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5 tips for patients WiFi in your doctor's office - practice marketing (2020)

In many cases, the waiting time at the doctor is significantly longer than the treatment time. Despite the appointment, the majority of the doctor's visit is spent in the waiting room - on average that is 27 minutes per doctor's visit for Germans. And how do you pass the time? Reading circles were yesterday - today is WiFi. With these 5 tips for WiFi in your doctor's office, we explain why and what you should pay attention to.

Tip 1: contemporary service

As you can see in the following statistics from Statista, the waiting times are enormous because doctors are often overburdened. Only 10% of Germans take their doctor's appointments or waiting time and over 25% wait an average of 30 minutes per doctor's appointment.

Fig. 1: Statistics on waiting times in medical practices in Germany

A majority of the long-waiting patients are therefore dissatisfied with the service provided by the respective doctor. It is therefore important for medical practices to make the waiting time more comfortable for the patient. For clinical facilities such as medical practices or medical centers, patient WiFi offers great potential. Because when you go to your waiting room to call a patient these days, the majority of those waiting sit on their smartphones and pass the time. Patients are grateful for a free WLAN access, as this allows them to conserve their data volume. Thus, for example, watching videos, browsing on social media or streaming music is possible, which contributes to the pleasant design.

In addition, working patients also benefit from WiFi in doctor's offices, as they can access and answer e-mails while they are waiting and can thus use the waiting time as working time.

The modern service of a free patient WLAN promotes patient loyalty to the practice.

Tip 2: legal protection

Data protection is always important, but especially in medical practices. It is important that confidential patient data cannot be passed on to third parties. To prevent access to your database, you should set up a separate, external WLAN network for the patients. Professional hotspot providers can help you with this and ensure that there are no security holes in your WiFi hotspot.

Another important point is interference liability. As the operator, you can no longer be held responsible for downloading illegal files in your guest network. Even so, there may be legal consequences if one of your patients should engage in illegal file sharing. More information here.

To prevent this, you should definitely work with a hotspot provider such as Socialwave. Every patient has to log in to an upstream login mask and agree to the terms of use before they can use the WLAN. In the event of a warning, you can reject all guilt. You are on the safe side with a professional hotspot.

Tip 3: Comprehensive charisma

Doctors' practices, group practices or medical centers usually extend over large areas. Before installing a WiFi hotspot, it is important to think about the area to be equipped. Should the patient's WiFi only be in the waiting room and at the reception? Or is it in the whole practice?

Depending on the situation, additional amplifiers are required to ensure a good internet connection in the entire area. Since the hotspot is connected to your DSL router, cables or air bridges are necessary to get the signal to the desired places.

It is best to seek personal advice in order to find the best solution for your practice.

Tip 4: simple login

The easiest way to access the Internet would of course be to use an open, unsecured hotspot. However, as mentioned in tip 2, this is far too risky. Therefore, the necessary login should be made as simple as possible. Your patients do not want to enter long passwords, but want to log into the hotspot quickly and independently.

With the Socialwave Hotspot, your patients can choose between Facebook, email or WhatsApp as a login option.

Tip 5: Connect a WiFi hotspot with practice marketing

In addition to the benefits for your patients, you and your practice can also benefit from a WLAN hotspot. You can use the above-mentioned login methods for the hotspot to ask your patients, for example, to recommend you on Facebook. In addition, you can use automated email campaigns to stay in touch with your patients and to inform you about news. In the case of recurring examinations, such as the six-monthly check-up, your patients are automatically reminded by e-mail to make an appointment.

In the age of the Internet, online presence is also becoming increasingly important for doctors. More and more often, people looking for a doctor are first exploring the Internet. On the doctor evaluation platform Jameda, patients diligently evaluate their doctors and describe their experiences. In addition to Jameda, the Google ranking is of course also important for doctors, as it improves through reviews.

Fig. 2: Jameda doctor rating platform

With the patient WiFi, you have the option of asking your patients for a rating on Jameda via WhatsApp or email. This increases your reach on the Internet and you will be found faster than other doctors.


So use a modern patient WiFi system with professional hardware and software and get a non-binding offer for your doctor's practice.