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Theoretical particle physicist

Dr. Dr. Sheldon Lee CooperB.Sc., M.Sc., M.A., Dr.rer.nat., Dr.phil. is a main character from The Big Bang Theory. He also plays the leading role in the new spin-off series "Young Sheldon". It tells of his childhood in Texas.


Sheldon was born in Texas and lived there as a child. He works as a theoretical physicist at CalTech (California Instititute of Technology). He has an IQ of 187, the highest of the four boys. Due to his high intelligence and eidetic memory, he skipped a few classes so that he attended college at the age of eleven and graduated at the age of 14. In addition, as a child he tried to build complex devices such as an X-ray machine, an acoustic death ray, a nuclear reactor and a high-performance furnace. When he was twelve, to his disappointment, he got a mountain bike for his birthday, even though he had asked for a titanium centrifuge. He was also "tortured" with inflatables and the like. Sheldon was never very popular as a child and therefore preferred to do his research. He probably likes the "Ubuntu" operating system most of all. Nevertheless, he has a "Dell XPS M1710 Special Edition Red" laptop with Windows Vista from seasons 1-3. From the episode "Terror in the City of Roses" he has a "Dell Alienware M17x R2 Nebula Red" laptop with Windows 7, which he doesn't like because of the improved usability. He also has an Apple Macbook with a red sleeve, which he uses to skype with Amy.

Family history


Manner and behavior

Sheldon is very clumsy when dealing with other people and only learns to understand jokes and sarcasm or to use them himself during the course of the series. In most cases, when he makes a joke, he'll say "Bazinga!" He's a big fan of the comic series The Flash, Superman,Justice League of America, Batman and Green Lanternwhich is why he often wears their fan shirts. Furthermore, he often wears shirts from the brand Volcolm and Special blend.

If he is angry with Leonard, he also believes that he can make Leonard's brain explode with a kind of "heat look", which of course does not work, but Sheldon insists that he would eventually make it. If, on the other hand, he is angry with Leonard as well as Howard and Raj, he tries to strangle them using his force, sometimes even wearing a Darth Vader helmet. He also admires Mr. Spock from Star Trek.

He feels intellectually superior to all of his fellow human beings (which is actually true) and has no humility to point out, which also explains why he has so few friends. In his opinion, Stephen Hawking is possibly the only person in the world, the Sheldon equal is.

It is also characteristic of Sheldon that he pedantically adheres to habits, schemes and self-established rules under all circumstances, which is like an obsessional neurosis. For example, at his permanent seat on the sofa and the roommate agreement. Since Penny does not always adhere to these rules, he initially disagrees with Leonard's friendship with her and is all the more annoyed when Penny and Leonard become a couple and Penny has been in the apartment since then.

Sheldon was raised very conservatively and Christian in East Texas, but is not religious himself. His mother also takes care of him on an ongoing basis. Leonard, in turn, envies his family environment, as his own mother pays him little attention and is very similar to Sheldon's behavior. (see also: Sheldon's family)

He often points out to his fellow human beings their mistakes and errors, but considers himself infallible and never correctly admits a mistake on his part. He considers himself one of the greatest minds of his time and probably is. He always tries to get his way in group activities and does not give up this point of view.

An example is the incident when the friends plan to go to the cinema, but Sheldon had something to complain about in almost every cinema, so that Leonard, Howard and Raj finally went to the cinema without Sheldon.

The bond in relation to his family

He doesn't have a particularly strong bond with his family, apart from his mother and grandmother. In his opinion, he had the strongest bond with his twin sister, Missy, when they had to share an amniotic sac. He also has a brother named George Cooper, whose name is not known. According to Sheldon's mother, her two other children were "stupid as bread". Missy does not give this impression, so that one can assume that George is meant. Sheldon was always called "mouse fat" by his grandmother.

However, despite the many negative qualities, Sheldon can also be a very helpful person. For example, he loaned Penny a lot of money when she was struggling to pay her rent or stood by Leonard when he tried to crack Penny's ex with intelligence in season 1 or when he tried to face an old bully in season 5.


Leonard Hofstadter

"Leonard, don't get this wrong, but the day you receive the Nobel Prize will be the beginning of my research on the drag coefficient of the fringes on magic carpets."

Leonard is Sheldon's best friend. He lives with him in Apartment 4A, across from Penny's apartment. They met when Leonard was looking for an apartment and became aware of Sheldon's apartment. He moved in with him and signed a "roommate agreement". This collection of rules and regulations forces Leonard, among other things, to drive Sheldon to work.

Even if Leonard and Sheldon did not get along at first, because Leonard did not get along with Sheldon's "know-it-all" nature, they become friends. Among other things, because Sheldon Leonard, Howard and Raj saved their lives shortly after Leonard moved in.

Sheldon is dependent on Leonard. This can be seen, for example, as Sheldon Leonard, after whose termination the agreement, wants to get him to sign it again. Sheldon also sometimes comes to Leonard when he has problems. And even if Leonard always tries to support Sheldon, he is sometimes quite annoyed by him.

