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ADD N TO XON THE WIRES OF OUR NERVES (RSD EXCLUSIVE)This classic album is released in a very limited one-off pressing silver colored vinyl edition as a Record Store Day exclusive title.LP2SOUL JAZZElectronic12.06.2021AL-DOS BANDDOING OUR THING WITH PRIDE (RSD EXCLUSIVE)Kalita continue their annual tradition of unearthing holy grail records for Record Store Day with their offering this year of the Al-Dos Band’s unreleased gospel soul / disco album 'Doing Our Thing With Pride'. Featuring one of the most beautiful, sought-after and expensive gospel soul singles in existence (from which the album title takes its name), as well as seven unreleased gospel soul, funk and disco gems such as' Confusion ',' Look To The Sky 'and' Love Jones Coming Down ', Kalita deliver the goods once again. Released in partnership with band founders Mary and William Robinson, and accompanied by never-before-seen archival photos and extensive interview-based liner notes, this truly is a no-brainer.LP1KALITAGospel12.06.2021ARIZONA AMP & ALTERNATORARIZONA AMP AND ALTERNATOR Double Transparent Violet Colored vinyl & DL card. 1000 copies pressed. First time on vinyl. Giant Sand’s Howe Gelb’s one-off project, originally released in 2005 via Thrill Jockey, that features members of Arcade Fire, Grandaddy, Scout Niblett and M Ward among others. Featuring extensive notes and interviews with the collaborators, exploring how the whole thing was put together. "... Arizona Amp and Alternator’s brushed acoustic guitars, stretches of squelch, and shuffled vocals will sound familiar to his devotees. […] Gelb has so many songs and stories stuck in his brain, Arizona Amp is just the latest crumpled brilliant letter from Americana's unofficial poet laureate. "TRACKLISTING: 01. VELVET AND PEARL 02. WHERE THE WIND TURNS THE SKIN TO LEATHER 03. AAAA (1) 04. LOW SPARK OF HIGH HEELED BOYS. 05. MAN ON A STRING 06. BOTTOM OF THE BARREL 07. AAAA (2) 08. CAN DO GIRL. SIDE C. 09. BLUE BLUE MARBLE GIRL 10. BABY IT'S COLD OUTSIDE 11. RE-ENTRY 12. LORETTA AND THE INSECT WORLD 13. AAAA (3) 14. TALULA AND THE LAST STRAW .. 15. VOWS 16. AAAA (4 17. RECITAL 18 THE LEAVING YOU.LP2FIRE RECORDSIndependent17.07.2021BAKER, CHETCOOL CATFirst vinyl reissue since its original vinyl release in 1989. Originally recorded in 1986 and released in 1989 on Timeless Records, the legendary Dutch jazz label run by Ria and Wim Wigt (who were patrons and friends of Chet till his sudden passing in 1988), Tidal Waves Music now proudly presents the first official reissue of Chet Baker's classic Cool Cat album. This unique album comes as a deluxe 180g vinyl edition (strictly limited to 500 copies) with obi strip. The jacket also features exclusive pics shot in Amsterdam in 1986 by legendary Dutch photographer Joost Leijen (known for his work with artists such as Art Blakey and Pharoah Sanders). Released exclusively for Record Store Day 2021 and available in participating stores on June 12th, 2021. TRACKLISTING: 01. SWIFT SHIFTING 02., ROUND MIDNIGHT 03. CARAVELLE 04. FOR ALL WE KNOW 05. BLUE MOON 06. MY FOOLISH HEARLP1TIDAL WAVES MUSICjazz12.06.2021BAND OF PAIN / SR MEIXNERPRITI DECEITA much more obviously political approach is employed from this collaboration of two of the leading lights of the UK avant scene. Band Of Pain, fresh from recent collaborations with the likes of Faust and Nurse With Wound, go straight for the jugular with the scathing side long "Priti Vacunt", whilst Contrastate’s Meixner offers a more US based theme with "Deceit". Both pieces are shamelessly soaked in voice samples, with an added 3rd track "The End Result", which takes a more musique concrete approach. You'll never get a better "souvenir" of the hideousness of the Covid-19 years. Twin colored vinyl, 500 copies. TRACKLISTING: 1st BAND OF PAIN - PRITI VACUNT 2nd SR MEIXNER - DECEIT THE END RESULTEP1DIRTERavant-garde12.06.2021BARDO PONDVOLUME 11000 only pressed on limited edition ORANGE Vinyl & DL card. Super rare self-released recordings from 2000, from the Philadelphia psych rockers; a must-have insight into their long, strange trips. Collated from a limited run original CDr, remastered and double-dosed for maximum sound. A viral jam session remastered onto vinyl for the very first time. TRACKLISTING: 01.SIT SLEEP 02. CYMBALS 03. SYN DEPT. 04. BEFORE 05. INTO SOMETHING ELSELP1FIRE RECORDSIndependent12.06.2021BARDO PONDVOLUME 21000 only pressed on limited edition Creamy White Col Vinyl & DL card. A second super rare volume of trippy meandering from the Philadelphia psych rockers; a must-have insight into their long, strange trips from 2001. A viral jam session remastered for the very first time on cream vinyl. TRACKLISTING: 01. PRECIOUS METAL 02. ALIEN HEAT 03. MONTANA SACRA 04. HEAVENLP1FIRE RECORDSIndependent12.06.2021BELLYBEES - HONEY YELLOW COLORED VINYL (RSD EDITION)Belly celebrate 30 years since forming with Bees, a comprehensive compilation of b-sides, covers and oddities that’s sure to delight fans. Collecting their non-album tracks together for the very first time, Bees was lovingly compiled by the band with their chosen 19 tracks spanning their whole career. Its first pressing outside the US is a deluxe pressing for Record Store Day 2021, coming on exclusive double 'honey' colored vinyl, housed in a beautiful gatefold sleeve designed by the band. LP24AD / BEGGARS GROUPRock / International12.06.2021BLACK LIPSTHEY’S A PERSON OF THE WORLD FEAT. KESHABlack vinyl, 1500 copies worldwide. Black Lips and pop superstar Kesha join forces for on 'They’s A Person Of The World ‘, this lush country ballad is a fitting tribute to the traditions of Nashville and it's rich musical history. The collab is backed with a new Black Lips track, 'Left Out In The Cold', taken from the same sessions a their recent LP. The tracks are not available anywhere else. TRACKLISTING: 01. THEY’S A PERSON OF THE WORLD (FEAT.KESHA) 02. LEFT OUT IN THE COLD7″1FIRE RECORDSIndependent12.06.2021BLACK SPIDERSBLACK SPIDERS (RSD 2021)Black Spiders have crafted an album that features 13 tracks of high-energy, feel-good rock n’roll contrasted by demonic doom that despite the disjointed, isolated way it was recorded. It sounds like a band, firing on all cylinders. "We had to dig down deep to pull out some gems and what would we want from Black Spiders," questions Pete. War, vengeance, mental health, death, conservation & climate change, where are we from? Relationships, friendships, our flaws. Where are we going? Alien life and Mother Earth - some of which made the record. "Kicking off with the aforementioned 'Fly In The Soup' single, this 3rd ST long-player wastes no time in grabbing you by the scruff of the neck and dragging you through an album where good times, hooks and riffs are not in short supply, but the doom-drenched likes of 'Wizard Shall Not Kill Wizard' and the psychedelic groove of album closer 'Crooked Black Wings' give us an album of many moods and dynamics and a reason to be cheerful in 2021. And why does the album have no title? "It wasn't hard picking a title for the album, as we decided that the focus should be on the band, not the album title, so we decided not to have one. Let the music do the talking…. TRACKLISTING: 01. FLY IN THE SOUP 02. STABBED IN THE BACK 03. WIZARD SHALL NOT KILL WIZARD 04. BACK IN THE CONVENT 05. GIVE EM WHAT THEY WANT 06. GOOD TIMES 07. DEATH COMES CREEPIN 08. NOTHING BETTER 09. ROCK AND ROLL 10. FREE RIDE 11. NO LUCK NO BONES 12. DOWN TO THE RIVER 13. CROOKED BLACK WINGSLP1DARK RIDERSRock / International17.07.2021BLAKEY, ART & HIS JAZZ MESSENGERSCHIPPIN ‘INFirst time on vinyl. Only released in 1990 on CD. Tidal Waves Music now proudly presents the FIRST ever vinyl release (these recordings were never issued on vinyl before) of "Art Blakey and The Jazz Messengers" Chippin’In ". This unique album comes as a deluxe 180g DOUBLE vinyl edition (strictly limited to 500 copies) with obi strip. The jacket features exclusive session pics shot by legendary Dutch photographer Joost Leijen (known for his work with artists such as Chet Baker and Pharoah Sanders), also included is an insert with liner notes by renowned author and producer Russ Musto. Released exclusively for Record Store Day 2021 and available in participating stores on June 12th, 2021. TRACKLISTING: 01. BRAIN STORMIN '02. BYRDFLIGHT 03. HAMMERHEAD 04. AQUARIUS RISING 05. KAY PEA 06. CHIPPIN' IN DISC # 2: 01. RAINCHECK 02. CHANDEK'S DEN 03. KENJI'S WALK 04. LOVE WALKED INLP2TIDAL WAVES MUSICjazz12.06.20211BLIND BOYS OF ALABAMA FEAT. BELA FLECK, THEI WISH I KNEW HOW IT WOULD FEEL TO BE FREERecord Store Day Exclusive! Limited to 2000 copies worldwide. ONLY 50 COPIES AVAILABLE VIA CARGO / 375! a landmark collaboration between two legends of their respective genres, together they’ve earned 20 GRAMMY Awards. The A-Side is a cover of the classic made famous by Nina Simone, the B-side is an unreleased Bob Dylan-penned track. TRACKLISTING: 01. I WISH I KNEW HOW IT WOULD FEEL TO BE FREE (FEAT.BELA FLECK) 02. THE BLIND BOYS OF ALABAMA - SEE BY FAITH7″1SINGLE LOCK RECORDSGospel12.06.2021BRAINIACATTIC TAPESRECORD STORE DAY EXCLUSIVE - LIMITED EDITION OF 1500 - ONLY 50 COPIES AVAILABLE VIA CARGO / 375 - UNRELEASED DEMOS 1991-1997 // The music of Brainiac ended with the death of frontman Tim Taylor in 1997. TRACKLISTING: 01. DRAGGIN 'ME DOWN 02 STILL INSANE VELVETEEN 03. A LOAD OF YOUR FABLES 04. ALL I HAVE IS STOLEN 05. FACTOTUM 06. SILVER IODINE # 1 07. GOD POCKET 08. RED SILHOUETTE # 1 09. LET'S LOSE 10. WRECKED CHOKE RIFFS 11th OH DONNA COLLAGE 12. APPLE OF MY HEART 13. SILVER IODINE # 2 14. YOU ALL THE TIME 15. BANZAI SUPERSTAR 16. SIDEWALK CULTURE 17. I WILL HAUNT YOU 18. FRUSTRATION EXCERPT DISC # 2: 01. CHARLES 02. ASK 03. SUBSURFACE GENDERFLUX 04. FLYPAPER JAM 05. COOKIE DON'T SING 06. HORSES & AMMUNITION # 1 07. TOBY'S INTERNATIONAL 08. PATHOGENS 09.SIGNAL FLOW 10th INDIAN POKER PART 0 11th MARBLE MAUSOLEUM 12th RED SILHOUETTE # 2 13th STEALING FLOWERS 14th SWAN SONG 15th BAJE CON LOS LOCOS 16th DR FINGERS 17th BLOW FLY 18th HORSES & AMMUNITION # 2 19th THE JESUS ​​CHRIST OF RUG BURNSLP2TOUCH & GOalternative12.06.2021BRAINIACFROM DAYTON OHIORECORD STORE DAY EXCLUSIVE - LIMITED EDITION OF 1500 - ONLY 50 COPIES AVAILABLE VIA CARGO / 375 - REMASTERED SINGLES, COVERS & UNRELEASED TRACKS & 1996 LIVE PERFORMANCE FROM THE BLIND PIG TRACKLISTING: 01. PERFECT SUICIDE 02. STILL INSANE 03. SUPER 04DUPER RIDE 05. SIMON SAYS 06. DEXATRIM 07. PETRIFIED 08. GO! 09.DO IT! 10. SUGAR COMA 11. COOKIE DON'T SING DISC # 2: 01. SEXUAL FRUSTRATION END (LIVE) 02. GO FREAKS GO (LIVE) 03. BEEKEEPERS MAXIM (LIVE) 04. PUSSYFOOTIN '(LIVE) 05. GIVE ME A MYTH (LIVE) 06. MR FINGERS (LIVE) 07. VINCENT COME ON DOWN (LIVE) 08. ICE SLIDES AWAY (LIVE) 09. HOT METAL DOBERMANS (LIVE) 10. HANDS OF THE GENIUS (LIVE) 11. FLYPAPER (LIVE ) 12. CULTURAL ZERO (LIVE) 13. I AM A CRACKED MACHINE (LIVE)LP2TOUCH & GOalternative12.06.2021BRIAN JONESTOWN MASSACRE / TELESCOPESBEFORE I FORGET / COME DOWN MY LOVEAvailable as a numbered red vinyl 10 ″ and limited to 2000 copies worldwide. This split release features 2 exclusive tracks recorded specifically for Record Store Day 2021 in December 2020 and were mixed by Anton Newcombe at his Berlin studio. The link between the 2 bands goes back more than 20 years when Anton asked The Telescopes for a release on the Committee To Keep Music Evil label called "As Approved By The Committee". These tracks are two slices of shoe gazing delight. TRACKLISTING: 01. BEFORE I FORGET 02. COME DOWN MY LOVEEP1A RECORDINGSIndependent12.06.2021BRUISERSSINGLES COLLECTION (RSD 2021)First time ever on vinyl, exclusive RSD 2021 release, 2LP, classic black vinyl! BRUISERS is an American OI band features AL BARR, Singer for THE DROPKICK MURPHYS, as well as JOHN RIOUX from The STREET DOGS. This collection of singles sees its release as a DOUBLE LP vinyl version for the first time ever in 2021! For fans of: DROPKICK MURPHYS, RANCID, COCK SPARRER, THE BUSINESS, SLAPSHOT LAST RESORT, AGNOSTIC FRONT TRACKLISTING: 01. INTIMIDATION 02. BLOODSHED 03. SOCIETY'S FOOLS 04. ANCHORS UP 05. OVERTHROW 06. NEVER FALL 09. MY PRIDE 10.21 YEARS 11TH NATION ON FIRE 12TH WE WILL SURVIVE 13TH INDEPENDENCE DAY DISC # 2: 01. EYES OF FIRE 02. BLOODSHED 03. SOCIETY'S FOOLS 04. AMERICAN NIGHT 05 . GATES OF HELL 07. TEAR IT UP 08. THESE 2 BOOTS OF MINE 09.SIX OF THEM 10. MOLOTOV 11th NOMAD 12. INTIMIDATION '97 13th NEVER FALL 14th NATION ON FIRE 15TH GREEDLP2TAANG!Oi! / Streetpunk12.06.2021CHLOÉ & PETE HARDENSTATIC SHOT EP (RSD EXCLUSIVE)In Static Shot the choreography is thought as a fixed frame where movements, music and images never stop. The piece, composed of an accumulation of "blocks" of bodies, images and sounds, plays with the codes of dance alternating between gestures from "pop" culture and "learned" culture. In Static Shot, there is no beginning, middle or end. Like a permanent climax, the twenty-four dancers of the Ballet de Lorraine hold this culminating point together, the energy always having to be at its zenith. Everything tells the story of the excess of bodies and their relationship to the music of Chloé and Pete Harden; how they overflow, how they move, how they survive, how they abandon themselves, how they attract, how they mingle, how they don’t die ..12″1LUMIèRE NOIREElectronic12.06.2021COTERIE, THEA SWING TO FOLK (2021 RSD SPLATTER VINYL)Reissued now for the first time, over 52 years after its original release, RSD exclusive spattered LP The Coterie was an ephemeral folk group from Dimnagh, a southern suburb of Dublin, with hippy and psych touches from the late 60s. They were signed by Emerald at around the age of 18. Emerald released a single and the group's debut and only LP, "A Swing to Folk", a captivating record with simple instrumentation, beautiful vocals and harmonies that transport us to pastoral surroundings full of calm, peace and love. The record has 11 tracks, most of them cover versions (including songs by the Beatles, Phil Ochs and Judy Collins / Leonard Cohen) and a couple of traditional folk arrangements. TRACKLISTING: 01. UNTIL IT'S TIME FOR YOU TO GO 02. EGYPT 03. THE LEAVES THAT ARE GREEN 04. DAWN 05. GASLITE STREET 06. THERE BUT FOR FORTUNE 07. SCARBOROUGH FAIR-CANTICLE 08. WHY 09. IF I FELL 10. I KNOW WHERE I'M GOING 11. THAT'S NO WAY TO SAY GOODBYELP1MUENSTERPsychedelic12.06.2021COWBOY JUNKIESAT THE ENDS OF PATHS TAKEN (LTD COL.RSD 2021 LP)First ever LP version, RSD exclusive color! Wouldn't Waste Records provides us with a reissue of 2007 Cowboy Junkies "family" concept album, for the first time ever on vinyl. TRACKLISTING: 01 BRAND NEW WORLD 02 STILL LOST 03 CUTTING BOARD BLUES 04 SPIRAL DOWN 05 MY LITTLE BASQUIAT 06 SOMEDAY SOON 07 FOLLOWER 2 08 IT DOESN'T REALLY MATTER ANYWAY 09 BLUE EYED SAVIOR 10 MOUNTAIN 11. MY ONLY GUARANTEELP1WOULDN’T WASTE RECORDSRock / International12.06.2021CRASSCHRIST ALIVE! - THE REHEARSAL (RSD EDITION 2021)TRACKLISTING: 01. HAVE A NICE DAY 02. MOTHER LOVE 03. NINETEEN EIGHTY BORE 04. I KNOW THERE IS LOVE 05. BEG YOUR PARDON 06. BIRTH CONTROL 'N' ROCK 'N' ROLL 07. REALITY WHITEWASH 08. THE GREATEST WORKING CLASS RIP-OFF 09.DEADHEAD 10. YOU CAN BE WHO? 11. BUY NOW PAY AS YOU GO 12. BUMHOOLER 13. FIRST WOMAN 14. SENTIMENT (WHITE FEATHERS) 15. MAJOR GENERAL DESPAIRLP1CRASS RECORDSpunk17.07.2021DREAM SYNDICATE, THEOUT OF THE GRAY (DELUXE EDITION)1000 Black vinyl copies pressed, includes DL card w / bonus tracks. 