard).
Aubomotor m outboard motor (Aubo = outboard).
Audion n grid-leak detector, detector, 2nd detector (Rad).
Structure «i body (MT); superstructure, i.e. sponson and turret (Tk).
Built-on lifter in ventilator (in Tk sponson or turret).
Keeping / storage.
inflate innate, blow up.
Flashing flash (Arty fire).
to exhaust, use up.
to depart, start.
Place of departure m departure point, starting point.
Departure time, starting time.
fuck up collide, strike (slang).
Location point m stop (RR, MT).
catch to detect (wheel); intercept, catch; to absorb (recoil, etc.).
Prepared position in rear, rear position (in defense).
Fall arrest device / buffer (G).
locate to locate (a target).
Performing m corporal of the guard.
Task / mission, task, problem.
give up abandon, give up; register (baggage, etc.); send (a telegram, etc.).
Aufgebot vt See general bidding.
mounted (pers).
Aufgleitfront / warm front (Met).
Unhooked message pick-up (Avn).
Suspension eye / suspension lug (bomb).
Suspension (of bombs, etc.).
incite incite.
enlighten reconnoiter, scout, observe, patrol.
Aufklärerm scout, observer; reconnaissance airplane.
Reconnaissance activity, patrol activity.
Enlightenment / reconnaissance (Tac).
Reconnaissance Battalion.
Aufklärungsbreite / width of reconnaissance sector (in which Obsn Bn locates targets).
Results of reconnaissance.
Reconnaissance aircraft m aircraft observer; reconnaissance aircraft.
Reconnaissance mission, reconnaissance flight (Avn).
Reconnaissance airplane.
Reconnaissance area.
Reconnaissance body mpl reconnaissance elements.
Educational material n reconnaissance information.
Reconnaissance room in reconnaissance area.
Reconnaissance troop (Cav).
Reconnaissance patrol in reconnaissance patrol.
Reconnaissance Squadron (Avn).
Reconnaissance strip m reconnaissance sector.
Reconnaissance depth (in which Obsn Bn locates targets).
Reconnaissance troop m reconnaissance patrol.
Aufklärungszug m scout car platoon; reconnaissance platoon.
Loading command n loading detail.
Supercharged engine (Avn).
recharge to boost, supercharge; to load.
Aufschlag / detonating charge (blasting cap),
Bearing surface, contact surface.
Support point m center of tire impact (MT); point of support (tech).
Auflagern pedestal, support (Bdg); hanger bar (harness).
On the run piece n knuckle lug (G).
dissolve disintegrate, disband, dissolve, scatter, demobilize.
Aufmarsch m concentration or assembly of troops for action; strategic concentration; moving up to positions (Arty).
Deployment area n concentration area (Tac).
Aufmarschplan m plan for strategic concentration.
Reserve force covering withdrawal from action; reception; photograph; taking up, establishment (of contact, etc.).
Capacity (of roads, structures, etc.).
Pick-up hook (for message pick-up) (Ap).
Receiving ring (AA gun).
Covering position (covering withdrawal from action).
Recording strip m tape (Tg printer.)
record to record (sound, etc.); to receive, take up; to photograph; to survey; to establish (contact, etc.).
to fix bayonets.
to couple, limber, place a gun in traveling position (Arty).
Roughening brush / rotary sweeper (road construction).
to clear away, mop up.
erect erect, upright.
to rip, tear up.
Aufriß m design, sketch, vertical section.
roll up to roll up (Tac); to coil (wire).
to move up, advance.
Riot m riot.
Armament / plank scaffolding (on a pon).
Essay m sight mount, telescope mount (in a loose sense, either the optical sight alone or the entire sight assembly); essay, composition.
Elevation graduations (sight mount).
Attachment distance / corrected range (Arty).
Corrected elevation (Arty).
Top-mounted housing n sight-mount housing (G).
Attachment bar / sight adjustment ToA (G).
Attachment support with sight bracket, sight support (G).
Elevation mechanism (G).
Angle-of-elevation dial (G).
Attachment angle m angle of elevation (Gunnery); superelevation (AAA).
Top angle drive m angle-of-elevation mechanism (G).
Aufsatzzeiger m telescope mount reference pointer (matches with Rohr-Zeiger when gun is laid for elevation).
to stencil on.
to harness.
Surcharge?" impact, percussion; cuff (Clo).
