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Cagalli Yula Athha

Cagalli Yula Athha

Cagalli Yula Athha

Real world



  • Princess of Orb
  • Goddess of Victory

Blood type

  • A.


  • 162 cm5.315 ft
    63.78 in
  • 164 cm5,381 ft
    64,567 in


  • 54 kg 119.05 lb
  • 48 kg105,822 lb


  • Chief Representative of Orb (GSD)


  • Commander in Chief (GSD) (Orb)

Mecha Piloted

Vessels Commanded

Vessels crewed

Cagalli Yula Athha (カ ガ リ ・ ユ ラ ・ ア ス ハ,Kagari Yura Asuha?) is a character that appears in Mobile Suit Gundam SEED other Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny. Cagalli the adopted daughter of Uzumi Nara Athha, Chief Representative and "Lion" of Orb Union. She is also Kira Yamato's twin sister, although neither sibling was aware of this until the First Alliance-PLANT War. Cagalli's birth name is Cagalli Hibiki. She is also well known for piloting the MBF-02 Strike Rouge during the First and Second Alliance-PLANT Wars, though she would later pilot the ORB-01 Akatsuki, only once to fight against ZAFT in their invasion of Orb and later giving it to Mu La Flaga.

Personality & Character

Although raised as a princess in Orb and taught to be proper, sophisticated, and elegant; Cagalli is far from it, for she has been shown to be quite stubborn, rebellious, masculine, and often free spirited. Cagalli is also shown to dislike being called a princess and when someone calls her one she instantly tells them not to call her that again. Despite rebelling against both her father and her responsibilities as a princess, she is quite loyal to her country and more than willing to give up her life to save it. In Destiny, Cagalli becomes the leader of her country in place of her father. However she is shown to be reluctant in speaking against the pro-Alliance leaders of Orb and had trouble difficulty in handling situations when it involves her country's future. Eventually she discovers that she is a capable leader and both her people and herself regained their trust in her.

Skills & Abilities

As the ruling Princess of Orb, Cagalli is shown to have competent diplomacy skills when dealing with foreign policy. While fighting with the Desert Dawn in Egypt, it is presumed that she is skilled in basic combat training and the usage of firearms. In MS combat, Cagalli is seen as a decent mid-range combatant, but needed an AI program to assist her during her first sortie with the Strike Rouge. This is ironically in contrast to her lover Athrun Zala, who has a penchant for hand-to-hand MS combat. Although she is a Natural, Cagalli is capable of going into SEED mode in battle like Kira and Athrun, as evidenced when she avenges the deaths of M1 Astray pilots Asagi Caldwell and Juri Wu Nien, by destroying the Strike Daggers that took them out.[1] So far in the Cosmic Era, Cagalli is the only natural to have gone into SEED mode.

Early life

Cagalli was the twin sister of Kira Yamato and the daughter of Ulen and Via Hibiki. Kira was taken out prematurely and kept in a developmental chamber for Ulen's experiment to create the ultimate coordinator, while Cagalli remain in Via's womb. As the Hibiki family were targets of the extremist group, Blue Cosmos, Cagalli was passed onto Uzumi Nara Athha, who became her adopted father.

Gundam SEED


After learning that her nation is aiding the Earth Alliance in secret, she travels to the Orb Union's Heliopolis space colony to see the evidence for herself. At the colony, she meets Kira Yamato as the ZAFT's Le Creuset Team attacks the colony. She runs in search of the new mobile suits that was said to have been developed for the Earth Alliance by Morgenroete Inc., with a worried Kira trailing after her.

