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GNTM 2021 - Episode 2: Go on, there is nothing to see here!

The fact that "Germany's next top model" is not looking for a model at all, only making TV entertainment - not so wild. That Heidi Klum is influencing girls and young women with her messages - unsettling. That she exaggerates it on Thursday evening in a row two - bad.

You almost believed her. Announced in the opening sequence of the new season Heidi Klumthat this time she added even more value when choosing her candidates Diversity have laid. No matter whether big, small, curvy, with scars, deaf or even from the country: Your fashion model comes, so come everyone!

Nobody should feel left out, everyone should feel welcome. The size Model family has a heart for everyone and the industry has changed so much. Yes, you almost believed her.

But then comes episode two. "Inner Strength", so 'Inner Ststrength ' is this week's motto"Heidi Klum explains right at the beginning, but the motto is "Dear girls of the advertising-relevant target group at home, today I'll tell you a lot of nonsense."

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That sounds not only too honest, but also not quite as relevant for advertising. And so the Klum sticks to its motto of the episode and adds the most overused word from 1996 to 2021: "I want the first big shoot Power women see. Strong, confident girls. "

Whether the Klum wants this strength and self-confidence from their girls even when they sign the contracts with the Model agency her father's to sign is just as open as the question of whether the Klum really wants less arguments on their show when they say: "Those who waste their energy on pointless arguments often run out of breath for the competition." The editors of the production company are likely to disagree.

Heidi Klum allegedly discovers a lack of self-confidence

Quarrel belongs to "Germany's Next Topmodel" Since the first episode, namely to the concept, like so much else: the unnecessarily complicated shootings, the nudity of the models, the use of wild animals, the conspicuously inconspicuous products of the advertising partners, all the hype about jobs and of course the hurray chatter of Klum . At GNTM you have to go for this variety Television entertainment decided.

If you can classify the whole circus correctly, that's gaga, but harmless. If the Klum is really serious about diversity, it may even be a nice message for some adolescents with self-doubt. But when exactly the opposite happens, you can see when the ladies give their new one accommodation Respectively.

It's a kind of loft with beds and in series Heidi Klum portraits on the walls. When the young women have settled in, the door opens and Klum, with a zebra pattern above and a tiger pattern below, comes in with a message.

"One thing really struck me in the last week. And that is: yours Self-confidence. Some of them really lack it, "Klum explains to the girls, without knowing them.

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GNTM: Strong and reluctant? It doesn't work at all

Of course, a lack of self-esteem does not work for two reasons. First, it doesn't fit the show's motto and, second, it doesn't fit into the show Klumschen reason of beliefetch. As a model you are a role model for girls or young women "and they definitely don't say: Oh, I would like to be as shy as she is.

I would like to be as reserved as it is. No, I would like to be as strong as she is. I want to be as cool as she is. Or I would like to be as sexy or as funny as she is. "

Obviously, it is beyond Klum's imagination that even a reserved person can be strong, funny, sexy or cool. If this restricted image of man only in the head of Klum would do his laps - not that bad. But the Klum is serious about what the ladies do with their first Shooting for the show posters and the opening film.

All girls are allowed to appear on the posters, but only those who are not "boringly performing" in the opening film, because "they are not really the advertising for the show." No, advertisements for the show are only those that "come across as really great and strong."

And what is strong, Klum has already said several times. If the Klum wants to be diverse, then that only applies to external appearances.

"Germany's next top model": Please don't think!

This is bad news for Maria, because the deaf young woman not only feels uncomfortable because of her too deep cleavage, but also in the overall situation: "During the shoot, I actually lost my security."

With such a burden, Maria commits at the final walk also the mistake of politely asking the designer whether the dress should fit the way it fits because she apparently does not have enough breasts for the assigned dress.

You could consider that to be your own initiative, but the dressmaker only replies: "As a model, you have to wear what is assigned to you." Of course she could also have said: "Oh dear, I never thought that the dress that I assigned you should also fit you" or "Unfortunately there is no other way, but it's great that you think along." But it doesn't.

And then loudly as Maria in the mismatched dress Jury verdict screwed up the walk because she wasn't showing enough "fun" and that's why flies out, the messages of episode two are: Be like Klum, shut up and just don't start thinking for yourself.

Hopefully the girls and young women who watched the goings on have enough inner strength not to take this nonsense seriously.