Service area n impact area.
Impact velocity.
Impact point m point of impact, objective point.
Burst interval.
Angle of impact.
Percussion fuze with impact fuze, percussion fuze.
Delay fuze impact fuze.
Impact detonator without delay nondelay fuze.
Recorder m recorder (Arty).
Heat shrinking (Ord).
Aufschüttung / fill (Engr, Top).
Supervision tower m control tower (Adrm).
to mount (a horse or vehicle). to hold below the target in aiming.
Winder m reel (Tp).
Socket wrench with socket wrench.
to ascend, mount, rise.
ascending branch (of trajectory).
Installation station in the make-up yard (RR).
to post (a sentry); to activate or constitute (a unit); to em-place (a gun); to install (an engine, etc.); to mount (a gun); to place, to distribute (troops, etc.); to establish (an agency); to park (vehicles).
Siding track n make-up track (RR).
Aufstellung / formation (of troops); initial organization (of a unit); establishment (of an agency); disposition (Tac).
Setup order m initial organization order (to activate a unit).
Upflow carburetor m updraft carburetor.
Kick-off in the initial phase (of an operation).
refuel refuel.
Order m mission, task (Tac).
"Job Complete!" "Mission accomplished!"
Assignment of missions, assignment of tasks.
Order card / flight diagram (aerial photo).
Impingement n impact.
On striking velocity (of projectile).
Point of impact.
Angle of impact.
Buoyancy TO buoyancy, lift (Avn).
Center of lift (Avn).
Enter the fire step.
Aufwind m anabatic wind, up-slope wind.
Recording / record, notation, sketch.
Aufziehachse / winding stem (on blasting machine, watch, etc.).
mount to mount (Photo); pull up, lift, hoist; to mount (guard); to wind (a watch, etc.).
Raising the guard guard mount.
Pull-up line / static line (Prcht).
Elevator m elevator, hoist.
Eye relief m interpupillary distance (optics).
Eye education / visual reconnaissance.
Instant target n fleeting target, transient target, fleeting objective.
Instant fuze m instantaneous fuze, nondelay fuze, quick fuze.
Eye window n eyepiece (gas mask).
"Eyes straight out!" "Ready, front!"
"Eyes, left!" "Eyes, left!" (strictly, "Die Augen, links!" to distinguish preparatory command from that in "Augen, rechts!").
Eyecup / eyeguard (Optics).
'Eyes, right! "" Eyes, right! "
Eye irritant m lacrimator (CWS).
Augenring m eyepiece frame of goggles (gas mask).
Eye slit m viewing slit (telescopic sight).
Eye connection / visual communication.
Exhalation valve n outlet valve (gas mask).
Expansion m construction; improvement (of a position); dismantling, removing, dismounting (of a gun, etc.).
expand dismount (ord); improve (Ft); remove, dismantle.
Instructor m instructor.
Education / training, drill.
Training instructions fpl training order.
Training equipment n training equipment, training instrument.
Training camp n training camp.
Training schedule.
Training guidelines fpl training outlines, training regulations.
Training staff.
Training level / training phase.
Training regulation / training manual, drill regulations.
Outlookm objective lens (optics); prospect, view.
Outlook prism housing n objective-prism housing (BC telescope).
Outlook socket m objective-lens socket (optics).
Booting out / debarkation.
Burnout / barrel erosion, erosion of the bore (Ord).
Outbreak of hostilities.
Bulge / salient.
Expansion / frontage (Tac); expansion, extension, spreading.
diverge, separate.
to strip, dis-
assemble, dismantle, take apart.
pull apart deploy, extend, spread out (Tac).
extend to extend, to lower (Ap landing gear, etc.); to ride out, drive out.
Exit track n outgoing track (RR).
Failure m sortie (Tac); long lung, long thrust (bayonet thrust); casualty; failure, breakdown (of an engine, etc.); gun out of battery (Arty).
Drawing up, writing out (a report, etc.). in triplicate in triplicate.
interrogate, question.
Execute accomplish, carry out, execute.
Execution, carrying out; design, model (tech). in duplicate in duplicate.
Execution command n command of execution (drill).
Issue / issue; edition.
Issuing point / point of issue, distributing point.
Exit »i departure, outcome, exit, outlet, start.
Starting position / assault position (Tac); starting position, original position.