35-year anniversary re-issue of the Syndicate’s post hiatus reunion from ’86. The Dream Syndicate’s 1986 album 'Out of the Gray' is back on vinyl for the first time in 24 years. Deliciously remastered with new liner notes that feature interviews with Steve Wynn, Mark Walton, Paul Cutler and Dennis Duck along with rare photos and eight rarities from the era. TRACKLISTING: 01. OUT OF THE GRAY 02. FOREST FOR THE TREES 03.50 IN A 25 ZONE 04. BOSTON. 05. SLIDE AWAY 06. DYING EMBERS 07. NOW I RIDE ALONE 08. DANCING BLIND 09. YOU CAN’T FORGET. BONUS TRACKS ON DOWNLOAD ONLY - 10. BLOOD MONEY 11. DRINKING PROBLEM 3 12. LET IT RAIN 13. CINNAMON GIRL 14. BALLAD OF DWIGHT FRYE 15. SHAKE YOUR HIPS 16. I WON’T FORGET 8 THE LONELY BULLLP1FIRE RECORDSRock / International17.07.2021FEMME, LARUNWAY / ME SUIVEFrench band La Femme are releasing their 3rd album Paradigmes worldwide on April 2nd 2021. For Record Store Day, they have decided to please their fans with an exclusive 12 ″ featuring the tracks Runway and Me Suive which were originally created for fashion shows in collaboration with Hedi Slimane. Both tracks have never been released physically. TRACKLISTING: 01. RUNWAY 02. ME SUIVE12″1DISQUE POINTUgarage12.06.2021FLEET FOXESCAN I BELIEVE YOU / WAIDING IN WAIST-HIGH WATER (SANDY This 7 ”features two tracks from a solo acoustic performance by frontman and songwriter Robin Pecknold, with a one song guest appearance from the Resistance Revival Chorus (RRC). The Resistance Revival RRC is a collective of more than 60 women, and non-binary singers, who join together to breathe joy and song into the resistance, and to uplift and center women’s voices. These two beautiful acoustic tracks, were recorded at St. Ann & the Holy Trinity Church in Brooklyn, NY in December 2020 as part of the “A Very Lonely Solstice Livestream” event. The original versions of these songs were from the Fleet Foxes new album, Shore. 7″1ANTIRock / International12.06.2021FOSTER, JOSEPHINEGRAPHIC AS A STAR1000 copies pressed on Black vinyl & DL card. First time on vinyl for 10 years. The poems of iconic 19th century American writer Emily Dickinson crafted into the esoteric sounds of Josephine Foster.Originally released in 2009, this highly collectable record is now back on vinyl for the first time in over a decade. TRACKLISTING: 01. TRUST IN THE UNEXPECTED 02. HOW HAPPY IS THE LITTLE STONE 03. SHE SWEEPS WITH MANY-COLORED BROOMS 04. AH TENERIFFE! 05. WHO IS THE EAST? 06. THEY CALLED ME TO THE WINDOW 07. THIS IS THE LAND THE SUNSET WASHES 08. LIKE MIGHTY FOOT LIGHTS 09. EXULTATION IS THE GOING 10. IN FALLING TIMBERS BURIED 11. WITH THEE IN THE DESERT 12. I SEE THEE BETTER IN THE DARK 13. YOUR THOUGHTS DON'T HAVE WORDS EVERY DAY 14. MY LIFE HAD STOOD A LOADED GUN 15. EDEN IS THAT OLD-FASHIONED HOUSE 16. BEAUTY CROWDS ME TILL I DIE 17. I COULD BRING YOU JEWELS 18. WILD NIGHTS - WILD NIGHTS! 19. ONLY A SHRINE, BUT MINE 20. THO ‘MY DESTINY BE FUSTIAN 21. WHAT SHALL I DO - IT WHIMPERS SO 22. HEART! WE WILL FORGET HIM 23. STRONG DRAUGHTS OF THEIR REFRESHING MINDS 24. TELL AS A MARKSMAN 25. THE SPIDER HOLDS A SILVER BALL 26. WHOEVER DISENCHANTS 27. TOUCH LIGHTLY NATURE’S SWEET GUITARLP1FIRE RECORDSFolk12.06.2021GANG GREENANOTHER CASE OF BREWTALITY / I FEAR (GREEN VINYL)First time ever on viny! Edited down to 19 tracks (compared with 23-track original CD version), but plus single tracks "I Fear" and "Outta This Place". Boston’s snottiest metal-core practitioners return with an economical album packing plenty of fluid guitar punch. TRACKLISTING: 01 EVICTION PARTY 02 WASH THE BLOOD 03 BREAK THE BOTTLE 04 HOLE IN THE ROAD 05 DEATH OF THE PARTY 06 I MISSED IT 07 BEACH WHISTLE 08 DON'T YOU KNOW 09 TRICKED INTO BED AGAIN 10. DENIED 11. THIS JOB SUCKS 12. OUT ON THE COUCH 13. WEEKEND MILLIONAIRE 14. I'LL WORRY ABOUT IT MONDAY 15. SAY GOOD BUY 16. 6000 CRUCIFIED SLAVES 17. SUSPECT DEVICE 18. PENALTY BOX 19. TO THE POINT 20. I FEAR 21. OUTTA THIS PLACELP1TAANG!punk12.06.2021YELLOW, HOWEHISSER1500 pressed on Creamy White vinyl & DL card. First time on vinyl since 1998 for this magnificent patchwork collage of the Giant Sand main man’s eclectic muses; a cut and paste gem, meandering, melancholy and beautiful. Classic solo album from Giant Sand’s main man Howe Gelb circa 1998, re-issued with new liner notes and remastered on cream vinyl. TRACKLISTING: 01. TEMPTATION OF EGG 02. 4 DOOR MAVERICK 03. THIS PURPLE CHILD 04. SHY OF BUMFUCK 05. PROPULSION 06. CATAPULT 07. CREEPER 08. TANKS ROLLING INTO TOWN 09. HALIFAX IN A HURRICANE 10. LIVING ON A WATERFALL 11 . LIKE A STORE FRONT DISPLAY 12. EXPLORE YOU 13. NICO'S LIL OPERA 14TH THEREMINENDER 15. HISSER 16. INTRO SPECK 17. SOLDIER OF FORTUNE 18. LULL 19. SHORT WAY TO END THE DAYLP1FIRE RECORDSIndependent12.06.2021GIRLS IN SYNTHESISSHIFT IN STATE (WHITE IN BLACK VINYL)With the release of their debut album at the end of 2020, Girls In Synthesis proved that the hype was very much justified when it came to the bands tag as one of the most exciting in the UK. A concise and rabid blast of harsh post-punk, and released during the COVID crisis, the album eerily managed to capture the mood of the moment, despite being written and recorded in 2019. Rightly so, it was released to stunned reviews and featured in many 'Best of 2020' end-of-year lists. TRACKLISTING: 01. CONTAINMENT 02. CONTAINMENT DUB 03. BUT STILL YOU WANTED MORE 04. CALM WATERS 05. DON'T TRYLP1HARBINGER SOUNDIndependent12.06.2021GOLDEN LEMONS, THEPORSCHE GENSCHER (RSD GOLD VINYL EDITION)After 34 years it is slowly time to release the album "Porsche, Genscher, Hallo HSV" from Goldenen Zitronen in a GOLDEN VINYL. What could be closer than to publish this in a limited edition of 300 on Record Store Day 2021. Of course in the remastered edition plus CDL + C1WESERLABELpunk12.06.2021GROUNDHOGSWHO WILL SAVE THE WORLD (DELUXE EDITION)RSD Deluxe Yellow Vinyl plus! The final installation to the trio of masterpieces from the legendary British rock group, The Groundhogs ‘gets a special reissue for first time since 1991 on yellow vinyl. Treading more progressive realms' Who Will Save The World ‘sees Tony McPhee moving away from the blues territory of their earlier releases and towards a heavier more psychedelic sound. Achieving Top 10 album success back in 1972, 'Who Will Save The World' is the last record that features the classic line up of Tony McPhee, Pete Cruickshank and Ken Pustelnik. A definitive collector’s item as part of the ongoing Fire Records catalog campaign. This special reissue features the iconic artwork accompanied by a deluxe comic book insert, a bumper sticker and postcard, along with sleeve notes and an interview with the original Marvel artist Neal Adams. Also includes a bonus download of an unreleased live recording from their final live show in Pocono, USA. TRACKLISTING: 01. EARTH IS NOT ROOM ENOUGH 02. WAGES OF PEACE 03. BODY IN MIND 04. MUSIC IS THE FOOD OF THOUGHT 05. BOG ROLL BLUE 06. DEATH OF THE SUN 07. AMAZING GRACE 08. THE GRAY MAZE. (BONUS TRACK AVAILABLE AS DL ONLY. MUSIC IS THE FOOD OF THOUGHT 09. (LIVE AT THE POCONO FESTIVAL, PENNSYLVANIA, 1972)LP1FIRE RECORDSRock / International12.06.2021HALF JAPANESEI GUESS I’M LIVING: THE CHARMED LIFE TAPES1000 copies pressed on Yellow vinyl & DL card. Fist time on vinyl. All-enveloping superbly alternative third take on 1988’s 'Charmed Life' album featuring previously unissued versions and a half dozen previously unreleased songs. Includes brand new liner notes and an interview with Jad and David Fair. TRACKLISTING: 01.SAID AND DONE (ALTERNATE VERSION) 02. EVIDENCE (ALTERNATE VERSION) 03. VIETNAM (ALTERNATE VERSION) 04. LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT (ALTERNATE VERSION) 05.SNAKE LINE (ALTERNATE VERSION) 06. FUN FOR ALL 07. FACE RAKE (ALTERNATE VERSION) 08. LATER IN A MAGAZINE (ALTERNATE VERSION) 09. RED DRESS (ALTERNATE VERSION) 10. CHARMED LIFE (ALTERNATE VERSION 1). 