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Apple is getting AI specialists from Google again

Apple has poached an experienced Google employee again: He will now lead the machine learning team for special tasks at Apple. In his past, Ian Goodfellow dealt among other things with the practical uses of neural networks. [...]

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Our epic Mac app bundle delivers eight titles for $ 22: Fantastical 2, PDF Expert, much more

Now through Wednesday, 9to5Specials is offering a notable Mac app bundle, which features popular eight titles for $ 22.50 when promo code EPIC25 is applied during checkout. Inside this collection you'll find titles such as Fantastical 2 ($ 50), PDF Expert ($ 80), and many more for a fraction of the usual cost. Each app will become a permanent addition to your library with regular updates along the way. There is over $ 470 worth of value here, which makes this a great one to grab multiple apps at a discount. You can find the full list of apps in this bundle just below. more ...

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9to5Mac Daily: April 5, 2019

Listen to a recap of the top stories of the day from 9to5Mac. 9to5Mac Daily is available on iTunes and Apple’s Podcasts app, Stitcher, TuneIn, Google Play, or through our dedicated RSS feed for Overcast and other podcast players. more…

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AMD EPYC Rome will probably come onto the market with 128-160 PCIe Gen4 lanes

ServeTheHome wants to have found out the number of available PCIe Gen4 lanes for the upcoming EPYC CPUs with the help of partners from AMD's ecosystem. ServeTheHome has 128-160 PCIe Gen4 lanes. In a comparison to the new Xeon lineup introduced just a few days ago, in the best case scenario, the available bandwidth quadruples with the upcoming EPYC CPUs, which will be available in [...]

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Is Amazon bringing an AirPods killer?

Amazon has already poached in many product categories in which Apple and Google are strong. Amazon went swimming with the Fire Phone, but the Alexa speaker series is a success. Now Amazon apparently wants to develop its own Bluetooth earplugs.

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Apple leak suggests the new iPhone SE2 is going to release in 2020

To all iPhone lovers out there, as you guys know very well that Apple never fails to amuse us with its new advancements and innovations. Like always, Apple is going to launch something interesting very soon. Yes, you heard it right, something amazing is on its way and it'll be here by 2020. Let's just

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New Beats Powerbeats Pro true wireless headphones sit more firmly than Apple's Airpods

Apple subsidiary Beats has announced new in-ear earplugs with the Powerbeats Pro, which are equipped with the same H1 chip as the new Airpods. With the Powerbeats Pro, Beats brings true wireless in-ear headphones that won't fall out of your ears even during exercise. They are also the first completely wireless earphones from Beats. Beats Powerbeats Pro: H1 chip for “Hey Siri” Like Apple's new Airpods, the Powerbeats Pro have the new H1 chip, which among other things provides a fast connection with read more on

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Whatsapp Business for iOS is now also available in Germany

Whatsapp Business for iOS is now also available in Germany. Small business owners can use the messenger to get in touch with customers quickly and easily. It took a good year: Whatsapp Business is now also available for iOS users in Germany. The service is designed to help small businesses communicate with their customers via messenger. The program was launched in 2018 as an Android app. The reasons why the iOS rollout took so long are not known. Since the read on on

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Notepad between smartphone and tablet: the new iPad Mini 5 in the test

After almost four years, Apple is bringing a new miniature onto the market with the iPad Mini 5. We tested the tablet and revealed why a pen saves the old-fashioned design. Ever since the first plus models of the iPhone, the iPad Mini has been a strange device category between Apple's smartphones and conventional iPads, the meaning of which has not been understood by many users. In our opinion, this will change significantly with the new iPad Mini 5, because Apple has given the device support for the Apple Pencil. So - read on so much on

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watchOS 6 Wish List: Bedtime mode, Activity Sharing upgrades, watch face design, more

watchOS 6, the next major version of Apple Watch software, will be an interesting operating system update. In recent years, the Apple Watch OS has focused on health and fitness features matched with software that uses new hardware like streaming Apple Music and Podcasts over LTE and the ECG app. Apple Watch Series 5 hardware rumors are already extremely light, limited to the return of the ceramic Edition casing, and watchOS 6 rumors are even more sparse. With several Apple Watch features complete and built-in sleep tracking not expected until late 2020, what should we expect to see in watchOS 6? more ...