Line of departure, jump-off line.
Starting point at the point of departure (air navigation).
Starting point m initial point, origin, point of departure.
Output voltage.
Starting position / line of departure, jump-off position (Tac).
Output transformer m output transformer (Rad).
to issue, distribute.
balanced balanced, equalized, equilibrated.
Dress uniform.
excavated drafted; silenced (slang).
Excavated m draftee.
No going out n curfew (Mil Govt).
Retired rejected as unfit. See muster, withdrawal certificate.
Pouring device n See pouring and pouring device.
Equalization m equalization, compensation, equilibration, balancing.
Compensating jet (Mtr).
to balance, compensate, equalize.
Compensator (Ord, Mech); equilibrator (G).
Equalizer arm m equilibrator anchor (G).
Balance tab, trim tab (Ap).
Differential gear n differential gear.
Differential lock (MT).
anneal anneal.
to conscript, draft.
Draft, conscription.
Aushilfe / expedient, substitute, auxiliary.
to stretch out to lungs.
notch to release (bombs, etc.).
Scour (in a river bed).
Outcrossing / bracing, cross brac- \ ng (Ap).
scout to spy, to scout.
Information center, information office; control point.
disengage the clutch.
Unloading station m detraining point, railhead.
Unloading unit.
Unloading area n detrucking area.
Unloading command n unloading detail.
unload to unload, detruck, detrain, etc.
Unloading point at the detrucking point.
Unloader m stevedore.
Outreach tip / railhead, truckhead.
Unloading point.
Unloading overview / detraining or unloading table.
Foreign country. abroad abroad.
Foreigner m alien, foreigner. enemy alien.
Outlet tube n eduction tube (Cml cylinder).
Exhaust valve n exhaust valve (Mtr):
Exhaust valve chamber / exhaust port.
Outlet m outlet (for liquids, etc.).
to run out; to complete a run after landing; to put to sea.
interpret to pay out (rope, wire, etc.); to explain, interpret; to expose, extend; to lay out (money).
Boom m pack rest (harness);
Cantilever bridge.
Layout symbol n ground panel (Sig C).
Readout button m selector switch (Ap armament control).
Delivery; exposure (to danger, the elements, etc.).
extinguish, put out (a fire).
Release mechanism (bombing).
Release button.
Trigger point m bomb release point, release point.
Triggering / release (of bombs, etc.).
Dimension n dimension.
eliminate, eradicate.
Removal certificate "I certificate of rejection (for those unfit for Mil service).
Exceptional talk n urgent call (TV).
State of emergency in state of emergency.
to exploit, to utilize fully.
Exhaust m exhaust, exhaust system (Mtr).
Exhaust noise.
Auspuff hub m exhaust stroke (Mtr).
Exhaust duct m exhaust duct (Mtr).
Exhaust flap / cutout (Mtr).
Exhaust manifold with exhaust manifold (Mtr).
Exhaust pipe (Mtr).
Auspufftakt m exhaust stroke (Mtr).
Muffler muffler (Mtr).
Exhaust wölke / exhaust smoke (Mtr).
fumigate to smoke out; to fumigate.
align to dress (drill); to perform; to level, straighten. align to the left to dress left.
Orientation; straightening, leveling.
Roll out n landing run (Avn).
eradicate wipe out, crush, annihilate.
disengage disengage (gears, etc.); depart, move up.
Equipment, outfit, accessories, accouterments.
Item of equipment.
Equipment verification / table of equipment.
Piece of equipment, "accessory, piece of equipment.
Stripping the forms (concrete construction).
TU throwout lever (aiming circle).
switch off disconnect, detach, cut out, eliminate, switch off, throw out; compensate for, correct (an error, etc.) (Gunnery).
Switching off the special and weather influences ballistic correction, i.e. correction for interior and exterior ballistic factors.
Switching off the basic level calibration correction, correction for velocity error (Gunnery). See therefore basic level.
Switching off the split image offset halving adjustment (coincidence range finder).
Switching off the temperature influences elasticity correction (Gunnery).
Switching off the acoustic correction (sound locator).
Switching off the wind wind correction (Gunnery).
Off switch m switch; throwout (lever).
to detach, to detail; to eliminate (impurities, etc.); to drop out, leave, separate.
to fall out of formation (Avn); to fall out of line (Nav).
disembark debark, disembark.