When she she finally discovers the mobile suits, her legs cave in as she cries out loud about how her father had betrayed them, Kira merely stands to the side, baffled at her outburst. Later as they run for cover, she is pushed by Kira into an evacuation shelter which has only sufficient space for one more person.[2] When the colony eventually collapses due to the extensive battles inside of it, Cagalli remains in the shelter as it separates into a life boat.[3]

With the desert dawn

Sometime later on Earth, Cagalli accompanied by Ledonir Kisaka (a guardian sent by her adopted father), arrives at the ZAFT-occupied Northern Africa and became a member of the Desert Dawn resistance led by Sahib Ashman. She befriended Ahmed el Hosn and is nicknamed the "Goddess of Victory" because of the strong role she plays within the group.[4][5]

She and the Desert Dawn forces then help the Archangel fend off Andrew Waltfeld's TMF / A-802 BuCUEs after the ship accidentally landed in ZAFT territory after atmospheric entry. The next morning, Cagalli and Desert Dawn members meet with the Archangel 's crew, who clarify that they were members of the 8th fleet that was wiped out. Sahib, surprisingly, recognizes Mu La Flaga and Cagalli also confirms the authenticity of both the Archangel and the accompanying GAT-X105 Strike Gundam. Sahib offers cooperation if the ship's crew drop their weapons, which captain, Murrue Ramius complies with. To Cagalli's surprise, the pilot of the Strike was none other Kira and promptly slaps him.[5][6]

The Archangel is allowed to hide in Desert Dawn's base, and Mu asks for the identity of the resistance's "Goddess of Victory". Sahib merely refers to her as "Cagalli Yula". Cagalli later apologizes for hitting Kira, explaining that she was too surprised that the one that recklessly pushed her to safety would be a mobile suit pilot, and that she was concerned over what had happened to him after Heliopolis.

Later that night, Waltfeld's BuCUEs attacked the town of Tassil, which housed both the families and supplies of the resistance. To everyone's surprise, the ZAFT forces had taken active measures against harming civilians and not a single life was lost despite losing several supplies. While Cagalli is outraged that the town was destroyed and its people left with nothing to live on, Mu believes this as an act of mercy since no one was killed. Nonetheless, the members of the Desert Dawn, including Cagalli, are too angered and chase after the ZAFT forces against Sahib's decision.

The resistance forces catch up to Waltfeld's BuCUEs the next day, but their inferior weaponry would do little damage, and several fighters were killed, including Ahmed, who confessed his crush on Cagalli as he succumbed. It is only thanks to the timely arrival of the Strike that causes Waltfeld's forces to withdraw, but Kira promptly berates the resistance members for launching a suicidal attack. Cagalli defends their decision to protect those close to them, but Kira slaps her and shouts that her ideals are meaningless if she doesn't have the power to defend them.[7]

The group later go to a nearby city which acts as Waltfeld's HQ for supplies, with Kira acting as Cagalli's bodyguard. Although Kira is taken aback by the peace, Cagalli shows him the hidden reality; a demolished building formerly holding those that opposed Waltfeld. The group splits as Cagalli and Kira buy supplies while Natarle Badgiruel and Sahim negotiate for water and military goods with a local figure, Al-Jairi. As Cagalli and Kira take a lunch break, Cagalli recommends putting chili sauce on kebab, but a stranger walks up and complains that kebabs should always be eaten with yogurt sauce. As the two argue, the restaurant is attacked by extremists from Blue Cosmos, and the stranger quickly kicks their table and use it for cover as other disguised soldiers engage and kill the terrorists.

The stranger soon reveals his true identity as Andrew Waltfeld, and forcefully invites the pair to his home, where Waltfeld's girlfriend, Aisha takes Cagalli away to be cleaned and dressed. Andrew has a conversation with Kira until Aisha brings in Cagalli in an elegant dress, much to the Cagalli's dismay. A humorous exchange between Kira and Cagalli occurs when Kira states the obivious that Cagalli is a girl, while Waltfeld and Aisha laugh at their verbal battle.

As Andrew sits down with Kira and Cagalli, he compliments the latter for looking good in the dress, but Cagalli insults Andrew for his decisions to evacuate a town before burning it or going about the town in disguise. In response to her outburst, Waltfeld asks her if she would prefer to be among the dead, and asks Kira for his opinion on how to end the war, as a mobile suit pilot. The pair are surprised by Andrew's accurate deduction. Pointing his gun at the pair, Andrew then made another accurate deduction about Kira being a coordinator, much to Cagalli's shock. He then says he does not know why, as a coordinator, Kira is fighting his own kind, but as long as he pilots the strike, they are enemies. Having thoroughly enjoyed their talk, Waltfeld lowers his weapon and has Aisha escort the pair back to town; hoping to meet in the next battle.[8]