11. DAY AND NIGHT WITH ANGIE 12. MADONNA NUDE (ALTERNATE VERSION) 13. ASHES ON THE GROUND 14. T FOR TEXAS 15. I'LL CHANGE MY STYLE (ALTERNATE VERSION) 16. FORTUNATE (ALTERNATE VERSION) 17. PLEASE CRAWL OUT YOUR WINDOW 18. 30 SECONDS IN HEAVEN 19. CHARMED LIFE (ALTERNATE VERSION 2)LP1FIRE RECORDSIndependent12.06.2021HEARTBREAKERSL.A.M.F. - THE FOUND ’77 MASTERS (RSD EDITION 2021)TRACKLISTING: 01. BORN TO LOSE 02. BABY TALK 03. ALL BY MYSELF 04. I WANNA BE LOVED 05. IT'S NOT ENOUGH 06. CHINESE ROCKS 07. GET OFF THE PHONE 08. PIRATE LOVE 09. ONE TRACK MIND 10. I LOVE YOU 11. GOIN 'STEADY 12. LET GO 13. CAN'T KEEP MY EYES ON YOU 14. DO YOU LOVE MELP1JUNGLE RECORDSRock / International17.07.2021HIGH PULPMUTUAL ATTRACTION VOL. 2 (RSD EDITION 2021)LP1KINGUNDERGROUNDJazz (modern)12.06.2021JANSCH, BERTBLACK SWAN1000 copies pressed on Silver vinyl & DL card. 15th Anniversary reissue 'The Black Swan' on silver vinyl for Record Store Day. Originally released in 2006, 'The Black Swan' was Jansch’s last studio album bookending his tremendous contribution to music. TRACKLISTING: 01. THE BLACK SWAN 02. HIGH DAYS 03. WHEN THE SUN COMES UP 04. KATIE CRUEL 05. MY POCKET’S EMPTY 06. WATCH THE STARS. SIDE TWO. 07. A WOMAN LIKE YOU 08. THE OLD TRIANGLE 09. BRING YOUR RELIGION 10. TEXAS COWBOY BLUES 11. MAGDALINA’S DANCE 12. HEY PRETTY GIRLLP1EARTH RECORDINGSFolk12.06.2021JANSCH, BERTEDGE OF A DREAM1000 copies pressed on Gold vinyl & DL card. Originally released in 2002 'Edge Of A Dream' will be reissued on gold vinyl and available for the first time as a standalone vinyl for Record Store Day. Following 'Crimson Moon', 'Edge Of A Dream' is one of Jansch’s last studio records featuring original and traditional songs that are modal with his trademark bluesy and folk sound. TRACKLISTING: 01. ON THE EDGE OF A DREAM 02. ALL THIS REMAINS 03. WHAT IS ON YOUR MIND 04. SWEET DEATH 05. I CANNOT KEEP FROM CRYING 06. LA LUNA. SIDE TWO. 07. GYPSY DAVE 08. WALKING THIS ROAD 09. THE QUIET JOYS OF BROTHERHOOD 10th BLACK CAT BLUES 11th BRIGHT SUNNY MORNINGLP1EARTH RECORDINGSIndependent12.06.20211SOUND SOUNDESTHETIK OF DESTRUCTION500 copies on on black vinyl. First time on vinyl for these singles compilation originally released on Rock Action in 2006. The singles are long out of print !! "It's like electronic stoner rock. Very doomy, very sabbath! TRACKLISTING: 01 HEAVYDALE 02 SUPERPOSITION 1 03 FLYING HOTEL 04 VANDER 05 SCANNER 06 APEX 07 ROCKER 08 TESLA'S FUTURE WAR 09 NEXUS 10 RED CUFFS 11 RADIO HOTEL 12 UNTITLED @ 33RPM 13 SUPERPOSITION 2 14. RADIUM 15. H'VYDALELP1TENEMENT RECORDSIndependent17.07.2021CONTROLTWO (+ 7 ″) - EXCLUSIVE RSD 2021 BUNDLEThe post punk / wave band KONTROLLE from Solingen is releasing their second album for RSD 2021 one week before the official release as an exclusive bundle with single. 12 tracks, the enclosed 7 ″ single (purple cover artwork) with an album track and an exclusive remix on the Flip. Limited, only 150 bundles available! TRACKLISTING: 01. MY SPACE REMAINS EMPTY 02. TWO 03. KEEP CALM! 04. FRIDAY WE'RE IN LOVE 05. GOODS SEPARATOR 06. WE WAIT 07. ACCESS TO INFORMATION 08. BATHROOM 09. MINIBAR 10. ALUMINUM 11. I PUSH OFF 12. KARG DISC # 2: 01. MY SPACE REMAINS EMPTY 02. ACCESS TO INFORMATION - THE MARQUIS REMIXLP2HOLY GOAT RECORDSNew wave12.06.2021KRISTIN HERSHWYATT AT THE COYOTE PALACE2xLP Ltd edition Double GOLD vinyl & DL card. Released for the first time on vinyl, 'Wyatt At The Coyote Palace' is pressed on double gold vinyl. This sonically rich and fragmented record references to Hersh’s past material and sees her perform on guitar, bass, drums, piano, horns and cello. TRACKLISTING: 01. BRIGHT 02. BUBBLE NET 03. IN STITCHES 04. SECRET CODES 05. GREEN SCREEN 06. HEMMINGWAY’S TELL. 07 DETOX 08 WONDERLAND 09 DAY 3 10 DIVING BELL 11 KILLING TWO BIRDS 12 GUADALUPE. 13 AMERICAN COPPER 14 AUGUST 15 SOME DUMB RUNAWAY 16 FROM THE PLANE 17 SUN BLOWN 18 ELYSIAN FIELDS 19 SOMA GONE SLAPSTICK 20 COOTIES 21 CHRISTMAS UNDERGROUND 22 BETWEEN PIETY AND DESIRE 23 SHAKY BLUE CAN 24 SHOTGUNLP2FIRE RECORDSIndependent12.06.2021LANEGAN, MARKHERE COMES THE WEIRD CHILL - MAGENTA COLORED VINYL (RFirst time on 12 ″ (originally released as 10 ″ on black vinyl in 2003). In his 2017 book I Am the Wolf: Lyrics & Writings, Lanegan states that the songs the songs on Here Comes that Weird Chill were recorded at the same time as the material that would be included on his next album Bubblegum: For months I had been using off-time from my gig as an auxiliary singer for Queens Of The Stone Age to try and complete a record, but as usual, my own insanity would not allow it. When it was all said and done, I recorded enough for two records, with the title for the first coming from something Greg Dulli said while shuddering involuntarily in the sudden cold wind walking to my car after a Twilight Singers recording session ...LP1BEGGARS BANQUET / BEGGARS GRock / International12.06.2021LEMONHEADSHATE YOUR FRIENDS (RSD 2021 DELUXE EDTION)THE LEMONHEADS Debut Album from 1987. It is the ultimate power pop punk gem from BOSTON. Fans of SEX PISTOLS, SAINTS, DESCENDENTS, ANGRY SAMOANS, HUSKER DU, PAGANS, RAMONES. RSD exclusive limited yellow vinyl deluxe edition in gatefold slevve with bonus tracks! Tracks 17 was recorded during the sessions for 'Hate Your Friends', but this outtake was not issued until 1989 on the album 'Lick'. Track 18 was first issued on the 13 Track various artists compilation 'Crawling From Within', which was released by 77 Records in 1987 (001). Tracks 19 & 20 are Whelps songs, which is the name of the band had pre-Lemonheads. First issued as bonus tracks on the cassette version of 'Hate Your Friends', which was released by Taang! Records in 1989 TRACKLISTING: 01. GLAD I DON'T KNOW 02. I LIKE TO 03. RABBIT 04. DIDN'T WANNA 05. 3-9-4 06. NOTHING TRUE 07. SECOND CHANCE 08.SNEAKYVILLE 09. AMAZING GRACE 10 . BELT 11. HATE YOUR FRIENDS 12. DON'T TELL YOURSELF 13. UHHH 14. FED UP 15. RAT VELVET 16. FUCKED UP 17. EVER 18. SAD GIRL 19. BURIED ALIVE 20. GOTTA STOPLP1TAANG!Punk / Hardcore12.06.2021LEMONHEADSLICK (YELLOW VINYL)Original Taang album back on yellow vinyl! Lick is the third full-length album and the last to feature founding member Ben Deily. It was also the group’s last independent label-released album before signing to major label Atlantic. An odd mixture of brand-new, and considerably older, sounds, 1989s Lick brings together the output of several distinct recording sources: six brand new songs recorded with Minneapolis-based band friend and producer Terry Katzman, and a collection of older, B- side and never-released material originally overseen by producer and engineer Tom Hamilton. Features "Mallo Cop", Glad I Don't Know "and brilliant cover stunt and" Luka "(Suzanne Vega). TRACKLISTING: 01. MALLO CUP 02. GLAD I DON’T KNOW 03. 