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Revels: Day 2


Category: Crescendo

It was a warm and sultry Thursday afternoon, and the sun glaring directly overhead did naught to soothe the nerves of the several anxious musicians eagerly awaiting their turn to be up on stage demonstrating their musical skills to the fairly varied audience gathered around the makeshift stage set up in front of AB-4. The event featured a plethora of myriad musical genres played on instruments ranging from the warm tones of a 7 string guitar and the dulcet notes of a keyboard to eastern ones like the tabla.

The speakers facing the audience were bass-heavy and cracked easily, owing to instruments with sharp bass or treble responses sound a little weak, but apart from that, Virtuoso was a smooth-sailing event which left the audience wanting for more after it got over and presented a rather difficult decision for the judges to make in choosing the winner.

~ Rahul Basu, for MTTN

The Apprentice (Round 2)

Category: EQ-IQ

The second and final round of the EQ-IQ team event The Apprentice was held on the Day 2 of the fest. The apprentice was an event that tested the leadership skills of the participants giving them real life scenarios in which they were either the administrative heads of a company or the management heads. Each team consisted of two members: one an administrative head and the other, the management head. The administrative head were given a real life scenario in which they had to take a decision that will consequently affect their companies. The scenario put the analytics ability of the contestants through its paces. The administrative heads of a company should be cold, calculating and most of all practical.

Subsequently the management heads were to have a group discussion on a particular topic related to the coordination of the employees to give a better throughput which is what managing a company is about. Management includes planning, organizing, staffing, leading or directing, and controlling an organization to accomplish the goal or target. The most crucial quality for a good manager is the biasness showed to every employee and hence heling them to coordinate with each other incorporating each other’s strengths and canceling out the weaknesses.

~ Sudhanshu Kadre, for MTTN


Category: Xventure

Contestants trickled in ever so slowly, but soon NLH 203 (which is a big room mind you) was close to full. Treasure hunts always seem to draw a crowd. The inner kids within us just can't let a treasure hunt just go by, now can they? The rules and regulations of the event were then discussed. Each team had a minimum of three people who collectively had to solve the given clues and solve challenges. Failure in completing a challenge led to certain penalties. Archery, Rope Ladder and Zip line were a few of the big ticket challenges they had to complete to ensure they were still in contention for the big prize. As soon as the first question was presented, each team jumped to their feet immediately. Sprinting would be an understatement; they team bolted like there was no tomorrow. Soon chaos ensued and teams ran wild from KC to the swimming pool to the quadrangle. “‘ A campus tour ’should have been Enigma’s tagline,” said one exhausted contestant. The clues were ever so subtle, but hit you right in the face when it made sense (lightbulb moments). The teams with the highest points will now move onto tomorrow’s round. Yes, the hype is real. Get ready.

~ Aditya Tumuluri, for MTTN


Category: Crescendo

They say when words fail, music speaks. An evening gathering of singers added to the jest of the day two of revels. This melodious competition between singers celebrated western music. Participants were given four minutes each. They made the best use of it by singing their hearts out. The rules for the evening being that each participant will be given four minutes to perform. The event was smoothly organized with a little delay which comes with every major event. It is a two round event, the first round was held during pre-revels and the second round was organized today. The cheers of the crowd added to the enthusiasm of the participants. The participants brought in Karaoke for songs like Chandelier and Let it go. The enchanting musical evening mesmerized and swept the crowd.

~ Shravani, for MTTN

Table No. 21

Peals of laughter echoed as the second round of Table No. 21 commenced and witnessed some humorous enactments. The 12 teams that qualified were given one bizarre situation each, with a 5 minute preparation period and a maximum of 7 minutes to present the same to the judges. The key focus was not on acting skills, but on the spontaneity and hilarity of the content. The given situations included two famous, completely unrelated characters, and a conversation between the two had to be performed in the most imaginative way possible. From Manmohan Singh at a Roadies audition with Raghu to a conversation between Barney Stinson and Alok Nath, the situations were as comical as could be. With sly sexual references, imitating Anu Mallik’s singing and a guy dancing as Basanti, this event was packed with amusing occurrences. The winning team will be declared soon.

~ Tejal, for MTTN


Category: Anubhuti

An event that left everyone in the audience bewildered and perplexed, Irshaad showcased the poetic talent endowed with this generation. The anxiousness of all participants was one that was masked by a very nonchalant aura of calmness. It's when the partakers started their recitation that the aura of the room shifted from casual to tranquil.
Irshaad required participants to recite one poem of their own, followed by another poem written by any prominent Hindi literary personality. A foray of poems ranging from a dedication to their mothers to the trials and tribulations of a laborer were declaimed by the partakers. Every participant showed a sweeping set of emotions whilst reciting the poems, enrapturing the audience as well as the judges.
The atmosphere of AC Seminar Hall was such that anyone who entered would immediately be captivated with the unique dialogue of the speakers accompanied with fantastic declamation skills portrayed by the participants. For an event that did not receive much coverage, Irshaad proved to be one of the highlights of the day in acquiescence with the theme of Revels, ‘Daastan: Everyone has a story’.

