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Weighting system master thesis

Sparvel  πŸ“… 07.12.2015 01:40:57
Weighting system master thesis

short question for you, as I have never carried out an analysis of this kind myself.

As one of the small empirical parts of my master's thesis, I compared various existing rankings with each other.


5 countries selected and selected from these 10 existing rankings. e.g. inflation, unemployment rate etc.

Then I listed the 5 countries from 1-5 (best always 1) in the respective "discipline."
In the end I added up all the ranks and got a total.

The lowest sum has therefore consistently occupied the best places and is therefore number 1, etc.

A lower weighting would be beyond the scope of the work, especially since I don't even know what should have more weight and what shouldn't.

Is such a type of evaluation permissible?

Thank you in advance!
Lelio  πŸ“… 07.12.2015 02:27:25
Re: Master thesis weighting system
I have no idea, you are not saying what the subject of the work should be at all. Depending on the situation, it makes more or less sense to weight everything equally.
Sparvel  πŸ“… 07.12.2015 02:43:25
Re: Master thesis weighting system
I want to find out which country is economically - economically best / healthiest. (Economics)

Of course, at some point I can and will just ask my professor, I just don't want to embarrass myself in advance - and try to help myself first.
Nothing  πŸ“… 07.12.2015 22:17:35
Re: Master thesis weighting system
Depends on your prof. Strictly speaking, that's not okay. You are currently comparing apples and pears. How is it to be assessed if the differences in one ranking list are very small (e.g. inflation) but very large in others (e.g. GDP)? In addition, you simply take 10 criteria and use them to create a ranking list. The next one takes 10 others and also gets a completely different result. With this system you can assemble your results relatively well in advance. Also 5 countries are very few and you have a similar problem here. Depending on which countries you choose, which rankings and what you want to know (which country is the most prosperous, which with the greatest freedom of the press, the best environmental protection, etc.?), The result can be strongly influenced.
In my opinion, that doesn't even go through with a bachelor thesis. Not at all with a master’s thesis. But in the end your professor decides. If he says it's okay, then you can do it. However, if you are doing your master’s degree and are studying economics, then you should actually have completely different statistical methods at your disposal.
Sparvel  πŸ“… 07.12.2015 23:10:15
Re: Master thesis weighting system
Thank you for the detailed answer.

Yes, that's what I thought to myself ... actually I am comparing apples with pears, although the whole thing was very time-consuming to determine the data.

No, I took more than ten countries and validated almost 15 dates.
But unfortunately I don't know how to analyze it empirically. This should only be a small part - as an extra, so to speak - because my empirical part is more like interviews. I don't study economics but business administration, but my topic is very economics-heavy.

However, one question still burns me:

May I, if I, when I write about my empirical part; and write about the reason why I have analyzed Germany, for example, that Germany is an important economic location in Europe without substantiating it?
- In my empirical part, don't I write freely?
Nothing  πŸ“… 08.12.2015 08:45:42
Re: Master thesis weighting system
Has it actually become fashionable that in business administration any interviews are now constantly being used as an empirical part? I have seen / heard it several times now. Interviews are very bad as a basis. Try to use quantitative data, the statistical offices provide good data (especially in the USA) or use private providers. You can usually access such databases via the university (by university I also mean university, some universities of applied sciences also offer this, but not all, especially smaller ones do not and these subjective interviews are then used there).
Nobody will contradict you with your statement about Germany, but I would always prove it. Put a footnote on it and justify your statement with the GDP of Germany compared to the other European countries. Then another source where the GDP of Germany and some other European countries is (but not Wikipedia). For example, http://data.worldbank.org/data-catalog/GDP-ranking-table would be better

Your approach is actually: 1. You asked a question somewhere beforehand why it is interesting and so on. 2. Now you say where you got the data from and why you are taking it. 3. Now comes your method / model and the description of what you have done. 4. Interpretation. 5. Conclusion

You are fairly free, but you have to be able to substantiate statements (unless they are completely self-evident). That said, Germany is a strong state, most would recognize it, but you should explain why (instinctively we have now assumed how we describe the economic situation, but you could also say that we are referring to the military strength compared to the USA, China and Russia. Then it looks different again. You also have to be careful economically. Do you mean by economically strong macroeconomic, ie aggregated? Then that's true. Do you mean individual areas. Then be careful. Germany, for example, is very good at building Cars, but we don't have a big internet company, for example).
The case would be different if you said that Angela Merkel is the Chancellor of Germany. You don't need to prove that.

But this is not your first job, you must have at least already written a bachelor thesis. Have you never done anything empirical? That sounds just like that.
Nothing  πŸ“… 08.12.2015 09:00:24
Re: Master thesis weighting system
From Sparvel I want to find out which country is economically - economically best / healthiest. (Economics)
Addendum: Very general statement. Here you have to define the criteria according to which. Inflation and unemployment are very good indicators, but not enough. Investment climate is also important:

Likewise the competitiveness:


or even a low level of corruption:


There are many different criteria, some good, some less. The Legatum Institute describes a variety of criteria (not just economic) to create a ranking.


You see, such a comparison is difficult. You can say that certain countries like Switzerland, Norway and Iceland appear in your list, but your ranking fluctuates significantly depending on the criterion.
Sparvel  πŸ“… 08.12.2015 21:31:59
Re: Master thesis weighting system
Very good!

Many Thanks!
You helped me a lot with that!

Of course, I don't use the Wiki - I already have the World Database etc.

My own surveys - interviews not as representative as the big ones - is clear - I'll take a look at the university - so far I thought that the results if also cost good money.

I will simply turn my previous work around and remove the weighting or evaluation. And then justify theses based on the data.

So far I have successfully written a BA thesis, but it was based on a pure literature analysis.

Therefore, deep empirical work is relatively new to me.

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