Disembarkation / debarkation, disembarkation.
unharness unharness.
Rash m decisive factor; rash (Med).
crucially decisive.
exclude interdict; exclude.
Exclusion certificate m certificate of exclusion from military service (for criminals, subversive elements, etc.).
Committee m board, committee, commission.
swarm out deploy (Tac).
float out hold off (in landing) (Avn).
the out, the down (oscillations).
Outside antenna.
External suspension (of bombs).
External contracting brake (MT).
External fixings fpl outworks (Ft).
Outboard motor with outboard motor.
External limit gauge / snap gage.
Außenhafen m outer harbor.
Outer skin / skin, skin cover, covering (Ap).
Off-field landing (Avn).
Outside air pressure m barometric pressure (Avn):
Outdoor air thermometer n free-air thermometer (Ap).
Outer sleeve m outer sleeve (sleeve-type engine).
Outlying station or post.
External bracing (Ap).
Exterior guard.
Außenwerke npl outworks (Ft).
extra ballistic pertaining to exterior ballistics.
out of order, not working.
retired out of service.
incapacitated put out of action.
exterior ballistics exterior ballistics.
unscheduled exceeding authorized'basic allowance or strength; not in accordance with plans; extraordinary.
send out to dispatch, send out, transmit.
Suspend n posting (of guards); cessation (of rain, fire, etc.).
Observation tower.
to sort.
spy out to spy, reconnoiter.
Espionage, reconnaissance, spying.
to leave untouched, to bypass.
salient angle.
equip equip.
get off bail out (Avn slang).
Auslaßbüchse / smoke canister ejected from projectile on burst.
Exhaust n exhaust stroke (Mtr); expulsion.
eject to expel, eliminate, cashier.
Exchange m exchange (PW, etc.).
Exchange ship n exchange ship, cartel ship (Nav).
Substitute material.
relieve oneself, attend to one's needs.
Pouring and pouring device n gas-spraying apparatus (Ap, CWS).
Emigration meter with lead computer (AA).
Emigration route / linear travel of target, leg between present and future positions (AAA).
abroad foreign.
exchangeable, interchangeable, removable.
exchangeable inner tube removable liner (G).
Evading movement, withdrawing movement to new position (Tac).
evade, give way, withdraw, fall back (Tac).
Alternate airfield m dispersal landing field.
Siding n siding (RR).
Alternative port m alternate airport.
Bypass (road); siding (RR).
Alternate position.
Alternate routing (emergency Tp Com).
Alternative target n alternate target, secondary target (bombing).
ID card identification (card, document, etc.); pass, permit.
Identity card, pass, permit.
Identification papers.
Ejector m ejector (Ord).
Ejector mechanism (Ord).
Evaluation ruler n computing slide rule (FR).
evaluate evaluate, interpret, compute, plot (maps).
Evaluation point / computing station (SR).
Evaluation, interpretation.
Award / decoration, medal.
pull out extract, draw out, pull out.
Extractor m extractor (Ord).
Pull-out track n lead track (RR).
Extract m extract, summary, departure; extension (Tech).
Autobahn / automobile express highway.
Autofrettage / cold-drawing, auto-frettage (Ord).
Autokartograph m stereoscopic plotting machine.
Motor vehicle column, motor march column.
autopilot automatic pilot, mechanical pilot (Ap).
Auto tow start with auto-tow take-off (glider).
Ax / ax.
Acetylene n acetylene. Acetylene oxygen burner m oxyacet-
ylene torch. Azimuth n azimuth.
Azimuthal projection.
Azimuth rangefinder m depression position finder.


Bach m stream, brook, rivulet.
Stream crossing1.
Port side.
Port engine.
Shoe brake (MT).
Stock rail (RR).
Cheek piece n cheek strap (harness).
Bakery / bakery.
Bakery company.
Bathing car m shower-bath truck.
Bagger m excavator, dredge, power shovel.
Rail / path, road; runway; railroad; orbit; course; trajectory.
Railroad installation.
Railway embankment m railroad embankment.
Bahnhof m railroad station; trolley or bus station.
Station capacity (number of trains loaded or unloaded per day).
Bahnhofsoffizier m railroad station traffic officer.
Bahnhofswachabteilung / railroad station guard detachment.
Railway body roadbed (RR).
Bahnkrone / crown of roadbed (RR).