7 POWERS 04. A CIRCLE OF ONE 05. CAZZO DI FERRO 06. ANYWAY 07. LUKA 08. COME BACK D.A. 09. I AM A RABBIT 10th SAD GIRL 11th EVERLP1TAANG!punk12.06.2021L’IMPÉRATRICELIVE A PARIS 2020 L’Impératrice’s "live à Paris" is a very special one: in 2020 the band should have been on a world tour, delivering 60 dates across the globe but the virus stopped them in March and plans changes. Despite all this, they chose to present a virtual live: 2 days of recording and filming in Paris, 12 tracks of their catalog played live, in their acoustic or plugged version. The tracks have never been released in these versions, it makes them very rare and exclusive. LP2MICROQLIMAElectronic17.07.2021MARCH VIOLETS, THEBIG SOUL KISS - THE BBC RECORDINGS 1982-1986 (RSD EDITIOTRACKLISTING: 01. RADIANT BOYS 02. STEAM 03. 1 2 I LOVE YOU 04. GROOVING IN GREEN 05. CROW BABY 06. THE UNDERTOW 07. STRANGE HEAD 08. SLOW DRIP LIZARD 09. WALK INTO THE SUN 10 DEEP 11 KILL THE DELIGHT DISC # 2: 01. BIG SOUL KISS 02. LIGHTS GO OUT 03. LOVE HIT 04. DON'T TAKE IT LIGHTLY 05. ELECTRIC SHADES 06. THE FACE OF THE DRAGONFLY 07. SNAKE DANCE 08. DEEP 09. HIGH TIMES 10. CLOSE TO THE HEART 11. SOUTH COUNTRY 12. AVALANCHE OF LOVELP2JUNGLE RECORDSRock / International17.07.2021MCKEE, MARIAHIGH DRIVE2XLP Double Black Vinyl, Wide Spine sleeve & DL card. 2000 pressed. First time on double vinyl for this buried treasure from the legendary singer / songwriter. The post-Geffen string-driven classic including a re-imagining of the gorgeous 'Life Is Sweet' set in a glorious baroque pop setting that elevates her songs into a Sondheim-esque gravity. An overlooked masterpiece from the heady days of 2003 that remains timeless and just as poignant today. A brave and challenging recording that set the tone for her most recent success. Remastered from the original sound source. “Exceptional!” Record Collector. "An album about amorous love, full of its dizzying heights and its turbulent spirals into the abyss of loss." AllMusic. TRACKLISTING: 01. A1 TO THE OPEN SPACES 02. LIFE IS SWEET 03. AFTER LIFE 04. BE MY JOY 05. HIGH DIVE 06. MY FRIEND FOE 07. IN YOUR CONSTELLATION. 08. LOVE DOESN’T LOVE 09. WE PAIR OFF 10. NO GALA 11. NON RELIGIOUS BUILDING. 12. SOMETHING SIMILAR 13. FROM OUR T.V.TEENS TO THE TOMB 14. WORRY BIRDSLP2AFAR RECORDSRock / International12.06.2021MCKEE, MARIALIVE IN HAMBURGDouble black vinyl, wide spine sleeve. 1000 pressed & DL card. First time on vinyl for this classic follow up to 2003’s buried treasure 'High Dive'. An intimate and soulful soiree with McKee and band extending the envelope from baroque pop to symphonic glories. "McKee’s performance is inspired." AllMusic. Remastered for maximum audio clarity; elevating McKee’s 'High Dive' originals - plus the classics 'Life Is Sweet' and 'This Perfect Dress' - to new dramatic highs. "McKee has always possessed two gifts as a lyricist, her ability to make all images completely vivid and her naked compassion and empathy." Allmusic. TRACKLISTING: 01. THIS PERFECT DRESS 02. SCARLOVER 03. HIGH DIVE 04. T.V. TEENS 05. BE MY JOY 06. I’M AWAKE 07. ABSOLUTELY BARKING STARS 08. BREATHE 09. SOMETHING SIMILAR 10. LIFE IS SWEET.LP2AFAR RECORDSRock / International12.06.2021MUDHONEY / MEAT PUPPETSWARNING / ONE OF THESE DAYSThis limited-edition split 7 ″ single by legendary punk / rock bands Mudhoney and Meat Puppets features two exclusive cover songs: "Warning," performed by Mudhoney and originally by The Aynsley Dunbar Retaliation (and famously covered by Black Sabbath); and "One of These Days," performed originally by Meat Puppets, written by Earl Montgomery and first popularized by George Jones. This release is a Record Store Day 2021 exclusive7″1SUB POPalternative12.06.2021MUNGO’S HI-FIANTIDOTEDub, the breaking down and rebuilding of the reggae rhythm, is a uniquely restorative music. And it is with this in mind, that Mungo's Hi Fi have created their latest long-playing release. Antidote is a ten-track album of dub remixes to existing and yet to be released Mungo's produced anthems: inspired by dub pioneers such as King Tubby, Scientist and Errol Thompson, crafted with a futuristic edge. This is an album designed for inner reflection, non-physical travel and communion with nature. In short, it's an antidote to all the stress and restriction of modern life.LP1SCOTCH BONNETYou b12.06.2021NEAR JAZZ EXPERIENCE, THENOUGHT TO 60LP black vinyl with Download Code. Ltd. Edition of 500. "Free-spirited rapture" Gareth Thompson RNR Magazine Nov 2020. A statement of intent from The NJE. Spirit of Indo takes up the whole first side of their RSD 2021 mini-album - and it certainly doesn't outstay it's welcome. Improvised over a gently incessant yet soporific loop, bassist Mark Bedford and drummer Simon Charterton fall in and out of grooves while multi-instrumentalist Terry Edwards deftly moves between saxes, trumpet and melodica to invent topline melodies within that comfortable straitjacket. As the track progresses bigger instrumentation is suggested by the tunes - and so the track builds with more horns and percussion, the resulting climax making way for the comforting loop to bring us back down to the start.Side 2 opens with an instrumental version of Bowie’s Five Years, even more pared down than Edwards ‘previous take on the tune for a John Peel session in the nineties. TRACKLISTING: 01.SPIRIT OF INDO. 02. FIVE YEARS 03. TIZITA 04. NOUGHT TO 60 LP1SARTORIALswing12.06.2021NEGATIVE APPROACHTIED DOWN DEMO 06/83 (COMPLETE SESSION / GREEN VINYL)History making demos on green LP! Nearly four decades now, Negative Approach’s minimalist and aggressive brand of punk has inspired countless hardcore bands around the globe. Their classic LP, Tied Down, is still considered paramount by most hardcore fans new and old. The band released the more metallic-sounding Tied Down in 1983, which became ther definite statement. Here you find the complete June '83 demo session - a little less metallic, one additional song. Green vinyl, great sleeve artwork, too. TRACKLISTING: 01. YOUR MISTAKE 02. FRIEND OR FOE 03. LIVE YOUR LIFE 04. TIED DOWN 05. HYPOCRITE 06. I’LL SURVIVE 07. NOTHING 08. SAID & DONE 09. EVACUATE 10. DEAD STOP 11. BORSTAL BREAKOUTLP1TAANG!Punk / Hardcore12.06.2021NOTHINGMADE IN A Rush (REMASTERED) DELUXE NEON ORANGE LPColored vinyl of the ’81 postpunk / NDW classic Made In Eile for the 40th anniversary as a remastered deluxe edition with bonus tracks and photo booklet, the exclusive RSD 2021 vinyl color is neon orange! Original album tracklist plus single version "Radio" and unreleased 1981 studio outtake. Remastered in 2020/21 by original producer / sound engineer / engineer Dieter Joswig!LP1CARGO RECORDSNew wave12.06.2021NOTHINGTANGO 2000 (REMASTERED) DELUXE NEON YELLOW LPColored vinyl of the 80s NDW / Wave classic Tango 2000 for the 39th anniversary as a remastered deluxe edition with bonus track and photo booklet, the RSD 2021 exclusive vinyl color is neon yellow! Original album plus B-side “Nothing is everlasting”. Remastered in 2020/21 by original producer / unit manager / engineer Dieter Joswig!LP1CARGO RECORDSNew wave12.06.2021PERE UBU390 OF SIMULATED STEREO V.21C1000 pressed on yellow vinyl & DL card. Last released on vinyl in 1981. Long lost and simply breath taking live Ubu classic culled from 1981 recordings in Cleveland, London and Brussels featuring the band’s original line up. An essential pressing for all fans of the the celebrated post-punk innovators. TRACKLISTING: 01. NON-ALIGNMENT PACT 02. STREET WAVES 03. REAL WORLD 04. MY DARK AGES 05. THE MODERN DANCE 06. HUMOR ME. 07. HEART OF DARKNESS 08. LAUGHING 09. CAN’T BELIEVE IT 10. OVER MY HEAD 11. SENTIMENTAL JOURNEY 12. 