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Viber adds Dark Mode feature on its iOS app

Last month, Viber released a dark mode feature on its Android App which left iOS users wondering when would Viber release dark mode feature for iOS users. Viber had promised to release dark mode for iOS in two weeks after it officially announced it for Android. On iPhones within 2 weeks. Stay tuned! - Viber

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CharliesNames: App wants to use artificial intelligence to find the best children's name

Name recommendations from family or friends, name books or websites seem to be out of the question when it comes to finding a name for the upcoming offspring. It should be a first name with five letters, starting with "M" and ending with "a"? Before you roll over endless lists, you can use an app like CharliesNames (App Store link) [...]

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iPhone glass protection for the back: Tried Artwizz CurvedBack

The back of the iPhone glass, such as the current iPhone XS, may look beautiful, but it is also extremely prone to scratches and sometimes breaks if dropped. With the CurvedBack, Artwizz now offers a back glass for the iPhone XS that is at least as classy as the original.

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Mainz vs. Freiburg in the live stream: This is how you watch the Bundesliga game online

The Bundesliga in live stream: At the start of the 28th matchday, Mainz 05 will receive SC Freiburg this evening. If you are not at home or do not have a traditional TV connection, you can alternatively stream the soccer game online. The transmission rights for the game are owned by Eurosport; In this post we explain which services offer the stream

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Snapchat: CEO Announces New Games, Improved Effects, and Third-Party Stickers

The great hype of the photo and messenger app Snapchat (App Store link) has totally passed me by so far. After a brief installation and several rather perplexed days, the app had to leave the iPhone again - but the younger generation of smartphones in particular swears by the means of communication offered by the free application. The German-language download of [...]

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Mac setups: The 33 most beautiful Apple workplaces

Apple hardware impresses with its elegant design. So it's no wonder that MacBooks, Mac minis, iPhones, iPads and all the other products “Designed in Cupertino” are attractively presented by their users. And rightly so: Apple hardware adorns the most beautiful desks and computer workstations in the world. We have put together the most beautiful Mac setups published on Instagram: from the small Ikea-style work area to the CEO-worthy “mega setup”. You can find more pictures in our picture gallery. Do you want your workplace to be visible too? We are happy to include your photo in our gallery!

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9to5Toys Lunch Break: Best Buy Apple Flash Sale, Sonos One Speaker Bundles from $ 379, Arlo Security Systems starting at $ 100, more

9to5Toys now has a new app! Download it to stay up to date on the best gear and deals on the web. Plus don't forget to check us out on Apple News and sign up for the 9to5Toys newsletter. Also, be sure to check us out on: Twitter, RSS Feed, Facebook, Google+ and Safari push notifications. Listen to the new 9to5Toys Daily Podcast: more…

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iPad Air 3 in the test: the missing link between iPad and iPad Pro

With the presentation and market launch of the third generation iPad Air, Apple's tablet portfolio has grown noticeably, to five different screen sizes from 7.9 inches to 12.9 inches. The new iPad Air differs marginally in the display area from the small iPad Pro and from the iPad without a name. In terms of performance, however, the leaps from the iPad to the iPad Air and from there to the iPad Pro are huge.

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Elago W4 Apple Watch Stand: Cute gadget for all Mac G3 fans

When I happened to see an advertisement from Elago on Instagram a few weeks ago, I was blown away: I was immediately taken with the Elago W4 Apple Watch Stand. The US company has been making practical and stylish accessories for Apple products for some time and also has some funny holders for our favorite smartwatch, [...]

