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What do moths actually eat?

In the last few weeks I have found 3 isolated clothes moth larvae. Now I've turned my whole room upside down. It's never been so clean XD But I haven't found any more larvae, moths, or nests. I've never had a moth plague, nor do I have holes in my clothes. What also puzzles me is that I found the 3 larvae one after the other on the same wall section. But the wall is across from my closet. (approx. 5 m distance) And approx. 3 m distance from the door, if you think you come from the other rooms. But there were hardly ever any moths. Also there is next to nothing for them to eat near this wall. What is the probability that larvae are still there? I assume that eggs and moths are no longer there, only larvae and they probably do not come in such small numbers. Do you think a future moth plague is coming or is everything well now?