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The 12th house (meditation, silence, spirituality)
The 12th house is assigned to the zodiac sign of Pisces. It is the area of ​​life of the
Silence, of withdrawal from the outside world. Fears and longings are also laid out here,
like compassion and trust. This house is about great sensitivity. Artistic
gifted people often draw from these energies in their work. How the fish-
Manifesting plants of the 12th house in life is particularly evident from planets in this one
House determined. Planets in this house direct their energies more into the interior
human psyche. One often finds great idealism here too. In the 12th house are in
content that has been repressed from the conscious mind is usually also saved, which is then transferred to the unconscious
Act level.

The 12th house as the strongest house
Basically applies to the house (= area of ​​life) that is the strongest house in the
Horoscope shows that there is a potential that a person has in his
Life can develop to a special degree. So it is an indication of a life
area that is very important in this life. If the 12th house in the horoscope is special
is stressed (e.g. several planets in this house), a lot of energy is directed towards spiritual,
helping or artistic areas. The sensitivity is often very pronounced. These
People feel the mood in their environment. But that can also be stressful at times
be when the person is emotional by the many impressions, feelings or fears
is flooded. People with a strong 12th house therefore always need
Opportunities to retreat to process everyday experiences. It often exists
an interest in religious, spiritual, helping, or social issues. The idealism
and the willingness to help are usually great in this constellation.
If the 12th house (or planets in this house) is under tension, could
the difficult shapes of the fish systems show up. There could be subliminal fears
Longings or an exaggerated idealism arise. The boundaries between dream worlds
and reality could become blurred. That could inhibit the development of the
Impact people. In general, however, there is a willingness to help in favorable constellations
and empathy are in the foreground.

Sun in the 12th house
This is where the sensitivity and spirituality of the 12th house (Pisces / Neptune) are combined
Attachments to a person's self. The sun symbolizes the core of the personality.
The Neptune influence subverts the self-centered power of the sun with a collective
Idealism and sensitivity. Often the presence of the father is missing in the 12th house in the sun
Childhood years. This can be due to professional reasons or other circumstances.
The fact is that the child has less orientation with regard to the father's image.
This can create identity problems in life. Idealism can do a lot here
be pronounced, which can lead to (disappointment) deceptions. A person with this
Constellation has helpful, social or artistic abilities. He likes himself
would like to withdraw into their own world. The sun in the 12th house also stands for them
Ability to hold a leading position in helping areas. But there would be
Supportive Capricorn systems are also required. When the sun is below in the horoscope
If there is tension, inner fears and self-doubts could arise
Arouse the tendency to escape into dream worlds. Then the negative sides of the
12. House appear in the form of illusions and deceptions. But in general it is
to assume a sensitive and helpful personality with the sun in the 12th house,
who is happy to be there for those in need.
- supra-personal self-expression in society
- social individuals in the light of society
- Helpers and helpless
- 10th HOUSE = what applies (NORM)
- 12TH HOUSE = the blueprint of the 10th house
- who fall out of the 10th house
- who do not want to or cannot comply with these standards
- People who are in the public eye and personally the social ones
.. Embody norms (politicians, athletes, artists), are no longer themselves, but a
.. medium, ..a representative!

MOON in the 12th house
This is where the sensitivity and spirituality of the 12th house (Pisces / Neptune) are combined
Systems with the emotional world of a person. The Pisces House Influence on the Moon
increases the sensitivity but also the sensitivity. People with this constellation
the feeling of security was often lacking in childhood. The mother likes work or out
have not had enough time for the child for other reasons. The fact is that this
emotional irritation is indicated in the horoscope by the moon in the 12th house. On the other hand
these people often have a great deal of empathy. You can therefore
respond excellently to the emotional needs of others. Professionally are with this
Position social, helping, caring but also medical activities are indicated.
The Moon-Neptune connection given here can also indicate medial abilities.
If the moon is under tension in the horoscope, they could be here anyway
slightly weakened feelings of security are undermined. The emotional world would
then you may be inundated with fears, resulting in an escape behavior
the reality that is felt too hard. In general, however, the
Moon in the 12th house for a very social and helping attitude, which is usually too
can be used professionally.
- healer
- I have no needs!
- No right access to his feelings (the others feel that the cordiality
.. is not meant very seriously)
- Bachelor aspect

Mercury in the 12th house
This is where the sensitivity and spirituality of the 12th house (Pisces / Neptune) are combined
Attachments to a person's thinking and speaking. This position directs the
communicative energy on an emotional and rather quiet level. Mercury people
In the 12th house, therefore, they tend to be silent in a community. The
Conversational energy requires an emotional agreement with the interlocutor.
Even if it is more of a secretive person to the outside world, it can
The world of thoughts to be full of movement and imagination. There is often a talent here
Writing down moods and stories in poetic or romantic form.
Mercury in the 12th house senses what the other is trying to say and can practically between the lines
read. If Mercury is under tension in the horoscope, a conversation could take place
Misunderstandings arise. The message then does not come to you or comes in a different form
Interlocutor. That could affect mutual trust.
In general, however, Mercury in the 12th house is a sensitive one
Interlocutor with sensitive systems.