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Tropico 6: From 6 p.m. in the CHIP livestream

It's that time again: the CHIP livestream! To end the day, we regularly look at new and old games and look forward to a good conversation with the community. And every now and then we raffle something cool. Today in the stream: Tropico 6

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Real disappears from the market: the supermarket giant is finally smashed

With Real, a real giant is saying goodbye to German retail. The German retail giant Metro is apparently working to break up the battered self-service chain. Because no interested party can be found for the markets, the properties are now to be sold - and the shops will disappear as well.

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iFixit takes apart Apple AirPods 2

The repair side iFixit took apart the wireless earphones Apple AirPods 2 and thus examined the built-in electronics. In addition to the AirPods 2, the charging case was also opened and the technology examined. Both cannot be repaired. What does the interior of the Apple AirPods 2 and charging case offer? The Apple AirPods 2 have an H1

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Apple wins senior Tesla engineer - is the iCar coming?

For years there has been speculation about an Apple electric car called the Apple Car or iCar, and now this rumor is taking shape. With Michael Schwekutsch, Tesla has now lost its vice president for engineering to Apple. This personnel change means a major setback for the electric car company, reported Electrek. Who is Michael Schwekutsch? Took over in 2015

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Americans steal Apple IDs from prominent US professional athletes

In the US, a 27-year-old man pleaded guilty to gaining access to the Apple accounts of a handful of professional athletes using spear phishing. He stole the credit card details stored there and went on a shopping spree. Apple IDs via spear phishing He had pretended to be an Apple support employee and demanded

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Apple iPhone model year 2019 should get larger batteries

The mostly accurate analyst Ming-Chi Kuo reported in a report to investors that the 2019 model year Apple iPhones will receive larger batteries and be equipped with a wireless two-way charging function, Macrumors reported yesterday. This charging function would allow other devices such as the AirPods to be charged. Any Qi-based device will be rechargeable As the analyst writes, the will

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Apple iPad Pro 2018 display does not respond to inputs

As Macrumors writes based on entries in its own forum and Apple Support Communities, a growing number of users have problems with the Apple iPad Pro model year 2018. The touchscreen reacts delayed or not at all to inputs. Stuttering touchscreens According to reports from affected users of iPad Pro models, the display sometimes refuses to accept touch gestures and would stutter when scrolling

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iFixit: Apple iPad Mini 5 repairable

Repair service iFixit disassembled the brand new Apple iPad Mini 5 and found it could be fixed. The tablet is also compatible with the first Apple Pencil and can be operated with it. What did iFixit find on the Apple iPad Mini 5? In the course of dismantling the Apple iPad Mini 5, the experts from

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Apple 5G iPhone is said to contain Intel modems

In 2020, the 5G Apple iPhone should come on the market and be equipped with an Intel modem, Fast Company reported on Wednesday. Intel already supplied the modems for many iPhone 7 and Standard in the XS, XS Plus and XR models. Intel 5G modem in 2020 iPhone The upcoming Apple iPhones of 2020

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iFixit: Apple iPad Air 3 reveals details

During the teardown of an Apple iPad Air 3, iFixit discovered interesting details about the technical equipment and repair options. The first generation Apple Pencil is compatible with the tablet, as is the Apple iPad Mini 5. What did iFixit discover? The Apple iPad Air 3 is according to the repair service in its size and

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Leading Google AI expert moves to Apple

The US search engine group Google has lost a leading AI expert in Ian Goodfellow to Apple, who is now heading the “Machine Learning” division in the Special Projects Group, reported CNBC. Apple relies on Artificial Intelligence The new hiring takes place in connection with AI research, which Apple is increasingly using to improve its software and hardware. in the

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UBS analyst: No Apple 5G iPhone expected in 2020

In a report, UBS analyst Timothy Arcuri reported that Apple is unlikely to launch an Apple iPhone with 5G technology on board in 2020. As the main argument, he named the lack of clarity when choosing a 5G modem, as Apple had not yet clearly decided on a supplier, reported 9to5mac. Difficult 5G Modem Choice Between Apple and