Cagalli later begins mobile suit training using the simulator in the Archangel. The next day, the Desert Dawn forces and the Archangel move in conjunction against Waltfeld, and Cagalli receives an unprocessed malachite from Ahmed's mother, something that the late Ahmed had wished to process and give to Cagalli one day. During the battle, Cagalli commandeers the spare FX-550 Skygrasper and engages the ZAFT forces as well; cutting off one of the Lesseps guns before she is shot down. Fortunately, Dearka Elsman's GAT-X103 Buster Gundam accidentally demolishes the factory in the way of the Archangel, allowing the ship to turn around and attack the Lesseps to win the battle.[9]

After the battle, the Archangel leaves Africa, heading for Orb. Cagalli and Ledonir accompany them. While traveling over the Indian Ocean, she comforts Kira, who is upset about the deaths of people he failed to protect, and Andrew, the first person he killed who he knew personally. Cagalli then asks Kira why a Coordinator like him would help the Earth Alliance, and Kira asks her opinion about them. Cagalli responds immediately that her treatment of others would not change merely if they were a Natural or a Coordinator. When Cagalli points out the genetic superiority of the coordinators, Kira replies that coordinators would still need to train and study to hone their talents like any other person.

First encounter with Athrun Zala

Traveling above the Indian Ocean, the Archangel came under attack from Marco Morassim's forces. Cagalli is unable to sortie due to her Skygrasper's wing still being repaired. However, she was not needed as both Mu and Kira chase Morassim's forces off.[10] When Morassim launches another attack on the Archangel, Cagalli launches in her repaired plane, but her navigation module is damaged by an AMF-101 DINN and is ordered to return to the Archangel as her reckless flying placed her into Mu's line of fire repeatedly.

While trying to locate the Archangel, Cagalli notices a ZAFT transport vessel, and she damages the plane before being shot down and marooned near a small island. With her ration pack washed away and her Skygrasper not responding, Cagalli is forced to make her way towards the island. While investigating the island, she finds Athrun Zala and arms herself against the ZAFT pilot. Athrun hears movement near him and turns, spotting Cagalli reaching for her gun. Cagalli quickly shoots and grazes Athrun's right arm, forcing him to drop his gun and bag. He then hides behind a rock for cover as Cagalli approaches cautiously. As Cagalli moves closer, she spots Athrun and shoots, but he easily evaded the shots and hid in higher ground. Thinking he had escaped, Cagalli picks up Athrun's gun and is ambushed from behind by him. Before he can go for a killing blow with a knife, Cagalli screams; revealing she was a girl to Athrun, who ends up taking her prisoner instead.

After dealing with the awkwardness, Cagalli's wrists and ankles are bound by Athrun as he hurls her gun and magazine into the sea before sending a distress signal. While trying to get to Athrun's mobile suit in her tied up state, Cagalli accidentally ends up almost drowning in a small but deep puddle before being rescued by Athrun. An exchange of humorous banters is had between them that results in Athrun setting her free because she seemed like she couldn't be any serious threat to him, but he says he would kill her if she attempted to take his weapons. Because ZAFT had disrupted the airwaves, Athrun prepares a fire as they would likely have to spend at least a night on the island. When Cagalli attempts to blame the ZAFT forces for causing the disruption that prevented their rescue, Athrun justifies their decision due to the possibility of Alliance forces using nuclear weapons.

While waiting for rescue, the two talk about their respective and clashing viewpoints of the war. Cagalli reveals that she was in Heliopolis as ZAFT forces, including Athrun, attacked and led the colony to destruction. Athrun retorts that a "neutral" colony should've never manufactured weapons against coordinators to begin with and that his team was equally surprised to find the units in the colony themselves. Cagalli bites back that the Earth Alliance only acts in such a way because of the growing meddling of coordinators in Earth affairs. Athrun points out that several civilians, including his mother, were killed in Junius Seven, but Cagalli responds with the deaths of several innocents in the conflict against ZAFT.