Orbit plane n subgrade (RR).
Platform m platform (RR).
Platform underpass (RR).
Railroad transportation.
Railway overpass (RR).
Bahnübergang ™, railroad crossing.
Railway underpass / underpass (RR).
Rail connection / railroad line, railroad communication.
Bayonet n bayonet. See side gun.
Bayonet attack m bayonet charge.
Bayonet fighting.
Bayonet grip with bayonet grip.
Bayonet coupling / bayonet joint.
Bayonet thrust.
Bayonet lock in bayonet lock, bayonet joint.
Beacon / beacon; navigation guide, channel marker, landmark (Nav).
Beacon reception m radio-beacon reception.
Bacteriological warfare.
Baldachin m canopy (center section of upper wing of biplane).
Bar m balk, beam; girder; log.
Timber road.
Bar raft n timber raft.
Beam lock / timber road block. floating beam lock floating boom.
Beam stack m log crib, timber crib (Bdg).
Timber obstacle.
Bale m bulb (horse); heel (harness); bale.
Ballistics / ballistics.
Ballistic daily influences ballistic density and wind factors.
Ballistit n ballistite (Am).
Balloon m balloon.
Balloon deflector m anti-balloon device (Ap).
Ballonamme / supply balloon, nurse balloon.
Balloon ascent area m balloon site.
Balloon battery / observation balloon section (Arty).
Balloon observer.
Balloon observation.
Balloon pilot m balloon pilot.
Balloon strap m rigging band (captive bin).
Ballonhülle / envelope, gas bag, outer cover, balloon cover.
Balloon basket.
Balloon crew.
Balloon net n balloon net.
Balloon tire.
Ballonsperre / balloon barrage.
Balloon fabric.
Balloon variometer n balloon statoscope.
Balloon valve n gas valve (Bin).
Balloon winch.
Balta Lake daytime ballistic influences.
Baltasekunden fpl ballistic density and wind factors in time-of-flight seconds.
Baltasekunden-Verfahren n procedure in correcting for ballistic density and wind.
Banana plug m banana plug.
Band band, cord, tape, strip, ribbon.
Band width (wheel).
Band brake (MT). Ribbon microphone n See ribbon microphone.
Flat coil spring (fuze).
Belt frame n harness (gas mask).
Ribbon microphone n ribbon microphone.
Band saw / band saw.
Bandspread (wheel).
Bench / bench; lathe; Bank; parapet, barbette.
Bannware / contraband of war.
Baracke / temporary barracks, semi-permanent cantonment building.
Barrack camp n cantonment, camp having semipermanent buildings.
Barbarabehelfssmeldung / hasty meteorological message (Arty).
Barbarammeldung / meteorological message (Arty) (from Barbara,
patron saint of Arty). Barbarist m artilleryman (slang).
So see barbara message.
Barbara special message / special meteorological message (Arty). Barbette / barbette.
Barbettelafette / barbette carriage, barbette mount (G).
Cash n cash.
barometric regulator box control aneroid (Ap engine).
barometric gradient pressure gradient (Met).
Base; horizontal base (Btry Surv).
Base-line arm (plotting protractor).
Battalion n battalion.
Battalion sector.
Battalion Adjutant m battalion executive officer, aide to battalion commander.
Battalion commander; battalion commander; acting battalion commander.
Battalion command post at battalion command post.
Battalion horn is a drum major (formerly called Tambourmajor).
Battalion column / battalion train.
Battalion commander m battalion commander.
Battalion communication section.
Battalion staff, battalion headquarters.
Battalion stfmbourstockm baton.
Bataillonstroß m battalion train.
Bataillonsverbandplatz m battalion aid station.
Battery (Arty, Elec).
Battery picture n battery-location plot (SB).
Battery commander.
Battery front.
Battery commander; acting battery commander.
Battery box m battery box (Elec).
Battery crane m gun hoist, loading crane (Arty).
Battery officer m executive (firing btry).
Battery plan m firing chart (Arty).
Battery level m See battery position.
Battery position (Arty).
Battery manning table (Arty).
Batterietrupp m battery detail, battery headquarters detail, battery commander's detail (Arty).
Battery ignition (Mtr).
Bau w construction, structure, type of construction.
Bauart / type of construction.
Bauausführung / construction, structural design.
Baubataillon n construction battalion.
