What is Everluxe Poly Fill

Fill options

Our pillows and deep seat pillow-backs use 100% recycled polyester blowfill made from over 50% recycled plastic bottles.
Inside most of our outdoor replacement cushions, we use our patented, 100% EverLuxe polyester fill to help retain shape and provide comfort during outdoor use.
ProFoam is made with long-lasting, durable, 100% polyurethane foam designed to last year after year.
Our most comfortable cushion pairs firm foam wrapped in polyester to give you the ultimate cushion experience.
Arden Selections offers a variety of fill options
providing a flexible range of cost and comfort levels
for every pocketbook.
Available cushion fill options
BlowfillEverLuxe® polyester fillProFoamPolyester-wrapped foam
ComfortSoft and pillow-likeSoft and SupportiveFirm and SupportiveFirm and Supportive

(but with soft wrap for comfort)

FirmnessLeast FirmFirmFirmestFirmer
DurabilityModerate durability

(rebounds with fluffing)

Moderate durabilityHigh durabilityHigh durability
Drying DurationFastest drying timeFast drying timeAverage drying timeAverage drying time
materialBlown polyester

(made from 100% recycled bottles)

Polyester batting

(made from over 50% recycled bottles)

Polyurethane foamBio-based Soy Foam and

Polyurethane foam with polyester wrap