Having grown tired of their argument, Athrun falls asleep. Cagalli takes advantage and attempts to steal his gun. Realizing this, Athrun wakes up quickly and takes his knife out against her. Cagalli expresses her true fear that the GAT-X303 Aegis Gundam will be used as a tool to kill even more people, but Athrun replies that she would have to kill him to take his machine. After a tense stand-off and remembering Waltfeld's words of the only way to end a war, Cagalli ultimately chooses to toss the gun aside. As she forgot to put the safety back on, Athrun tackles her down to cover her and is grazed by the gun again. As thanks, Cagalli bandages Athrun. The pair are eventually located by their respective allies and promise not to speak of the incident as they return. Cagalli is soon found by Mu, and Kira arrives aboard the Strike to rescue her.[11]

After this encounter, the Archangel is attacked by Athrun's team. The skirmish is put to a halt when it comes close to Orb waters. Despite the Orb forces announcing its intention to attack both parties, Cagalli urges captain Ramius to head straight for Orb. Cagalli then contacts the coast guards and reveals herself as Uzumi Nara Athha's daughter, but the coast guards, remaining true to their duty, attack the ship. Due to the extensive damage from ZAFT's assault, Ramius is left with no choice but to head for Orb anyway despite the coast guard's warnings.

To prevent an international fiasco, the ZAFT forces withdraw and the Archangel is ordered to dock as the crew's commanders parley with Uzumi. While docked, Cagalli is found by Myrna and forced to change attire before being escorted off the ship. Cagalli later joins Erica Simmons and Kira in one of Orb's mobile suit hangars containing the mass produced MBF-M1 M1 Astrays which were designed for the protection of Orb. Erica reveals that Uzumi was not informed of the mobile suit development at Heliopolis beforehand, yet had taken responsibility, but Cagalli retorts that as Orb's leader, her father was still accountable for the matter regardless. They later watch as Orb's pilots tried to control the M1 Astrays, with Cagalli pointing out that the machine's slow speed would doom them in actual battle. Erica then reveals her true intentions to Kira; that she wishes for his help in developing a support system OS for the M1 Astray.[12].

Cagalli later pays Kira a visit while he's working on the OS, and it turns out that she previously had a fallout with her father, and that she had decided to gain more knowledge of the world, which led to her joining the Desert Dawn. Cagalli clarifies that while it isn't her intention to fight, she will do so if it means ending the war. Kira tells her that while she isn't wrong, the war will never end if they fight alone.[13]

With the Archangel departing soon, Cagalli once again attempts to sneak away and join it but is found by her father. Cagalli responds that she is not attempting to fight as an Alliance soldier but as a means to help her friends, but Uzumi asks her if such a method is the way to end conflict. Uzumi soon breaks down the cycle of hatred; that if she killed someone, they would spite her, and if that person killed her, he would spite them. Cagalli acknowledges the truth in her father's argument but refuses to sit idly and act as if the world is fine.

Uzumi grabs his daughter and shouts that such overblown heroism is not the only solution, and he urges her to find the true causes of war instead of merely grabbing a gun and shooting. Cagalli reconciles with her father and sees the Archangel off. Learning that Kira refused to meet his parents during his stay, Cagalli points Kira to at least see his parents waving goodbye. Cagalli hugs Kira before the Archangel departs.

Second encounter with Athrun

Days later, Cagalli and Orb's coast guards learn of a battle between both the Archangel and ZAFT forces outside their territory, and she is mortified to learn that the wreckage of the strike had been found on a nearby island alongside the remains of the self-detonated Aegis. She joins the investigation team and, to her horror, opens the hatch of the Strike's damaged cockpit to find it empty with only a melted seat. The other Orb soldiers soon find an unconscious Athrun, having been washed ashore from his battle. Athrun regains consciousness on the Orb transport ship, where Cagalli points a gun at him and demands to know what happened to Kira. Athrun confirms that he had defeated the strike and killed Kira. As Cagalli tearfully talks about Kira, she is startled when Athrun reveals that they were best friends in their childhood.

