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Aloha, Mahalo and Hula: My Little Hawaiian Dictionary

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Author: Janina7. November 2014 90 Comments

Aloha. Mahalo. Hanauma. Kauai. Hawaii. Waikiki. Hula. Hawaiian is the most beautiful language in the world - I think. It sounds like what Hawaii looks like and what it feels like to be there. Only 13 sweet letters are used in the language. In the meantime, Hawaiian has been largely replaced by the English language, but many words are still used in everyday island life.

The pronunciation is very simple for us: Everything is spoken as you read it. If there is a 'in the word, there is a short pause here.

Unfortunately, Hawaiian is critically endangered. We urgently need to do something about this. Take part and learn Hawaiian with me!

Important words

Aloha = Hello, good day, good morning, good evening, love, the Hawaiian way of life

Halakahiki = pineapple

Hale = house

Hana = work

Hoaloha = friend

Hula = traditional Hawaiian dance

Humuhumunukunukuāpua’a = Diamond Picasso triggerfish, state fish of Hawaii (yes, Hawaii has a state fish)

Kama’aina = native

Kane = man

Keiki = child

Lei = flower chain that is presented to visitors as a greeting

Lanai = balcony (often found in hotel descriptions)

Luau = traditional Hawaiian festival (food)

Mahalo = Thank you

Makai = towards the sea (is often used in directions)

Mauka = ​​towards mountains (is also used in directions)

Mauna = mountain

Ono = delicious

Wahine = woman

Wailele = waterfall

Wikiwiki = fast

Sentences and Phrases

Aloha Au la 'Oe. = I love you.

A’ole Pilikia. = You're welcome.

E’ai kaua. = Enjoy your meal.

E Komo May. = Welcome.

E’olu’olu. = Please.

Hau’oli La Hanau. = Happy birthday.

Mele Kalikimaka. = Merry Christmas.

Pomaika’i. = Good luck.

Incidentally, it is incredibly easy to use the language while traveling to Hawaii. Hawaiians just mix their English with a few words in Hawaiian. "Aloha" is used as an exclusive greeting anyway. Instead of “Thank you” you say “Mahalo” and you sound a bit like a real islander.

And don't forget to do the “Shaka” hand signal at every opportunity. To do this, slightly form your hand into a fist and then spread your thumb and little finger. To do this, turn your wrist back and forth. The sign expresses something like “Everything is cool, everything is easy.” It can also be used as a greeting, goodbye and as a gesture of thanks. It was originally used in the surfing scene and was also known there under the name "Hang loose". Nowadays everyone in Hawaii does it.

Mahalo for your time and Aloha!

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