Venus in the 12th house
This is where the sensitivity and spirituality of the 12th house (Pisces / Neptune) are combined
Systems with the encounter systems of a person. Venus in the 12th house does one
Inclination to idealized or romantic encounters. Venus becomes the relationship planet
stimulated by the fish systems of the 12th house with longings and ideal images. Women
With this constellation you can therefore look for an ideal partner who in reality only
hard to find. This wish for the dream man could also (but does not have to)
lead to secret love affairs. For men, Venus in the 12th house stands for the dream woman,
for an ideal that also requires a man to have an appropriate sense of reality. If the
Venus is under tension in the horoscope, the negative forms could change
of Neptune show. This includes, for example, dissatisfaction in existing relationships
or unrealistic expectations towards the partner. Deception and disappointment
are possible here. In general, however, Venus in the 12th house stands for great idealism
in the encounter and also for talent for music or visual arts.
- alternative taste
- Actor (senses what might be well received by others at the moment)

Mars in the 12th house
This is where the sensitivity and spirituality of the 12th house (Pisces / Neptune) are combined
Systems with the ego-related systems of a person. People with this constellation
do not choose the usual direct and combative way of asserting Mars, but rather
prefer to stay in the background. They avoid getting noticed because they are direct
Want to avoid confrontation. The 12th house cannot strengthen Mars, but they can
Give the opportunity to achieve one's will in a quiet, sometimes secret way.
Mars in the 12th house is not perceived by the environment and therefore hardly arouses resistance.
That can sometimes be an advantage. If two argue, Mars could be im
12. House are happy as a winner. When Mars is under tension in the horoscope,
a person could want to get his way through deceptions or secrecy.
In general, however, Mars in the 12th house stands for active and helping properties in service
needy or socially disadvantaged people.
- It is difficult to get out with his energy;
- Has experienced issues of violence or disaster in his last life
.. (e.g. plague, war, prison ...)

Jupiter in the 12th house
This is where the sensitivity and spirituality of the 12th house (Pisces / Neptune) are combined
Plants with the optimism of Jupiter. The connection between Jupiter and
Neptune creates a great interest in religious and spiritual teachings. A human
With this Jupiter position tends to be about meditation, yoga, stays in the monastery
or other methods of self-discovery to find a way to higher wisdom.
The idealism here can sometimes be too great or too unrealistic.
These people often work in silence and only share their experiences with a few
chosen people. If Jupiter is under tension in the horoscope,
know-it-all, urge to mission or even arrogance could show up. in the
In general, however, Jupiter in the 12th house can give great idealism. One World
full of light and knowledge is sought here.
- Psychologist aspect

Saturn in the 12th house:
This is where the sensitivity and spirituality of the 12th house (Pisces / Neptune) are combined
Attachments to the superego (conscience) of a person. The fish plants of the
12. House make it difficult for Saturn to develop its structuring properties.
People with this constellation often have a difficult father relationship. It is
similar to the sun in the 12th house, which the father does not have to be present for the child
as the child needed it. At Saturn in the 12th house, inferiority
feelings awakened. These people often do not trust themselves to do certain things. Loneliness
or feelings of guilt can complicate the way to one's own rules of life. Saturn in
12. At home they are also often emotionally cautious and cautious. It usually takes one
a long time until these people have found their way. If Saturn in the horoscope
is subject to tension, it can usually be assumed that the superego is too strict.
This could show itself to the outside in the form of an exaggerated distance and coolness.
In general, however, Saturn makes it possible in the 12th house through the often painful
Learning process a mental development that creates a stable personality over time.
- Elderly care aspect
- Basically seeks connection to people, but feels at the same time
.. an inner urge to set boundaries.
- Looks at real friendships, superficialities are not enough.
- Old soul.
- Difficulties to take one's rights, without rights.
- Legal aspect (precisely because rights are a weak point, one deals with it
.. yourself with it and gets better and better).
- Doesn't say exactly which rules apply.

Uranus in the 12th house
This is where the sensitivity and spirituality of the 12th house (Pisces / Neptune) are combined
Attachments to a person's intellect. The connection established here between intellect
(Uranus) and sensitivity (Neptune) basically correspond to an incompatibility. It's like with
Logic and feeling that accept each other but can hardly understand.
People with Uranus in the 12th house often have their own individuality in their family
put back. There is usually a great need for irrational and extraordinary
Subjects. Sometimes these people can provide insights or answers to their questions
learned out of the blue. They are flashes of inspiration that can be reminiscent of clairvoyance.
If Uranus is under tension in the horoscope, flashes of inspiration could arise
turn out to be will-o'-the-wisps and there is a risk of deception. But in general it stands
Uranus in the 12th house for the ability to receive sudden inspirations that too totally
unexpected solutions can result.
- Clairvoyance
- Self-taught aspect

Neptune in the 12th house
This is where the sensitivity and spirituality of the 12th house (Pisces / Neptune) are combined
Plants with the idealism and the dream world of Neptune. Neptune is at home in the 12th house
and therefore agrees with the properties prevailing here. Usually at
a social, helping, sometimes self-sacrificing tendency towards this constellation
detect. Artistic systems are also assigned to Neptune in the 12th house.
If Neptune is under tension in the horoscope, there could be a tilt
point to dream worlds. Unrealistic longings as well as delusions and
Disappointments would then be possible. In general, however, Neptune is in the 12th house
a more idealistic and social attitude in the foreground.

Pluto in the 12th house
This is where the sensitivity and spirituality of the 12th house (Pisces / Neptune) are combined
Systems with the ideas and guiding principles of a person. Are in the 12th house with Pluto
often connected with power issues. Pluto stimulates the effects of these people
Outside. Sometimes they are able to express their ideas on a larger scale
to implement. Then they stand symbolically for certain social models or
are seen as idols. Basically, however, these people are looking for themselves
themselves and the driving forces in their lives.

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