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The Cross - No. 36 - Lenormand Card

Interpretation - meaning - combination

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Lenormand card cross Keywords:

Faith, religion, prophecy, sacrifice, redemption, fate, destiny, significant, universe, karma, Christ's ordeal, humiliation, pain, death, salvation of humanity, human beings and God reconciled, mature into a purified personality through conflicts and problems

Lenormand card cross alone:

Keep the Faith!

Meaning of the Lenormand card cross:

The worldwide symbolism of the cross is the belief in a higher power, in something that stands above us and judges us. Something that we serve, cannot evade, and that punishes us if we do not obey the law.

Believing people see God and his laws in it, the belief in good and bad. Others understand it to be the law of nature or the law of attraction. Others recognize in it the laws of astrology. The latter because the axes of the cross are a major component in the natal. The radix shows the image of the sky at the time of our birth, seen from the point of view of our birth.

The cross symbol, which with its horizontal line symbolizes the world axis and its vertical line represents the connection between heaven and earth. Even our ancestors knew the connections between heaven and earth. The use of the cross symbolism goes back to the Stone Age. In cult caves, crosses are the oldest rock carvings.

Again and again the cross is shown in a circle. The circle is a symbol of perfection and infinity. Earth and heaven together are perfect and infinite. The radix shows the cross with the circle. The arrangement of the stars in the houses provides information about us and our career. It is like reading a large celestial clock and shows us both the past and the future.

Everything has a connection and one thing determines the other. Nothing is accidental, everything has a purpose. The wise, religious and learned know this and try to convey it to us.

The cross in the Lenormand cards speaks of important, unavoidable things. It prophesies our destiny and our salvation. The cross is our karma and our destiny.

Characteristics of the Lenormand species cross:

Believing, spiritual, knowing.

Lenormand card cross related to the body:

The cross

Lenormand card cross as a time card:

Fateful time.

Lenormand card cross astrological:

12 house

The Lenormand card the 36 cross in combination with ...

Cross and rider

- News of great importance
- Karmic messages, messages with a fateful character
- ritual messages, magical messages

Cross and clover

- Happiness is destiny
- found happiness in religion
- happiness rituals

Cross and ship

- this trip has an important meaning
- Karmic journey
- on a journey of God, journey of faith
- Soul journey, traveling between the worlds, the hereafter and the here, astral wandering
- Trade in things of faith
- Business of enormous importance

Cross and house

- Church, place of worship
- House, family matters
- this house has an important meaning in our life
- the family is our karma

Cross and tree

- fateful living conditions
- religious way of life
- a fate shapes our life
- reincarnation

Cross and clouds

- Faith brings clarity
- Prayer and pleading drive away worries
- don't lose faith

- fateful setback
- Religious madness
- Curse

Cross and snake

- priestess
- religious woman
- Woman brings prophecy

Cross and coffin

- To die
- To bury
- turn your back on religion

Cross and flowers

- positive karma
- believing woman, nun
- find / have joy in faith

Cross and scythe

- dangerous belief
- aggressive sect

- active in the field of faith

- the beliefs are destroyed
- get rid of beliefs

Cross and rods

- agonizing belief
- sin
- devout young man

Cross and owls

- pray
- philosophize about God
- let his fate be prophesied

Cross and child

- believing child
- Determination for a young man
- karma for a child

Cross and fox

- bad karma
- wrong belief
- fraudulent belief

Cross and bear

- Church ownership, or other rich denominations
- Wealth is karma
- believing mother

Cross and stars

- Spirituality is faith
- believe in astrology
-spiritual karma

Cross and storks

- Faith brings change
- believing woman
- fate by / for woman

Cross and dog

- believing circle of friends
- good faith
- good karma

Cross and tower

- great religions
- powerful karma

Cross and park

- believing society
- Society's fate

Cross and mountain

- don't believe anything
- no belief
- hard fate

Cross and ways

- Way of Faith
- Pilgrimage route
- believing woman

Cross and mice

- negative belief
- lose faith
- bad karma

Cross and heart

- love of fate
- karmic love

Cross and ring

- Promises of Faith
- committed to religion
- infinity

Cross and book

- Bible
- Creed
- hidden belief

Cross and letter

- Creed
- Fortune telling with the cards
- believing writing

Cross and Mr / Lady

- Test of fate for lady or gentleman

Cross and lilies

- Faith with influence
- Religious alliance
- Belief helps

Cross and sun

- Success is determination
- happy destiny
- good karma

Cross and moon

- feel drawn to things of faith
- emotionally surrendered to fate
- karmic feelings

Cross and key

- Faith gives security
- Access to the karma
- certain fate

Cross and fish

- Money determines life
- Donation to a religious community
- spend a lot of money on things of faith

Cross and anchor

- anchored in faith
- religious roots
- bound by fate
- the karma holds one tightly under control