30 SECONDS OVER TOKYOLP1FIRE RECORDSNew wave12.06.2021PERFUME GENIUSIMMEDIATELY REMIXES - METALLIC SILVER VINYL (RSD EDITIOremixed in original running sequence by Boy Harsher, Jenny Hval, A. G. Cook, Actress, Danny L Harle and many more. The 2xLP will be pressed onto metallic silver vinyl, limited to an edition of 2,500 exclusive to indie record stores as part of Record Store Day.LP2MATADOR / BEGGARS GROUPRock / International12.06.2021PINSPIANO VERSIONS (COLORED VINYL)PINS release 'Piano Versions' EP for Record Store Day 2021. To mark the one year anniversary of their third studio album 'Hot Slick' PINS have collaborated with classical composer and pianist Sergey Kolosv. Rearranging four tracks ‚Set Me Off '‚ After Hours' ‚Ponytail' and‚ Ghosting '‚Piano Versions' will be released on limited edition orange splatter vinyl for Record Store Day 2021 TRACKLISTING: 01.SET ME OFF 02. AFTER HOURS 03. PONYTAIL 04. GHOSTING12″1HOUSE OF PINSIndependent12.06.2021Qasim NaqviChronology (Clear Vinyl)July 17 will see the much-treasured analog synthesizer suite Chronology by Pakistani-American composer and drummer of the cult trio Dawn of Midi, Qasim Naqvi, finally receiving a worldwide vinyl release on Record Store Day 2021. "Taken individually, the six pieces on Chronology dispense small-scale hits of gorgeousness. In tandem, the tracks cohere to form a compelling suite of pieces that can subtly undermine expectations for ambient-influenced composition. ”- PitchforkLP1Erased tapesElectronic17.07.2021REID, STEVE ENSEMBLESPIRIT WALK (RSD EXCLUSIVE)This album is released as a special one-off exclusive blue double vinyl edition for Record Store Day 2021.LP2SOUL JAZZFree jazz12.06.2021RICHMOND FONTAINEPOST TO WIRE (RSD EXCLUSIVE)Limited edition of 500 on 180g white colored viny wih printed inner sleeve. Available from Décor / El Cortez for the first time on vinyl, Richmond Fontaine’s Post To Wire will be released in a limited edition of 500 copies. The CD was originally released through El Cortez / Décor Records in 2004.LP1DECORRock / International17.07.2021RICHMOND FONTAINEWE USED TO THINK THE FREEWAY SOUNDED LIKE A RIVER (RSDRSD Edition: Limited edition of 1000 on 180g GOLD vinyl with printed inner. Richmond Fontaine’s 8th album "We Used to Think The Freeway Sounded Like A River", is Richmond Fontaine at their strongest with Willy Vlautin taking over a year to write; most of it autobiographical. The CD was originally released through El Cortez / Décor Records in 2009 and this is the first time Décor will release the vinyl. It was previously released in 2011 by Diverse in a limited pressing. This was the bands last album recorded with JD Foster and is still seen as one of their strongest.LP1DECORRock / International17.07.2021ROBERTS, HOWARDLORD SHANGO (ORIGINAL 1975 MOTION PICTURE SOUNDTRACK)First vinyl reissue since its original vinyl release in 1975. Originally released in 1975 on Bryan Records (the musical division of Bryanston Pictures) it has since then become a hard to find collectable record that fetches high prices on the second hand market. Tidal Waves Music now proudly presents the first official reissue of Howard Robert’s classic soundtrack to `Lord Shango‘. This unique album comes as a deluxe 180g vinyl edition (strictly limited to 500 copies) with obi strip and featuring the original artwork. Also included is a double-sided insert featuring original movie stills and lengthy-exclusive liner notes by renowned Blaxploitation author Mark H. Harris. Released exclusively for Record Store Day 2021 and available in participating stores on June 12th, 2021. TRACKLISTING: 01. JENNY'S THEME 02. FUNKY, BUT ?? 03. SOME PEOPLE 04. WALK SOF TLY 05. SAILIN '06. IT WAS YOU 07. STREAK O'LEAN 08. JESUS, SWEET JESUS ​​09. GLORY, GLORY 10th BE READY FOR THE JUDGEMENT DAY 11th BANJOKO 12th COME TO THE WATER 13. MY LORD, HE CALLS MELP1TIDAL WAVES MUSICSoundtracks / O.S.T.12.06.2021SALAH RAGAB & CAIRO JAZZ BANDEGYPT STRUT (RSD EXCLUSIVE)Strut present the definitive edition of a classic of Egyptian jazz, Salah Ragab’s seminal 'Cairo Jazz Band' album from 1973, blending black American jazz with Egyptian folklore and Islamic tradition. Strut’s new release features the original album reissued for the first time in the original artwork used by independent Egyptian label Prism Music Unit along with 10 extra tracks recorded at the studio during the same period (second disc exclusive to RSD release).LP2STRUTjazz12.06.2021SHAMELIVE IN THE FLESH2021 RSD Exclusive LP on Split Yellow / Black Vinyl! ONLY 280 COPIES AVAILABLE VIA CARGO / 375.LP1DEAD OCEANSIndependent12.06.2021SIX BY SEVENTHE WAY I FEEL TODAY (RSD 2021)RSD 2021 Deluxe Edition! 500 exclusive copies as heavyweight double & colored vinyl set (Blue & Pinky Red) with bonus tracks. Released in 2002 on Beggars Banquet / Mantra, this was by far the best selling six by seven album largely due to the success of the single IOU LOVE, which reached number 42 in the UK charts. The album was recorded live at Rockfield Studios and mixed by Sean Slade and Paul Kolderie at Q-Division in Boston. The album is a monolithic slab of guitar rock, the type of which only six by seven could create at this time. TRACKLISTING: 01.SO CLOSE 02.I.O.U. LOVE 03. ALL MY NEW BEST FRIENDS 04. FLYPAPER FOR FREAKS 05. SPEED IS IN, SPEED IS OUT 06. KAREN O. 07. AMERICAN BEER 08. ANYWAY 09. THE WAY I FEEL TODAY 10th CAFETERIA RATS 11th BAD MAN 12 FRAGGLE ROCK. DISC # 2: 01. REQUIEM FOR AN OIL-SPILL SEAGULL (B-SIDE) 02. ALL MY NEW BEST FRIENDS (DEMO) (B-SIDE) 03. SO CLOSE (ALTERNATIVE VERSION) (B-SIDE) 04. MIRROR EI AND BREAD (B-SIDE) 05. STOP THE WORLD (B-SIDE). 06. FLYPAPER FOR FREAKS (LIVE NOTTINGHAM BOATCLUB) 07. SPEED IS IN, SPEED IS OUT (LIVE NOTTINGHAM BOATCLUB) 08. CAFETERIA RATS (LIVE NOTTINGHAM BOATCLUB) 09. IOU LOVE (LIVE NOTTINGHAM BOATCLAM BOATCLUB) 10 ).LP2SATURDAY NIGHT SUNDAY MIndependent17.07.2021SOUL JAZZ RECORDS PRESENTS / VARIOUSFUNK 70 (RSD EXCLUSIVE)Soul Jazz Records ‘Funk 70 collectors 7 ″ Box Set comprising five fantastic 70s rare funk seven-inch singles reproduced here in exact replica bespoke label artwork and all digitally re-mastered.7″5SOUL JAZZWireless12.06.2021SOUL JAZZ RECORDS PRESENTS / VARIOUSSTUDIO ONE SKA FIRE! (RSD EXCLUSIVE)Studio One is the most important label in Reggae music, described by Chris Blackwell as 'the University of Reggae'. This collectors 7 ″ box set features legendary artists in Jamaican music - Bob Marley and The Wailers, Toots and The Maytals, Lee Perry, Derrick Morgan, The Skatalites and more, all of whom established their careers with Studio One.7″5SOUL JAZZSka12.06.2021SOUL JAZZ RECORDS PRESENTS / VARIOUSSTUDIO ONE SOUL (RSD EXCLUSIVE YELLOW VINYL)Soul Jazz Records are releasing this 20th anniversary edition of their classic Studio One Soul on unique Record Store Day EXCLUSIVE colored vinyl + download code. This new edition is a one-off special pressing exclusively for Record Store Day 2021.LP2SOUL JAZZSoul / funk12.06.2021STOOGES, THEWHISKEY A GO-GO (RSD 2021 SPLATTER VINYL)Recorded 16th September 1973 at The Whiskey A Go-Go, 8901 Sunset Blvd at Clark, West Hollywood, CA. Live recording of the post Raw Power Stooges in Hollywood. Deluxe gold mirror board gatefold sleeve, speed corrected, audio cleaned and mastered for vinyl. 