Belly m abdomen, belly.
Chassis clearance (MT).
Waist belt with front cinch (pack saddle).
Belly landing (Avn).
Belly hit m sidewise-striking projectile.
Bauglied n structural unit, section of a structure, structure element.
Lumber n lumber.
Baukompanie / construction company (Mil).
Structural dimensions.
Tree observation post in a tree.
Baumschütze m sniper in a tree.
Tree lock / abatis, dead abatis.
Tree trunk.
Log runner (log sled).
Tree stump m tree stump.
Type n model, type (Ap, MT).
Baumverhau in live abatis.
Cotton waste m cotton waste, cotton linters.
Cotton / cotton.
Construction soldier m engineer soldier in construction unit.
Construction staff.
Construction pole / lance pole (Tp).
Construction crew m construction detail, construction squad.
Construction troops fpl construction troops.
Bauunternehmer m contractor, builder.
Bauweise / type of construction or structure, method of construction.
Official, civil servant. See also Wehrmacht officer.
Demand / load, stress, strain.
supervise supervise.
Agent m representative.
cultivated fields.
built-up area.
covered covered, overgrown; overcast (Met). almost covered broken (mead).
Coverage (Met); escort, convoy, cover (Tao).
Covering department / covering party, escort detachment.
Cover crew / escort personnel.
Operator m controller (AA SL).
Operation / gun squad; service of the piece.
Operating instructions.
Control device, operating device.
Relief of strain on pilot (Avn).
Operating team / gun crew, gun squad.
Operating panel (wheel).
Operating switch m operating switch (Elec).
Operating instructions.
unconditional surrender unconditional surrender.
Ending the air hazard "all clear."
Funeral / burial.
Command m order, command. "At your command!" "Yes, sir!" (in acknowledgment of an order).
Command issue / briefing, issuance of orders.
Authority (Mil).
Command area »i extent of command.
Command confirmation / confirmatory order.
Issuing of orders / issuance of orders.
Command building n control tower (Adrm).
Giving of commands.
according to instructions, as ordered.
Command, authority of command.
Command group.
Commander of the Reserve Army See Chief of Army Armament and Commander of the Reserve Army.
Command net.
Command tank.
Command language / terminology of orders.
Command post m command post, headquarters.
Command point / control tower (Adrm); command post, headquarters.
Command transmission / transmission of orders.
Command relationships npl chain of command.
Command car, command truck, commander's car, staff, car.
Command path m chain of command, command channel.
fortified fortified; secured, tied, fastened.
Fortified defense system.
Fortification work fpl fortifications, works.
Fortification n permanent fortification, work.
fire to mark or light with beacon lights (an airway or Adrm).
convey to forward (supplies, etc.); promote; transmit.
Promotion / advancement, promotion; transmission, forwarding, transportation.
Promotion list.
Means of transport n carrier, vehicle; means of transportation; means of transmission.
Survey / questioning (of PW, etc.).
Authority, powers.
fumigated to gas (CWS).
Laying of gas obstacles, gassing (CWS).
Encounter battle n meeting engagement. .-
authenticate certify, authenticate, verify, confirm.
authenticated, certified, notarized, verified, confirmed.
Verlaubigung / authentication, certification, confirmation, verification.
Accompanying artillery.
Accompanying battery.
Companion m escort; assistant driver.
Accompanying fire.
Accompanying gun.
Accompanying command n escort party, escort detachment, covering party.
Begleitpanzer m accompanying tank.
Support ships, escort vessel.
Escort m escort, fighter escort (Avn).
Accompanying note on the emergency medical tag.
Accompanying to convoy.
Funeral n burial.
limited objective.
Limiting lever m clamping lever (MG).
Limiting pin m traversing stop (MG).
Container m gasoline tank; Container.
Treatment / treatment.
Perseverance n inertia.
Emergency antenna.
Temporary bridge / emergency bridge, hasty bridge.
Makeshift raft in an emergency pneumatic boat.
Makelfsgasschutz m emergency gas protection.
Makeshift landing bridge / hasty landing stage.
makeshift improvised, hasty,
emergency, temporary, auxiliary, makeshift.
Makeshift material n emergency construction material.
dominant commanding, dominating.
Handicap shooting n interdiction fire.
Behmlot n fathometer, echo depth sounder (Nav); Behm sound-ranging altimeter, sonic altimeter (Ap).