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Smartphone margins: Apple vs. Samsung vs. Huawei

iPhones aren't the only smartphones on the market that generate comparatively high gross margins on retail sales. According to market experts at the finance company Cowen, Android providers are increasing their margins more and more, especially with their high-end smartphones. Some of them are already at iPhone level - although they are getting more and more expensive knockouts for displays and cameras

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Motif: Photo printing service receives German localization and new quality checks

In July of last year, Apple announced that it would no longer offer print projects via the Photos app from September 30, 2018. Those who liked to use the service first had to resort to third-party solutions, but were soon able to use a native plug-in with Motif (Mac App Store link). Motif was previously responsible for the printing service of Apple's own brand [...]

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Epic Games: Criticism of exclusive games and allegations of espionage continue

Borderlands 3, announced a week ago, will appear on PC exclusively in the Epic Games Store for a year. This moves players to thousands of negative reviews of the older series offshoots. Meanwhile, Epic CEO Tim Sweeny is still defending against the espionage allegations that emerged in mid-March.

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Boeing 737 Max 8: Investigators find further software bugs at Boeing

A software error was the reason for two crashes of commercial aircraft of the US aviation company Boeing. A new problem has emerged while investigating the incidents. Until this is resolved, the US aviation authority FAA does not want to let the aircraft of this type take off. (Boeing, applications)

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As an alternative: Google Home Mini and Chromecast 3G in a bundle reduced

As an alternative: Google Home Mini and Chromecast 3G in a bundle reduced. If you don't like Alexa, but prefer the Google Assistant, Media Markt has also recently put together an interesting package. You get the competition to Amazon's products, the Google Home Mini and the third generation Chromecast, in a package for 49 euros. There are no additional shipping costs. Of course, you can still have the products delivered to a store near you and then pick them up on site. You get the mini smart speaker in the color "chalk". Just put both products in the shopping cart. The discount will then be deducted during the ordering process.

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MagSafe not dead after all? Apple is developing a new variant for Macs and iDevices

When Apple modernized the design of the MacBook Pro in 2016, not only innovations such as the Touch Bar, the changed keyboard or the complete switch to USB-C caused controversial discussions. The company was also criticized for the elimination of the MagSafe power connector, which was magnetically attached to the Apple laptop casing and thus prevented potential damage. A newly released

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A decadent gift for Android users: Google is distributing the € 350 app completely free of charge

Games and apps that actually cost money are offered free of charge on the Google PlayStore every day. Normally we pick out the highlights for you, today we offer you an extravagant gimmick. The "I am Rich 2" app is currently available to download free of charge for a limited time - the normal price is just under 350 euros

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Comment: I respect Apple’s intentions with its town squares ’concept, but share public unease

Apple has always "thought different" when it comes to its retail stores. The company presents them as places people can go to experience the products beyond just buying them. Places where you can go to get help, whether it is a hardware fault or something you can't figure out how to do. And somewhere you can go to learn how to get the most from your Apple products, or to get inspired about using them in creative ways. Ensuring that the stores live up to these lofty ideals is trickier, however, and we're seeing increasing kick-back against one of Apple’s more idealistic visions for its latest flagship stores: ‘town squares‘… more…

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Two are better than one: Fire TV Stick and Echo Dot are cheaper in a package

Two are better than one: Fire TV Stick and Echo Dot are cheaper in a package. At Amazon you can currently get the third generation Smartspeaker Echo Dot together with the current Fire TV Stick at a huge discount. You only pay 49.99 euros for both products together. You connect the streaming stick to a television via HDMI and turn it into a Smart TV. The remote control for the stick also works with Amazon's voice assistant Alexa. The Echo Dot in anthracite, which is also included in the package, does the same. The street price of both products together is usually between 65 and 70 euros. Accordingly, the current offer is worthwhile.

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IT is conquering the Hanover trade fair industry

The information technology companies that used to present themselves at CeBIT come to the Hanover Industry Fair (HMI) in droves after it has ended and show that IT is preparing to fundamentally change all economic processes.

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