~ Dhruv Suri, for MTTN

Nachle ve

Category: Footloose

Dancing is much more than just attenuated movement synchronized to catchy music. It is a conversation that takes place between one’s body and the soul. Every dancer expresses their emotions and depth of their personality in these synchronized movements, and their expressions speak more than any number of words ever could. This was exactly what Nach Le Ve was about.

The rules were simple - Exclusively eastern dance forms, a solo act of 5 minutes with one extra minute for stage set up. The event had a large variety of dances ranging from contemporary and Indian classical to a fusion of westernized dance moves tuned to eastern beats . The tempo varied from brisk Bollywood numbers to slow music with gentle and expressive actions.

The crowd was mesmerized and showed their enthusiasm by humming, dancing to the tunes. Overall, a brilliant show that upheld the high standards of footloose events in Revels!

~ Nabilah, for MTTN


The Sports and Entertainment Quiz

Category: Paradigm Shift

When the questions and answer session evolved from a conversation into a competition, the participants became competitors. The SpEnt had its second round. There were 8 teams contending for the prize. Renowned quiz master Major Chandrakant Nair conducted the quiz meticulously. The questions were framed to have hidden clues in them. The final round had four levels. The first level was a list of questions and clues displayed on the screen, which the participants were given time to guess and answer specific questions. The second level was almost similar to the first, the only difference being the clues were just photos. With the scaling levels, the toughness of the quiz increased exponentially. There were videos and movie clippings from iconic movies that celebrated sports. The proper mix of entertainment and sports kept the participants engrossed and interested in the quiz throughout. After all, all work and no play makes jack a dull boy.

~ Shravani, for MTTN


Category: Paradigm Shift

The Revels debate saw enthusiastic participation from over twenty teams from different colleges. It lasted for more than six hours exhausting not only its organizers but also its participants. With only fifteen minutes of preparation time, the participants had to work against the clock to construct arguments on myriad topics. Nonetheless, they came up with arguments founded in logic that stumped the adjudicators, with both the opposition and the government sounding perplexingly convincing. The event was punctuated by cheeky POIs, clever retorts, controversial opinions and glib tongues which kept the audience entertained and even evoked laughter occasionally. All these factors led to the event being a promoter of healthy debate whilst lending a voice to the students of a nation with constantly diminishing freedom of thought and expression.

Lie To Me: Round 2

Category: Psychus

The second round of the event ‘Lie to Me’ was held on revels day 2 after a fiercely contested first round. The contestants were divided into pairs and were each pair was handed six cards. Each contestant was told to pick a card and either describe it truthfully or lie about it. The other contestant had to spot this fabricated yarn by cross questioning to win the round. Each pair was assigned a volunteer to keep score and make sure no funny business happened. The contestants interrogated each other with questions, swift and sharp, to sift out lies, not unlike a very jealous girlfriend. They attempted to dodge and evaded the truth with the skill and cunning of a politician swindling his voters! But the event caused some rather peculiar personal improvements, with everyone going home a better liar.

~ Shagun Nevatia, for MTTN


Category: Paradigm Shift

The event lived up to its name as a whirlwind of charades had the audience on their feet. The atmosphere in the room was intense, as the contestants tried their best to enact out movies, idioms and proverbs given to them.

The rules were simple. Each participant was given ninety seconds to act out a movie to their team mates, however the catch was that they could only reveal their guesses at the end of the ninety seconds. The audience was amused as participants tried enacting out movies of the likes of Beauty and the Beast and Mad Max to their puzzled teammates.

Next, the participants were given a proverb or an idiom. One team mate was asked to draw the proverb on the blackboard, which the second teammate had to guess and enact out to the third teammate who was not allowed to look at the board. Undoubtedly, hilarity ensued as the participants attempted at drawing proverbs like "The early bird catches the worm" and "A picture is worth a thousand words".

The last category was probably the most exciting as the contestants enacted out popular TV shows to their teammates such as Breaking Bad and The Big Bang Theory.

~ Debleena Ganguly, for MTTN

The General Quiz

Category: Paradigm Shift

Have you ever wondered what connects Breaking Bad to the insignificant chemical element called Samarium? Can you believe the fact that Queen Elizabeth launched a ship named after her with a bottle of whiskey? The final episode of the General Quiz was a perfect blend of excitement, inquisitiveness and thrill. The host of the show, Major Chandrakant Nair kept the ceremony interactive and composed.

The quiz was divided into four rounds, two of which were writing and the rest worked on the standard “Pounce & Bounce” system. The moment each questions appeared on the screen, the teams could be seen having a hasty discussion about the references and hints the questions contained.

A wide range of historical events were covered such as the Dandi March, The Great Siege of Gibraltar or the Atomic Bomb parties at the Las Vegas. Though the topics surely look easy to answer, very fine and precise incidents and details were required to score in real-time. The quiz also had a small audience which was also involved in answering at times when the teams couldn't. The quiz revealed many interesting facts about historical events which aren't known to most of the world. It was undoubtedly backbreaking, but the teams didn't let it become a dull affair. Five of the eight teams had an equal chance of winning at the penultimate question. And the winning team grabbed the prize money with just a lead of two and a half marks. What a gripping quiz it was!