Howard Wolowitz

Howard is one of Sheldon's friends and often visits with Raj. At one point, Sheldon offered Howard his place on the couch for 94 seconds in reparation. Sheldon often makes fun of him because Howard "only" has one master's degree. The two really become friends when they fly to Texas and get scared by the turbulence (Season 7, Episode 17, When Men Hold Hands ...).

Rajesh Koothrappali

Raj is Sheldon's friend and works with / for Sheldon in his office. Sheldon often tells him about his own culture, which annoys Raj. Nevertheless, Raj tries to get along better with Sheldon. In the episode "The Comic-Con Confusion", Sheldon supported Raj when he had to get by without his father's financial support. With a pile of debt amassed, Sheldon managed his finances while he looked for an income opportunity.


Penny is Sheldon's neighbor. They had their first argument when Sheldon snuck into their apartment and cleaned up. Sheldon seeks her advice whenever he has problems with social issues. Penny also takes advice from him when it comes to Leonard. Of all the girlfriends Leonard had, Sheldon often implied that Penny was the best of them. Once Sheldon asks her to try Leonard again. When it comes to coitus between Penny and Leonard, however, Sheldon is often annoyed or annoyed because of the loud noises, which is why he bought noise protection headphones. Whenever Sheldon is sick, Penny has to sing the "cat dance song" for him. While Penny really does this every time, Sheldon never misses an opportunity to make fun of her minority towards the group. This in turn leads to burin on Penny's part.

Amy Farrah Fowler

Amy is Sheldon's girlfriend. They first met when Howard and Raj registered Sheldon on a dating website and answered all questions exactly as Sheldon would. Amy matched the answers 100% according to the website. Amy is like Sheldon's female counterpart. At first, Sheldon only sees her as a good acquaintance and denies the statement that Amy is his steadfast girlfriend. Only after she goes out with Stuart does he see her as his boyfriend and let her sign a contract. Nevertheless, the first kiss doesn't come until the end of season 4. Until then, their relationship will continue to be platonic, except for a few forced cuddles and the second first kiss in season 7. In season 8, Sheldon confesses that he "loves" her too. At the end of this season, there is also the first big breakup, as Amy is injured by Sheldon and fears that he will never really love her. What she didn't know was that Sheldon wanted to propose to her. Then she goes out with other men, but can't get over Sheldon and they get back together. For her birthday in season 9, she and Sheldon sleep together for the first time and move into Penny's apartment in season 10. At the end of season 10, Sheldon proposes to her and at the end of season 11 they get married.

Wil Wheaton

"Hello, hello, hello. If that's not Wil Wheaton. The green goblin for my Spiderman. Pope Urban VIII. For my Galileo. Internet Explorer for my Firefox."

Wil Wheaton is Sheldon's great archenemy. He played Wesley Crusher in Star Trek, who Sheldon was fascinated by because he also has an eidetic memory. To meet Wil Wheaton, Sheldon took his action figure on an hour-long bus ride to the Dixie Trek Convention (breaking his rule not to urinate in a moving vehicle twice), but Wheaton never showed up, which is why Sheldon has had a deep hatred ever since developed on him. Later he fought together with Rajesh in a card game "Mystical Warlords of Ka'a" in the final against Wil Wheaton and lost on purpose because Wil Wheaton told him that he could not come to the Dixi Trek Convention because his grandmother had died and he had to go to the funeral, which was a lie. Since then, whenever he's angry with Will Wheaton, he screams twice loudly at Wheaton. However, Leonard attended a party from Wil, which Sheldon went to and there Wheaton gave him an action figure still originally packaged, whereupon Sheldon even hugged him. And because Brent Spiner unpacked the said action figure in the following storyline, Sheldon concentrated his hatred on him and Leonard.


