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Ben Solo

This article is about the Jedi also known as Kylo Ren. You may be looking for the pirateKybo Ren.

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Ben Solo

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"Kid's gonna get in trouble one day. Every kid does, but with the blood of a scoundrel and a princess in his veins, his defiance will shake the stars."
―Landonis Balthazar Calrissian[src]

Ben Solo was a humanmaleJedi who returned to the light side of the force by renouncing the dark side. His alter ego, Kylo Ren, was the master of the Knights of Ren and Supreme Leader of the First Order. A product of Jedi and Sith teachings, Ren embodied the conflict between the dark side and the light, making the young Force warrior dangerously unstable. Yet it was through discord that he derived power, and he learned to channel his anger into strength. Inspired by the legacy of his grandfather, the Sith Lord Darth Vader, Ren sought to destroy the last remnants of the Jedi Order and conquer the galaxy.

The heir to the Skywalker bloodline, Solo possessed raw strength in the Force and had the potential for limitless power. He was born at the end of the Galactic Civil War in 5 ABY, when the Galactic Empiresurrendered to the New Republic. His parents, General Han Solo and Princess Leia Organa, were considered great heroes of the Alliance to Restore the Republic. During the New Republic Era, Solo was part of a new generation of Jedi apprenticestrained by his uncle, Jedi MasterLuke Skywalker. However, Solo was seduced by the dark side through the machinations of the phantom Sith Lord Darth Sidious and his creation, Supreme Leader Snoke. Solo destroyed his master's training temple and killed his fellow students, earning him the moniker "Jedi killer"along with the new identity of Kylo Ren.

Determined to sever all ties to his past, Ren killed his father, assassinated his master, and conquered vast regions of the galaxy as the new Supreme Leader. It was not a complete victory for him, however, as Rey, a Jedi apprentice whom he was growing close to, rejected his offer to rule beside him. Though they were sworn enemies, Ren and Rey were a dyad in the Force, and therefore connected to each other through a unique Force-bond. In the last days of the First Order / Resistance War, Darth Sidious offered the Final Orderfleet to Ren in return for killing Rey, his granddaughter and the last Jedi. Despite Ren's aspiration to rule the galaxy as the new Galactic Emperor and Dark Lord of the Sith, he was gradually pulled back to the light by his connection with Rey and the love of his parents. Reclaiming his identity as Ben Solo, the redeemed Jedi sacrificed himself for Rey at the Battle of Exegol in 35 ABY. Acknowledging the bond between them for the first time, Rey kissed Solo before he vanished into the Force as the last Skywalker.