Cagalli angrily demands to know why Athrun would think of killing his friend, but Athrun admits that he didn't know why either. Athrun firmly believed Kira should have been helping other coordinators, but he fought against them instead, killing several of his friends. Since they were enemies, Athrun cried that they had no choice to but to kill one another, but Cagalli shouts at him for thinking that could've been the only solution.She and Ledonir later return Athrun to the ZAFT force, and Cagalli gives Athrun a red stone pendant as a good luck charm, saying she does not want anybody else to die.[14]

Following the battle of JOSH-A, the Archangel returns to Orb after defecting from the Earth Alliance, with Kira now piloting the ZGMF-X10A Freedom Gundam, on board. Cagalli reacts very emotionally when she finds out Kira has survived and he recounts his side of the battle with Athrun. Captain Ramius and Mu inform Uzumi of the ulterior motives at Alaska to do away with several moderates in the Eurasian Alliance as well as new propaganda from the more extreme Atlantic Federation, which easily filled the gaps thanks to its extremist leader, Muruta Azrael, also the leader of the anti-coordinator terrorist group, Blue Cosmos.

With countries now being forced to declare their allegiance to the Alliance or be branded as enemies, Uzumi fears that Orb will eventually be the site of conflict. While the strike was secretly repaired and Cagalli volunteered to pilot the unit since Kira had a new mobile suit, it was passed on to Mu instead.[15]

Battle of Orb

Uzumi's fears finally come true when the Alliance lost its Panama Base and its mass driver spaceport. Now cut off from its units in space, Azrael was desperate to get his hands on Orb's Kaguya mass driver, and issued an ultimatum: Join the Alliance, or be considered a traitor that has sided with ZAFT. Since the terms were predictably egregious, Uzumi prepared both the military and a delegation for further negotiations. Cagalli has Ledonir at her side as she presides over the battle situation at Onogoro.

In spite of the Freedom, Strike and M1 Astrays taking the field, the numerically superior GAT-01 Strike Dagger alongside the new GAT-X131 Calamity Gundam, GAT-X370 Raider Gundam and GAT-X252 Forbidden Gundam overwhelmed the orb forces.[16] However, thanks to the timely aid of Athrun in the ZGMF-X09A Justice Gundam and Dearka's Buster Gundam, the Alliance forces are forced to retreat. Seeing the unexpected reunion of Athrun and Kira, a tearful Cagalli runs up to the pair as they meet face-to-face and hugs them.

She later lists to Kira and Athrun's discussion of their previous battle, with Kira mentioning that while they did not deliberately target their friends, their deaths pushed them to genuinely attempt to kill another. Lamenting at such a cycle of hatred, Kira confirms his wish to continue on fighting to find his own solution and urges Athrun to find his own way as well.[17]

The Alliance forces, rather than listen to Uzumi's attempt to negotiate, launch a preemptive strike as a response later that afternoon. With the fall of Orb becoming inevitable, Uzumi gathers Cagalli, members of the Archangel, and Dearka as well as Athrun, and explains that the situation had now developed into one where extremists like Patrick Zala and Muruta Azrael were now the leaders of their respective forces and they would not stop until one group was exterminated. He orders the remaining troops to flee to space to preserve their ideals and find their own future.

Uzumi grabs his daughter and drags her to the Kusanagi, ordering her to understand her role when she refuses to leave him. He then puts her under the care of Ledonir and passes her a photo of herself and Kira as infants, showing that they were actually the children of Via Hibiki. Cagalli then tearfully bangs on the Kusanagi's hatch as she is forcefully parted with her father. You can only watch from the Kusanagi as Uzumi and other Orb leaders detonate the Kaguya Mass Driver as a final act of defiance to Azrael, killing themselves in the process.[18]

Rise of the Three Ships Alliance

After calming down and being comforted by both Kira and Athrun, Cagalli meets with other members of both ships to find a place to hide. Although Athrun points to abandoned but functional facilities in a sector formerly occupied by ZAFT known as the Mendel Colony, Mu expresses concern for what may happen to Athrun as a soldier from ZAFT. Athrun responds that in spite of Patrick Zala's crackdowns, moderate in the PLANTs still existed and rallied behind Lacus Clyne, who had gone into hiding and was now a fugitive. Cagalli later showd the photo from her late father to Athrun and Kira. Although devastated and stunned by the truth of their identity, Kira told Cagalli that it does not change the fact that she was raised by Uzumi and that he was her father regardless.