  • A running gag of the series is that Leonard gets along better with Sheldon's mother and Sheldon gets along better with Leonard's mother.
  • Sheldon is the second youngest winner of the Stevenson Prize (14.5 years), the youngest is the North Korean boy prodigy Dennis Kim at the age of 14, which Sheldon is anything but happy about.
  • Sheldon made several rules for himself and others. For example, as mentioned above, it has its own seat in the living room. Because in winter the place is close enough to the heater so that it is warm and yet not too close to break a sweat. In summer it lies in a pleasant draft that is created when you open the windows in the living room and kitchen. It is neither directly in front of the television, which would be detrimental to a possible conversation, nor too far away for parallactic distortion.
  • He also has some abnormal properties. So it falls to him right away if something is wrong with his seat or its seat cushion. If someone touches their food, it is inedible for them, as healthy people are only carriers of bacilli and bacteria for them.
  • For disregarding his rules or for any other act that is unpleasant for him, he distributes Strikes. It's the same system as in baseball.
Should someone get the third strike, they will be banished. This means that he is not allowed to enter Sheldon's and Leonard's apartment, should that happen, one cannot expect any amenities or even attention. After successfully attending his seminar on his desired behavior, the strikes are reset to zero.
  • Sheldon hates it when someone whistles in his apartment. This annoys Leonard because he misses the whistle, but Sheldon refrains from singing the larynx. In one episode, Leonard whistled to demonstrate what was happening to Penny. Sheldon gave him the "1st warning".
  • Sheldon doesn't want to drive. He can drive a car, but he is immediately terrified, hysterical and insecure. That's why Howard developed an extremely realistic car driving simulator for Sheldon, in which Sheldon devastates the virtual city with every attempt. Even if he is a passenger and driving rules are not strictly observed, he becomes anxious. When he rode his scooter with Howard, he was scared and could hardly hold on to the scooter. He attributes his inability to learn to drive to the fact that he is too developed for it, perhaps even a new level of humanity, from him as Homo novus designated, be. He justifies this with a whole series of anatomical "peculiarities" that are just a few individual characteristics of himself, such as the length of his incisors. However, one feature could actually indicate superiority: He has a hearing that is far above average, jokingly called "Vulcan hearing" by Leonard, Raj and Howard. He can even understand a whisper through a closed door.
  • He is afraid of going to restaurants he does not know because he is afraid of three-pronged forks there. In his opinion, one can only rule the seven seas with such "triangles".
  • He uses the word "fascinating"Frequent interactions with him that are unfamiliar to him; probably to imitate his favorite Star Trek character, Mr. Spock.
  • According to Leonard, Sheldon is only one laboratory accident away from being a supervillain.
  • He thinks koalas are incredibly cute. He even has a special smile that he puts on when he sees or thinks of koalas.
  • Whenever Sheldon groans, he indicates that there is something new in his life, which he then absolutely wants to tell, which the three other physicists always answer: "And off we go!" But that's also how they react when someone (usually penny) asks something stupid and thus forces Sheldon to give a lengthy explanation.
  • He is completely disinterested in sex and considers this process (coitus) to be dirty and extremely unhygienic or unimportant. He believes that if he wants to reproduce, he can do so by cloning or with the help of in vitro fertilization. However, he once mentioned that his sister Missy might have the potential to give birth to a "Sheldon 2.0".
  • Sheldon doesn't want to be touched by other people because he has a bacterial phobia. However, others say (sometimes for fun) that he has a phobia of touch.
  • Sheldon occasionally plays theremin (an electric musical instrument that you control with hand movements in the electromagnetic field generated around it and make a kind of whistling sound). Leonard complains about it, however, as he finds the sound deeply annoying.
  • Although Sheldon is a fan of many science fiction series and films, Sheldon detests the series Babylon 5. Watching the series - even without sound - is forbidden in the roommate agreement decided by him and Leonard. Accordingly, it is not a compromise for him to choose between the science fiction film Saturn 3 and the series Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.
  • He has the habit of naming things after himself when it comes to the question of the name, e.g. Sheldor the Conqueror (his avatar in various computer role-playing games) or Sheldonopolis (Sim City) or Nodlehs (Sheldon backwards) as the name for an app that the guys wanted to develop for scientists.
  • Sheldon was once struck down by Bill Gates for saying to him after a lecture, "If you weren't so distracted by the kids from Africa, you would have made Windows Vista better".
  • Sheldon once bought a loom and learned to weave. He was pretty good at it and even wove color matching ponchos for the boys. However, that was more an expression of his manic phase caused by temporary unemployment.
  • Sheldon once tried to declare Apartment 4A a sovereign state. Leonard still owns part of the currency.
  • Sheldon once bought 25 cats out of frustration (because he had an argument with Amy).
  • Sheldon's favorite amino acid is lysine.
  • Sheldon never learns from certain situations.
  • Sheldon has an eidetic memory (Leonard always incorrectly says photographic memory. Possibly so that Penny understands what is meant.).
  • Little is known about his income, but he doesn't seem to earn badly as there is a large amount of cash in a can.That way he could easily borrow Penny money so that she could pay her rent. The fact that Sheldon does not pedantically demand money back is one of the few positive aspects of him. In addition, there are several paychecks in a drawer that he hasn't cashed because the things he wants to buy with the money don't yet exist and because he doesn't trust banks. Sheldon once claimed that if he could afford the rent, he would live alone. He could certainly do this due to his not exactly low salary, which is why this statement doesn't make any sense (maybe Sheldon doesn't want to be alone) and he wants a broadband internet connection for which he allegedly doesn't have enough money.
  • Sheldon always sings a song called "shake twice for Texas" while peeing. His mother taught him that.
  • Sheldon has a funny smile, which probably comes from the fact that he always looks so stern and bored.
  • Sheldon's favorite game is World of Warcraft (has already been mentioned several times in episodes)[1]
  • Sheldon doesn't like Michael Jackson's music video "Thriller" because he finds a rehearsed choreography of zombies to be inauthentic.
  • Sheldon tries to finance his own robot army through Kickstarter (season 7 episode 2)
  • Sheldon is easily offended when someone speaks ill of his grandmother.
  • Sheldon doesn't like knowing that his grandmother had to have sex in order to have his mother, and probably enjoyed it too.
  • Sheldon's mother always calls him Shelly.
  • Sheldon has trouble understanding sarcasm and jokes.
  • Sheldon has a "bird phobia" (ornithophobia) and a "web phobia"
  • As a child he had braces
  • According to the series, his email address is [email protected]
  • He's had his driver's license for two years.
  • He also hates dogs.

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