Authority (Adm, Law).
officially authorized, officially sanctioned.
teach inflict (losses, etc.).
Beiende n warp (of a rope).
Passenger m rear rider, sidecar rider (Mtcl); assistant driver (MT).
attach add; attach, enclose.
collapsible folding.
Hatchet n ax.
Beiladung / igniting charge, igniter, booster charge (Am).
Enclosure, supplement (in a manual, etc.).
Beilpicke / pickax.
Leg leather npl leather puttees, leather leggins.
Assessor m law. member.
contribute to, cooperate.
drive to requisition (from civilians); to commandeer.
Requisitioning (from civilians).
Recovery slip m requisition receipt (for civilian property).
Sidecar m sidecar (Mtcl).
Sidecar motorcycle.
Factor m coefficient.
to revet (Ft); to clothe; to hold (office).
Clothing1 / revetment (Ft); clothing.
Clothing detoxification / clothing decontamination.
Proof of clothing in the clothing account.
Garment bag with duffle bag, bar-rack (s) bag.
Garment n article of clothing.
Board allowance n garrison ration.
Food supplies npl ration supplies, subsistence supplies.
Loading plan m stowage chart (for vehicle).
Deck m planking (Bdg); reinforcing strap (harness).
besiege defeat.
Siege / victories.
State of siege in the state of siege.
to annoy, harass (Tac).
Load, maximum load (Engr); inductance (wheel).
permanent load basic load (Ap).
Load factor in load coefficient.
Load test.
Voucher m voucher, proof, evidence, document.
to cover (with fire), to fire on, to shell; to billet.
Occupancy / coverage; shelling; billeting, quartering; condenser plate (wheel).
Occupancy rate / density of gas coverage (CWS).
Instruction firing.
Instructional and experimental shooting n special service practice (Arty).
illuminate illuminate, light.
Lighting / illumination.
Illumination window n illuminating window (panoramic sight).
Exposure (Photo).
deliver to deliver, to supply.
Ventilation system.
Manning / complement, crew.
notify inform.
Naming / nomenclature.
Gasoline n gasoline.
Gasoline tank m gasoline tank.
Petrol canister with gasoline container.
Gasoline pressure gauge n gasoline pressure gage.
Fuel level meter with fuel gage.
Benzene n benzene.
Observer m observer; air observer, navigator-observer.
Observer badge (decoration).
Observer telescope.
Observer's seat (Ap).
observed fire.
Observation; spotting (Arty).
Observation of the length deviation vertical spotting (Arty).
Observation department / observation battalion (Arty).
Observation area m observation area (Arty).
Observation error m personnel error.
Observation telescope (BC telescope).
Observer's basket (captive bin).
Observation dome / cupola (Tk).
Controlled mine, observation mine (Nav).
Observation network n observation post system (Arty).
Observation officer m observation post officer (Arty).
Observation cartridge / explosive smoke-producing observation cartridge.
Observation area m "searching sector (AAA); observation area.
Observation tube n trench periscope.
Observation booth at the lake observatory.
Observation post.
Observation tower m cupola (Tk).
Observation and effect strips in the sector of fire (SA firing).
Observation car in 'observer's car.
Observation angle m aiming point offset (Arty).
Observation from the side observation point flank spotting (Arty).
Consultant m adviser.
calculate calculate.
Authorization; justification.
Area m area, district, zone; range, scope.
Bereifung / tires, set of tires.
ready ready.
Readiness / alert, preparedness, readiness.
Readiness fpl alerted reserve troops or police.
Ready barrack / cantonment building for troops on the alert, alert hut.
Ready battalion n reserve battalion.
Emergency hospital n mobile surgical unit.
Ready ammunition / ammunition at the gun, ammunition kept in readiness (Arty).
Provision / moving into assembly area or position; assembly position, position of readiness (Tac); making ready, preparation.
Deployment command m assembly order.
Staging area m assembly position, assembly point (Tac).
Staging area m assembly area (Tac).
Bergm hill, mountain (collective: Gebirge n).
downhill downhill.
uphill uphill.
Rescue service m recovery service, salvage collecting service.
Recovery equipment, salvage collecting equipment.
Recovery column, salvage column.
Bergekommando n collecting unit, salvage party, recovery party.
Bergen n recovery, salvage.
Bergenge / defile.