Athrun then leaves in an attempt to convince his father to find a less extreme solution, but was nearly killed. Luckily, he was saved by Lacus' followers and brought onboard the stolen FFMH-Y101 Eternal that was being commanded by Andrew Waltfeld, who had surprisingly survived his encounter with Kira.

The members of the Archangel, Kusanagi, and Eternal then met and formed an alliance against the extremism of both the Alliance and ZAFT. Cagalli would spend time with Athrun after his escape, where she notices Lacus speaking closely with Kira despite being Athrun's fianceé.[19] She later finds Athrun reflecting on recent events and scolds him for not attending the meeting with others and discussing his concerns. She then urges him not to give up on his father as moping around would not solve the issue. Touched by these words, Athrun embraces Cagalli.

The Archangel was later found and attacked by another the Alliance's Dominion, the second Archangel-class ship. During the battle, Cagalli remained on the Kusanagi and ordered the ship to provide support for the Archangel. However, the ship quickly become immobilized by a cable from the nearby debris and is left vulnerable. While it came under attack from both the Forbidden and Calamity, Athrun pulls back to defend the ship.[20] Once the cable is finally cut, Cagalli orders the ship to charge at the Dominion and successfully shoot downs several Strike Daggers in its way. The two ships are quickly informed that ZAFT forces were detected nearby and that the Strike and Buster had already left to engage the new enemy. After fighting off the Alliance forces, Kira leaves in the Freedom to aid the Strike and Buster, while Cagalli and Kusanagi remain in place for fear of the Dominion 's return.[21]

Three of ZAFT's Nazca-class ships soon converge on the Eternal as the Dominion launches the Calamity, Forbidden and Raider to attack the Archangel again. Mu is revealed to have been injured while Kira regroups with Athrun to engage the Dominion 's mobile suits. Before the ZAFT commander Rau Le Creuset launches his attack with his fleet, he sends a public message catching the attention of both Cagalli and the Dominion of a hostage he wished to return.

Cagalli and Lacus then lead the Kusanagi other Eternal respectively to repel the ZAFT fleet, while the Archangel fights against the Dominion. Eventually, a breakthrough occurs as ZAFT's flagship, the Vesalius, is sunk, and all three ships push through the opening to escape. Kira, having failed to rescue Flay, later confides with Lacus in his room but is plagued with nightmares. Cagalli visits Kira to console him, but she is stopped by Athrun, who asks that she give Kira time to compose himself.[22]

Following the Earth Alliance's destruction of the ZAFT's heavily defended base of Boaz with nuclear missiles, the Three Ships Alliance move to stop the Alliance, fearing the next target to be the PLANTs. To everyone's shock, ZAFT unveils GENESIS which wipes out half of the Alliance fleet in one shot and was now poised to target Earth. Facing superweapons on both sides, Waltfeld believes this to only be the beginning as, like a gun, people will only be uneasy for the first few times they shoot someone before they get used to it.

While Lacus privately talks with Kira, Cagalli reveals to Athrun that she would also launch for combat in the newly-built MBF-02 Strike Rouge. Athrun is immediately concerned, but Cagalli assures him that she has gone through enough training. Cagalli states that she will not allow Athrun or her brother to die, which leads to a small banter between her and Athrun over who is the older sibling. Athrun hugs and kisses Cagalli before she rejoins the Kusanagi for the final battle.

True to Waltfeld's prediction, the Alliance forces send a second wave of nuclear missiles towards the PLANTs, and the Three Ships Alliance quickly intercept the attack.[23] Thanks to her unit's OS, Cagalli holds her own and is able to destroy several nuclear missiles and enemy units. Further enraged by the deaths of Juri Wu Nien and Asagi Caldwell, Cagalli enters SEED mode and begins destroying several more Strike Daggers. She is caught off-guard when she is targeted by the Forbidden Gundam but is saved by Yzak Jule, who shields her with the GAT-X102 Duel Gundam