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Media education from an early age

Where can I find suggestions and tips for practice?

Wide range of information
Both beginners and professionals will find answers here. The reading study 2019 by the “Stiftung Reading” has shown that their questions and ideas for implementation in family and day-care centers. For example background information on media use by children, practical examples with step-by-step instructions, method modules or orientation aids for apps, hardware and software. Just browse and get started:

  • www.rananmausundtablet.de

  • www.medienkindergarten.wien

  • www.medienfuehrerschein.bayern

Focus: (listening) to

From the radio play database to ideas for self-produced radio plays through to games that sharpen the hearing - at “Ohrenspitzer” everything revolves around strengthening the listening and listening skills of children between the ages of 3 and 14:

Focus: reading (aloud)

Reading aloud opens up new worlds for children when they immerse themselves in the stories. At the same time, it is crucial for language development and the later reading skills of children. Media - analog or digital - can support the joy of stories. The "Reading Foundation" provides media and action tips for everyday daycare and sensitizes parents to reading aloud in the family:

Focus: research
The “House of Little Researchers” foundation takes up the children's thirst for knowledge and play and promotes their knowledge of the MINT area. With the “Discover IT - with and without a computer” material package, you can take a look behind the scenes of the digital devices: What is in a computer? How is it programmed? More on: