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Visited on May 15, 2014


Yes, that sounds good: something is happening in the Ludwigshafen gastronomy landscape! And not only in the top culinary league, but also with home-style cooking of the better kind. One of the reasons for this is the German-French Patrick Pierau, whose gastronomic concept of Alsatian-Palatinate regional cuisine is already in the popular excursion restaurant “Jagdhorn” on the Petersau Frankenthal seems to be opening up. Now, with the support of his wife and brother, he has created a second mainstay for himself in the Friesenheim district of Ludwigshafen in July 2013 with the restaurant “Zur Radrennbahn”. If you compare the menus of the two restaurants, it quickly becomes clear: in the club restaurant of the venerable cycling club 1899 Friesenheim, roughly the same thing is served on the plate as in the Petersau counterpart, namely well-crafted regional dishes with a tasty Alsatian accent. This distinguishes the restaurant from Pierau, who incidentally has already cooked in Ruppenthal's Marly im Hemshof, from the traditional mass and makes something special out of it. From the outside, the restaurant looks rather inconspicuous (see picture above). The typical club bar look almost lets you drive past it. In addition to the economy, a sufficiently landscaped parking lot makes it easier to accommodate the vehicle. Display boards with a few daily specials, such as pumpkin cream soup (€ 4.90) or salad with strips of rump steak (€ 12.90), adorn the short staircase to the inside. Once there, you are pleasantly surprised by the rustic cosiness and warmth that the interior exudes. Exposed wooden beams on the ceiling, brick arches that are reminiscent of a vaulted cellar, comfortably upholstered, rustic wooden chairs and tables and subtle lighting ensure a pleasant feel-good atmosphere as you can find in many a Palatinate wine tavern. With 60 seats in the cozy dining room and the next room with another 25 seats, you are also equipped for larger groups. The lovingly designed flyer on our table also revealed the existence of a beer garden that can accommodate up to 80 people. In addition, the leaflet informed us about the Flammkuchen Wednesday, on which the complete Flammkuchen repertoire of a total of 10 different flavors is available for € 6.50 each. And on Thursdays, schnitzel is served in various versions for € 6.90.

food and drinks

Our thirst called for a naturally cloudy Zischke cellar beer from the swing-top bottle (€ 2.90), our aperitif from Karlsberg, so to speak. The actual aperitif menu entices with French. Pernod, Picon beer, Poire fermier and Crémant d‘Alsace don't make the choice easy. Regardless of what you choose, the quite extensive selection is fun and at the same time a good prelude to the delights that follow. The selection of starters offers French classics such as frog legs or snails. A handful of salad variations are also on the clearly laid out menu. Those who like it more Mediterranean can order grilled peppers, baked sheep's cheese or king prawns fried in garlic. We opted for the tomato soup with icing (€ 3.20), the sheep's cheese from the stone oven (€ 7.20) and the snails in homemade herb butter (half a dozen for € 6.90). We give every starter the title “particularly tasty”. The soup tasted subtle of herbs from Provence and was a decent portion. The sheep's cheese had just the right seasoning and was delivered with a tasty tomato, olive, pepperoni and garlic topping. The snails à la bourguignonne smelled wonderfully of herb butter.

"Meat eaters get their money's worth with the main courses."

From more unusual "Schnitzeleien" such as the "Escalope de veau trocadéro", a veal escalope baked with cheese and ham in a Riesling cream sauce (17.40 €), to traditional Alsatian dishes such as "Baeckeoffe" (for 2 people and only for Pre-order), all kinds of hearty dishes are served here. And that includes a fresh starter salad, whose vinegar-oil dressing tastes great. Optional side dishes are French fries, fried potatoes, rice or tagliatelle. Our decision fell on the veal cordon bleu (17 , 90 €), which you get in the original with Munster cheese filling. The plating of the meat from the kitchen could be heard in the guest room. A melodious sound in the ears of every schnitzel lover. I also ordered a jus-based hunter sauce, the didn't even appear on the bill. There are things! In other restaurants, people like to cash in for a comparable convenience sauce. The aforementioned Trocadéro schnitzel was also made from pork (€ 14.90). It tasted excellent, even if the Riesling note in the sauce was unfortunately pushed into the background due to the massive use of herbs. The “Coq au vin” (€ 9.90) was served as a long-cooked, half rooster with a dark pinot noir sauce and tagliatelle (see picture). His meat was tender and the sauce had enough power. Who thinks of Riquewihr when you can enjoy such an Alsatian specialty in Friesenheim in the Palatinate for just under € 10? At least we don't!


Also nice is the good selection of white and red wines by the glass, which are served at reasonable prices (on average around € 4 for the quarter). In addition to some wreaths from Friedelsheim Castle and the Rhenish Hessian Bechtel winery from Worms-Heppenheim, the wine menu also included a Pinot Gris and a noble pork from neighboring countries. The latter corresponded admirably with the main course. And the chocolate mousse filled into three small glasses (€ 5.90) ​​quickly made you forget the crème brûlée that had run out (see picture below).


In the home-style cuisine of head chef Pierau, the emphasis is clearly on "good". Without frills and no frills, both Alsatian classics and hearty Palatinate dishes are culinary honored. And that in a rustic, cozy ambience (picture below). You can actually taste that everything is freshly prepared here. Fresh home cooking that is good for the gastronomy scene around Ludwigshafen. The success of the first restaurant "Jagdhorn" on the Petersau gives the operators the right to take this route in Friesenheim as well. A really recommendable place for good food. And for friends of the hearty Alsace cuisine a real asset.

To the cycling track
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