How to reset the time on the clock

The time of day

The time is always with the construction it is initiated. The question about the time is: What time is it? or. What time is it?

What time is it? - 8:00 a.m .: (It is) eight o'clock. (It is eight o'clock.
What time is it? - 8:00 a.m .: (It is) eight o'clock. (It is eight o'clock.

There is an official variant and spoken variants of the times.

The official time

8:00 am: It is eight o'clock.
8.05: It's eight five.
8.10: It is eight ten o'clock.
8.15: It's eight fifteen.
8:20 am: It is eight twenty.
8.25: It is eight twenty-five.
8.30 am: It is eight thirty.
8.35: It is eight thirty-five.
8.40 am: It is eight forty.
8.45 am: It is eight forty-five.
8.50 am: It is eight fifty.
8.55: It is eight fifty-five
9:00 am: It's nine o'clock.

8 pm: It is eight o'clock.
20.05: It is eight five o'clock.
20.10: It is eight ten o'clock.
8.15pm: It is eight fifteen.
20:20: It is eight twenty.
8:25 pm: It is eight twenty-five.
8.30pm: It is eight thirty.
8:35 p.m. It is eight thirty-five.
8.40pm: It is eight forty.
8.45pm: It is eight forty-five.
8:50 pm: It is eight fifty.
8:55 pm: It is eight fifty-five.
9 p.m.: It is nine o'clock.

The time in everyday language

Of course, anyone can specify the time in the spoken language as they wish. But there are some typical variants.

8.00 / 20.00: (It is) eight
8.05 / 20.05: (It is) five past eight.
8.10 / 20.10: (It is) ten past eight.
8.15 / 20.15: (It is) a quarter past eight.
8.20 / 20.20: (It is) twenty past eight. / ten to eight thirty.
8.25 / 20.25: (It is) five to eight thirty.
8.30 / 20.30: (It is) half past eight.
8.35 / 20.35: (It is) five past eight.
8.40 / 20.40: (It is) twenty to nine. / ten past eight.
8.45 / 8.45: (It is) a quarter to nine.
8.50 / 20.50: (It is) ten to nine
8.55 / 20.55: (It is) five to nine.
9.00 / 21.00: (It is) nine.

The variants are also used in southern Germany
8.15/20.15: (It is) quarter past eight.
8.45/20.45: (It is) quarter to nine.

How late? vs. when?

In response to the question “What time is it?”, The time is given without a preposition; in response to the question “When?” with the preposition.

What time is it? - 2 p.m.
When are you coming? - Around 2 p.m.

One o'clock vs. one

What time is it? - It is a Uhr./ It's as.
When are you coming? - Around a O'clock./Arounds.


Quarter before / after = large

It is Quarter past eight.
It is eleven forty-five.

quarter / three quarters = small

It is quarter past seven.
It is quarter to nine.
It's five minutes to three quarters nine.

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