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The 10 richest personalities in the world

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Socialites often have very high net worth, but what are these people actually doing and what exactly is a celebrity? Socialites are people who typically come from wealthy families, which instantly makes them famous for not doing much. Often, their "job" is just popular and visible at parties, charity events, fashion shows, and other exclusive events. As the word suggests, they are paid to be social and just show up at an event and have a good time. For the rest of us, it's hard to imagine life would be so tough for "The 10 Richest Socialites in The World".

# 9 (tie): Nicole Richie

Net worth: $ 10 million

Nicole wasn't actually born into a wealthy family - she was adopted by a family friend, Lionel Richie (who is certainly rich). She was officially adopted when she was 9 years old and she claims that her new family said "yes to anything I wanted". She used her name to get a lead role in the reality TV series,The simple life with Paris Hilton.

# 9 (tie): Dorothy Wang

Net worth: $ 10 million

Dorothy is the daughter of billionaire Roger Wang and was named a Trust Fund Princess. She appeared on the E! Network's Reality TV series,The rich children of Beverly Hillsand was often seen or heard to flaunt their lavish lifestyles.

# 8: Allison Melnick

Net worth: $ 11.5 million

Allison Melnick started out as a nightclub promoter in New York when he was 16. She later became best friends with Paris Hilton and starred in the reality TV series,The world after Paris. She even opened her own bar, the "Apple Lounge".

# 7: Tinsley Mortimer

Net worth: $ 35 million

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Tinsley Mortimer's family includes interior designers and real estate moguls. She moved to New York after studying at Columbia University. She became known for her marriage to Robert Livingston Mortimer, but has become less known since the couple divorced.

# 6: Brandon Davis

Net worth: $ 55 million

Not all celebrities are female, and Brandon Davis is a great example of that. He got his money from a huge oil fortune and was often celebrated with the Hilton sisters Paris and Nicky in Hollywood. According to rumors, Davis offered a 7-Eleven employee $ 1,000 for a donut.

# 5: Kim Kardashian

Net worth: $ 85 million

Kim Kardashian is perhaps the most famous person in the world. Kim became famous for her infamous sex tape with Ray-J, and everyone knows about the E! Reality show,Keeping up with the Kardashians. Kim and the other Kardashians also make big bucks just for using social media.

# 2 (tie): Sell Johnson

Net worth: $ 100 million

Sale Johnson was born into a wealthy St. Louis family, but was better known because he was married to Johnson & Johnson's heir, Woody Johnson. Sale was a model who got most of her money through her divorce, which grossed her $ 100 million.

# 2 (tie): Sabrina Guinness

Net worth: $ 100 million

Sabrina's family made their living selling beer in what sounds like a dream come true. Not much is known to Sabrina Guinness other than her relationships. She dated rock star Mick Jagger and married British playwright Sir Tom Stoppard. Sabrina was also romantically linked to Prince Charles.

# 2 (tie): Paris Hilton

Net worth: $ 100 million

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Everyone knows Paris Hilton, but what did she do to become so popular? An heir to the Hilton hotel brand, she has been described as the first celebrity to become famous for being famous. She has TV shows in reality and has even released her own music.

# 1: Caroline Lül-Brockdorff

Net worth: $ 400 million

Caroline was born in Denmark and has now become one of the most popular celebrities in London. She is part of the Danish royal family, which is why she got so rich in the first place. Like Sabrina Guinness, Caroline is known for her high profile relationships. She was married to the son of James Bond creator Ian Fleming and then became engaged to the professional football game Nicklas Bendtner.