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When Howard Helfant, owner and founder of the company Howie’s Hot Shot Beverage, tasted the final version of his Howie’s Hot Shot Tomato Slammer, he knew he had a hit on his hands. The drink was, in his opinion, a true representative of what the perfect Bloody Mary mix should taste like. The tomato and lemon juice was prominent, of course, but horseradish and a proprietary blend of spices makes the drink hot and spicy. It's memorable, to be sure.

The drink has proven so popular and so distinctive that it’s won Howie’s Hot Shot Beverage multiple awards. In February 2010, Chilled Magazine voted Howie's Hot Shot Tomato Slammer the best Bloody Mary mix. The beverage is also poised to receive a viewer's choice award of a gold metal from the Hot Mixology show.

The awards are flattering, Howard Helfant says, and they serve as a reminder of the hard work and dedication he's put into making this particular beverage. Howard Helfant personally supervised the recipe for the drink and tasted it repeatedly during development. He spent months searching for just the right combination of ingredients and spices. He looked for ways to make the recipe on a large scale without sacrificing taste or quality. He’s happy to see that his hard work has paid off, and he hopes more people will try the product and spread the word about the beverage.

Howie’s Hot Shot Tomato Slammer is available in liquor stores, grocery stores, bars and restaurants across Florida. People can ask for it by name at restaurants that don’t currently carry it, to entice them to stock shelves with the beverage. And Howard Helfant plans to enter the beverage into more competitions, in the hopes of winning more awards and spreading the word about the product to a larger market.

Howard Helfant’s newest Boca Raton restaurant, 101 Cantina, will usher in a new era of Boca Raton, Fl. dining and nightlife. Get ready as Gainesville’s (FL). famous 101 Cantina, known for throwing that city’s largest tailgate party and was featured E! Network has set its eyes on Boca Raton for its newest theme restaurant in partnership with Howard Helfant.


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