900 copies on splatter vinyl exclusively for RSD 2021. "A handful of rarities, such as" Head On, "are featured in addition to a selection of material drawn mainly from Raw Power including" Search & Destroy ", but the actual songs aren ' t that important - it's how the band sounds, and they do sound raw, abrasive, and frightening. TRACKLISTING: 01. RAW POWER 02. HEAD ON 03. GIMME DANGER 04. SEARCH & DESTROY DISC # 2: 01. I NEED SOMEBODY 02. HEAVY LIQUID 03. OPEN UP & BLEEDLP2EASY ACTIONRock / International17.07.2021TALES OF TERRORTALES OF TERROR1500 copies pressed on Red vinyl, A5 Flyer & DL card. "Straight out of The Dead Boys / Stooges school of intense, f ** k-it-all, snarl and self-destruct. Recommended. "Maximumrocknroll. Tales Of Terror’s one & only LP is an overlooked classic of 80s NorCal punk rock. Available for the first time in more than 30 years TRACKLISTING: 01. HOUND DOG 02. THAT GIRL 03. POSSESSION 04. DEATHRYDER 05. EVIL A6 13. 06. ROMANCE 07. OVER ELVIS WORSHIP 08. TALES OF TERROR 09. JIM 10. CHAMBERS OF HORROR 11th OZZYLP1CALL OF THE VOIDpunk12.06.2021TEK, DENIZ & THE MORTMENSAN FRANCISCO GIRLS B / W HOT SMOKE & SASSAFRASLimited to 500 copies - TEXAS PSYCHEDELIC ROCK RETURNS! Radio Birdman’s Deniz Tek and Engineer / Producer Andy "Mort" Bradley have had a long and productive history working together in Houston's legendary SugarHill Studios. Home to International Artist records, the 13th Floor Elevators, The Sir Douglas Quintet, Roy Head and countless others, Sugar Hill was central to the psychedelic scene that erupted in the sixties. Andy got an all star lineup together to record ripping new versions of these classic hits by Fever Tree and The Bubble Puppy. The band features Houston singer Tomas Escalante on lead vocals, the late fretboard master Kenny Cordray and Deniz Tek on guitars, Rob Landes from the original Fever Tree on B3, and Mark Andes from Spirit on bass. Houston session luminaries keyboardist Paul English and drummers Tyson Sheth and Todd Harrison round out the lineup. Stunning picture sleeve art by Sabrina Gabrielli, evokes the spirit of the times. The single carries a dedication to Kenny Cordray. His sudden and tragic demise occurred right after his amazing work on these sessions, which were to be his last.7″2WILD HONEY RECORDSPsychedelic12.06.2021TELEVISION PERSONALITIESANOTHER KIND OF TRIP1000 copies pressed on double black vinyl, gatefold sleeve & DL card. First time on vinyl. Double album capturing the Television Personalities live, with the classic line up of Daniel Treacy, Jowe Head and Jeff Bloom. 21 tracks featuring unreleased versions and a song that never made it to the studio. A side apiece from the Thames Poly in 1985, East Berlin in '89, New York in '92 and Bremen in '93. Download includes seven tracks from the intimate and exclusive - and hungover - Kim’s Underground Show in New York. Remastered from the original tapes with extensive sleeve notes and input from Jowe and Jeff. Includes expanded liner notes. The fourth installation in a series of compilations for the band, lovingly put together by Fire Records. TRACKLISTING: 01. A GOOD AND FAITHFUL SERVANT 02. STOP AND SMELL THE ROSES 03. HOW I LEARNED TO LOVE THE BOMB / BACK TO VIETNAM 04. PARADISE IS FOR THE BLESSED 05. TELL ME ABOUT YOUR DRUGS 06. SALVADOR DALI'S GARDEN PARTY 07 THREE WISHES 08. ALL MY DREAMS ARE DEAD. 09. YOU DON'T KNOW HOW LUCKY YOU ARE 10. ME AND MY IMAGINARY FRIEND 11. SILLY GIRL 12. YOU, ME AND LOU REED 13. HARD LUCK STORY # 39 14. HONEY FOR THE BEARS 15. ME AND MY BIG IDEAS 16. GOODNIGHT MR SPACEMAN 17. MY VERY FIRST NERVOUS BREAKDOWN 18. I HOPE YOU HAVE A NICE DAY 19. DAVID HOCKNEY'S DIARIES 20. THE MAN WHO PAINTS RAINBOWS 21. GOODNIGHT MR SPACEMAN 22. IF I COULD WRITE POETRY 23. THE BOY IN THE PAISLEY SHIRT 24th PART TIME PUNKS 25th CLEAR DAY * 26th LIVING NEXT DOOR TO ALICE **LP2FIRE RECORDSNew wave12.06.2021THOMAS, PATSTAGE TWOFirst vinyl reissue since its original vinyl release in 1976. Originally released in 1976 on Gapophone Records Ghana, Tidal Waves Music now proudly presents the first official reissue of this rare album (original copies tend to go for LARGE amounts on the secondary market_that is if you 're lucky enough to come across one). This is also the FIRST time Stage Two is being released outside of the African continent. This unique record comes as a deluxe 180g vinyl edition (strictly limited to 500 copies) with obi strip and featuring the original artwork. Released exclusively for Record Store Day 2021 and available in participating stores on June 12th, 2021. First release outside of Africa. TRACKLISTING: 01. LET'S THINK IT OVER 02. LA LA LA LA LA LA 03. WE'RE COMING HOME 04. THINK ABOUT IT 05. SWEET GLORIA 06. I NEED YOU AROUND 07. MANKIND FISHES 08. LET'S DO IT NOW 09. LET ME FEEL AS I AMLP1TIDAL WAVES MUSICWorld music12.06.2021TUNE YARDSW H O K I L L - PINK, GREEN & BLACK SPLATTER VINYL (RSDTune-Yards ‘2011 breakthrough second album whokill will receive a limited edition pressing on splatter vinyl to celebrate its 10th anniversary on Record Store Day. Upon its original release the album received accolades from The Guardian, Pitchfork, NPR, The New York Times, and it won the Village Voice’s prestigious Paz & Jop critic’s prize. The brainchild of Merrill Garbus, tUnE-yArDs began life as dictaphone recordings which were then painstakingly mixed down on GarageBand to create her opening gambit, the debut album BiRd-BrAiNs. Initially released on a limited LP run with screen printed sleeves recycled from thrift store bargain bins, the album was formally released in late 2009. Alongside the record, she also started to build quite a reputation for her live performances. Using loop pedals, two mics, a snare drum, a ukelele, her distinctive voice (she’s spent time teaching singing in Kenya) and crucially, a second band member, Nate Brenner on bass. The album, w h o k i l l, marks a time when everything came together in to one cohesive whole. Recorded in a studio and influenced heavily by her moving to Oakland, California, she and Nate made an album that delivered on her early promise. Lyrically Garbus explores constructs of femininity and sexuality with the threat of violence that lurks on the streets where she now lives, while the energy of their show has been translated perfectly to record.LP14AD / BEGGARS GROUPRock / International12.06.2021TV SMITH & RICHARD STRANGE19781978 Written, Produced and Performed by TV Smith and Richard Strange. 500 pressed on transparent red vinyl, gatefold sleeve with lyric inner sleeve and DL card. The tracks on this album have never been officially released before now. The eight songs on this album were recorded in 1978 on a 2-track stereo Revox A77 tape recorder. The recordings are unashamedly analogue, using one microphone and guitars plugged directly into the tape recorder. TRACKLISTING: 01. THE BIG BREAK 02. KINGS OF THE WRECKAGE 03. MAKING MACHINES 04. THE LAST HUMAN BEING IN THE WORLD. 