Josera Economy 20 kg is how many pounds

Josera dry food Light & Vital Adult, 15kg

For four-legged friends who have to watch out for their lines: Josera dry food Light & Vital Adult

Energy-reduced special food, ideal for weight loss

Like us humans, our four-legged friends also have different figure types: some stay slim for a lifetime, no matter how much they move, others gain weight immediately as soon as the exercise program is reduced. What is normal in old age or in younger dogs also through Illness or surgery may be necessary. Attentive pet owners react to the changed living conditions of their darlings with an appropriate food, e.g. with Josera dry food Light & Vital Adult. This high-quality special feed helps Reduce excess weight and then settle down to the new level. And without feeling hungry, because your friend should only lose a few pounds, but not his good mood! The complete diet food has significantly fewer calories than normal dog food, but with its high amount of fiber it provides a good result pleasant feeling of satiety. So if your good friend is on a diet, give him Josera dry food Light & Vital Adult, which is also so tasty that he doesn't have to do without daily enjoyment.