05. SUMMER FUN 06. SOME KIND OF WAR 07. TORPEDO 08. DANCE OF DEATHLP1MOLECULAR SCREAMIndependent17.07.2021TYLER, WILLIAMNEW VANITASRecord Store Day Exclusive - ONLY 50 COPIES AVAILABLE VIA CARGO / 375 TRACKLISTING: 01. WITH NEWS ABOUT HEAVEN 02. TIME INDEFINITE 03. BIG SKY WALTZ 04. FOUR CORNERS 05. SLOW NIGHT'S STATIC 06. SHE SWIMS IN HIDDEN WATER 07. PISCES BACKROADSLP1MERGEIndependent12.06.2021VARIOUSAPHELION VOL 1 (LP TRANSPARENT / DEEP SPACE BLUE SPLATT) Record Store Day exclusive’s 'Aphelion Vol.1' and 'Aphelion Vol.2' bring together a selection of rare remixes from the Rocket Recordings back catalog - all but one track are being released on vinyl for the first time. The LP’s bring together tracks by Rocket favorites like Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs, Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation, Sex Swing, Gnoomes, Bonnacons of Doom and many more. TRACKLISTING: 01. GUM TAKES TOOTH - NO WALLS, NO AIR (BROKEN ENGLISH CLUB REMIX) 02.BONNACONS OF DOOM - ESUS (JD TWITCH OPTIMO REMIX) 03./ JOSEFIN OHRN + THE LIBERATION - RAINBOW LOLLIPOP (CHERRYSTONES REMIX) 04. PETBRICK - ROADKILL RUBY (SPOOKY J / NIHILOXIA REMIX) 05. MAMUTHONES - SYMPHONY FOR THE DEVIL (GIANT SWAN REMIX) 06. J. JAMIE PATON DUB) 07. OOBA TERCU - KQASAN (NEGRA BRANCA REMIX)LP1ROCKET RECORDINGSIndependent12.06.2021VARIOUSAPHELION VOL 2 (LP TRANSPARENT / DEEP SPACE GREEN SPLATT)Record Store Day exclusive’s 'Aphelion Vol.1' and 'Aphelion Vol.2' bring together a selection of rare remixes from the Rocket Recordings back catalog - all but one track are being released on vinyl for the first time. The results are a cauldron of repetitive sounds across two LPs - taking in everything from psych, techno, krautrock, afro, noise, dub and all the other ingredients you would expect to find on a compilation released on the ever reliable Rocket Recordings. Each LP is ltd to 500 copies, with only 420 going to record shops (the other 80 are going to all artists / band members involved) TRACKLISTING: 01. SEX SWING - THE PASSOVER (IDLES REMIX) 02. GNOOMES - CITY MONK (LAY LLAMAS AFRO COSMIC RE-WORK) 03. NECRO DEATHMORT - MONO SERUM (TOMAGA REMIX) 04. FLOWERS MUST DIE - HEY, SHUT UP (GNOOMES SLO-MIX) 05. PIGS PIGS PIGS PIGS PIGS PIGS PIGS - HELL'S TEETH (J. ZUNZ RE-WORK) 06. MIEN - BLACK HABITLP1ROCKET RECORDINGSIndependent12.06.2021VARIOUSDEMOITIS VOL. 1Unreleased demo recordings from the Big Crown catalog - RSD 2021 Exclusive - ONLY 100 AVAILABLE VIA CARGO / 375 // Sometimes the demo recording of a song has a vibe that cannot be duplicated. Whether that first recording is a voice memo on your phone or half haphazardly recorded with one mic in the room, there’s an undeniable charm to these recordings. If you spend some time listening to them, when the "real" recording is made, many times one has a hard time letting go of the demo. The medical term for this is called "Demoitis". TRACKLISTING: 01. LADY WRAY - GUILTY (DEMO) 02. BOBBY OROZA - THIS LOVE (DEMO) 03. BACAO RHYTHM & STEEL BAND - PIMP (DEMO) 04. LEE FIELDS & THE EXPRESSIONS - TIME (DEMO) 05. THE EXPRESSIONS - WILL I GET OFF EASY (DEMO) 06. LIZETTE & QUEVIN - GROW FOREVER (DEMO) 07. PAUL & THE TALL TREES - THEN WE'LL WAVE (DEMO) 08. THE SHACKS - ORCHIDS (DEMO) 09. HOLY HIVE - GOLDEN CROWN (DEMO) 10. LIAM BAILEY - DON'T BLAME NY (DEMO) 11. EL MICHELS AFFAIR - REGENERATE (DEMO) 12. BRAINSTORY - BREATHE (DEMO)LP1BIG CROWN RECORDSSoul / funk12.06.2021VARIOUSMAY THE CIRCLE BE BROKEN: A TRIBUTE TO ROKY ERICKSONPressed on special RSD color wax * Includes bonus limited edition flexi of an ultra rare recording performed by Roky Erickson * // Roky Erickson was one of the true mind-blowing pioneers of psychedelic music. TRACKLISTING: 01.BILLY F GIBBONS - (I'VE GOT) LEVITATION 02. MOSSHART SEXTON - STARRY EYES 03. JEFF TWEEDY - FOR YOU (I'D DO ANYTHING) 04. LYNN CASTLE & MARK LANEGAN - CLEAR NIGHT FOR LOVE 05. THE BLACK ANGELS - DON'T FALL DOWN 06. NEKO CASE - BE AND BRING ME HOME 07. MARGO PRICE - RED TEMPLE PRAYER (TWO-HEADED DOG) 08. GARY CLARK, JR. & EVE MONSEES - ROLLER COASTER 09. TY SEGALL - NIGHT OF THE VAMPIRE 10th LUCINDA WILLIAMS - YOU’RE GONNA MISS ME 11th CHELSEA WOLFE - IF YOU HAVE GHOSTS 12th BROGAN BENTLEY - MAY THE CIRCLE REMAIN UNBROKENLP1TIDAL WAVES MUSICRock / International17.07.2021VARIOUSMEMPHIS SOUL 1967500 pressed on black vinyl. As the Stax / Volt Revue was busy touring the world during 1967, the city of Memphis had become the place to cut soul records. America’s record companies were sending artists down in droves to grab a piece of that magical sound the city’s recording engineers and producers were conjuring up. Yet Stax wasn’t the only place in town cutting hit records. This LP brings you sixteen tracks cut in the city during that golden year. It features some artists you know and others you may not, and ranges from upfront dancers to deep soul ballads - Memphis Soul ’67 at its very best! TRACKLISTING: 01. MARGIE HENDRIX - CALL YOU LOVER BUT YOU AIN'T NOTHING BUT A TRAMP 02. JUNIOR PARKER - I CAN'T PUT MY FINGERS ON IT 03. ELLA WASHINGTON - I CAN'T AFFORD TO LOSE HIM 04. BOBBY BARNES - TIMES ARE BAD 05.BUDDY LAMP - SAVE YOUR LOVE 06. ROSCOE ROBINSON - DARLING PLEASE TELL ME 07. GLADYS TYLER - MR GREEN MRS GREEN 08. ROOSEVELT GRIER - HIGH SOCIETY WOMAN 09. MARGIE HENDRIX - RESTLESS 10th GEORGE JACKSON - RESTLESS 10 SO GOOD TO ME 11. NORM WEST - WORDS WON'T SAY 12. RAY SCOTT - CAN'T GET OVER LOSING YOU 13. DANNY WHITE - YOU CAN NEVER KEEP A GOOD MAN DOWN 14. BOBBY BARNES - I SHED A TEAR 15. DEE & LOLA - DO RIGHT WOMAN DO RIGHT MAN 16. JOHNNY SCOTT - SOMEBODY HELP! ANYBODY LP1HISTORY OF SOULSoul / funk12.06.2021VARIOUSNEW YORK SOUL 1970 500 pressed on black vinyl. In New York, the shape of African-American music was changing in 1970. Funk was now the thing. Groups like the Isley Brothers and Kool & The Gang were leading the charge and almost everyone was following, as can be heard on most of the tracks here. The structure of the music business was altering as well. Prominent independent record labels like Veep, Diamond and Amy that had featured strongly in previous LPs in this series, had already closed their doors, while other large concerns such as Musicor, Jubilee, Kapp and Shout were on their last legs. But despite this we've still been able to find 17 stunning soul songs to populate this album. And while funky rhythms predominate there is still room for mainstream soul, sweet soul and group harmonies to savor. Singers move from the rightly celebrated such as Garnett Mimms and Marva Whitney to the obscure Lee Jackson and Beverly Hammonds. But all of them demonstrate the power and prestige of Big Apple music at its best. TRACKLISTING: 01. MARVA WHITNEY - GIVING UP ON LOVE 02. SWORDSMEN - SHO-BE-DO-TUE-DA 03. LEE JACKSON - ORDINARY PEOPLE 04. JAY MORTON - ALLIGATOR STRUT 05. JIVE FYVE - YOU SHOWED ME THE LIGHT OF LOVE 06. HONEY & BEES - MAKE LOVE LOVE TO ME 07. RUDY MOCKABEE - PIECE OF MY HEART 08. GARNET MIMMS - GET IT WHILE YOU CAN. 09. GERALDINE HUNT - NEVER EVER LEAVE ME 10. HONEY & BEES - PLEASE HAVE MERCY BABY 11. FRANKIE NEWSOME - DON’T MESS WITH MY LOVEMAKER 12. MARVA WHITNEY - THIS IS MY QUEST 13.. BEVERLY HAMMONDS - I WISH IT WOULD RAIN 14. BOBBY REED - IF I DON’T LOVE YOU 15. VIC MARCEL - A SINNERS ‘PRAYER 16. HOAGY LANDS & LILLIE FIELDS - BEAUTIFUL MUSIC 17. VANDALS - I’M GONNA WAIT FOR YOULP1HISTORY OF SOULSoul / funk12.06.2021VARIOUSSOHO SCENE 67 + JAZZ GOES MOD500 pressed on black vinyl. 1967. A year of seismic change in the UK: mini skirts and Mini Coopers, psychedelic 'happenings' and of course Sgt. Pepper. British jazz was changing too: no longer cool and sharp-suited; Now featuring beads and bangles and - literally - letting its hair down. A new breed of young musicians moved between styles from avant-garde to R&B and taking in current pop. On Side One, we give you Britain’s finest and on Side Two some of the very best music coming out of the States in that exciting, eclectic year. TRACKLISTING: 01. SPONTANEOUS MUSIC ENSEMBLE - JUICY 02. JOHNNY SCOTT QUINTET - LAZY AFTERNOON 03. RONNIE ROSS SEXTET - CLEOPATRA’S NEEDLE 04. COLLIN BATES TRIO - BREW 05. HARRY SOUTH BIG BAND. - LIMITED FREEDOM 06. CURTIS AMY SEPTET - MUSTANG 07. FRED RAMIREZ - COMIN ‘HOME BABY 08. TRUDY PITTS - A BUCKET FULL OF SOUL 09.BOBBY TIMMONS - CHICKEN & DUMPLINS 10TH YOUNG-HOLT UNLIMITED - WACK WACKLP1RHYTHM AND BLUES RECORDSjazz12.06.2021VARIOUSSOUL SLABS VOL. 3