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Laverne Roberts

Laverne Roberts


Hold on to God, Q-Tip”— Laverne Roberts  ("My Final")

Laverne Roberts was a nurse at the Sacred Heart Hospital. During her many years there, Carla developed a relatively close friendship with her. In addition, Laverne's personality is shaped by her faith. She also likes to share the latest gossip around the clinic.

Laverne was long before Turk, Elliot and J.D. came to work as a nurse. During the sixth year of the three in hospital, Laverne died in a car accident.

Laverne is from Aloma Wright shown, this appeared in 7 of the 8 seasons of Scrubs, not in season 7. She had her first appearance in "My First Day", her last in "My Final".

About [edit | Edit source]

Laverne was a nurse at the Sacred Heart who survived her day there with soap operas, sharing with staff, and talking about Jesus. She had worked there for 24 years, which is why she did not let any newer or younger doctors tell her. Her strong faith helped her cope day by day with the events that happen in the hospital, such as the deaths of children. (My spicy nanny) She was a member of a church choir based on Dr. Cox's request also came to the Sacred Heart once. (My way home) She was also involved in the thefts of bringing in new clothes. (My new clothes)

Laverne firmly believed that everything that happened had a purpose, including terrible things. Shortly after she met Dr. Cox discussed this attitude and her general attitude towards religion, she was in a car accident. (My spicy nanny) She suffered a brain death and passed away. (My sponsorship)

Relationships [edit | Edit source]

Laverne was a very strong-willed woman who could intimidate all men and women in the hospital. She always gave her employees tips, including making Dr. Kelso realized that he can influence too many people with his kind, which was not good. She was a skilled worker who also had something to say to many doctors. (My first day)

She had been married to her husband Lester for nearly 20 years. But throughout this, she always trusted Jesus the most. It was mentioned that she had a brother who made her her portrait cake. (My lies)

Laverne had with Dr. Kelso did a one night stand before she was married to Lester. That's why Dr. Kelso Laverne too, when she is in a coma, so Carla also finds out about it. (My sponsorship)

We also learn that Snoop Dogg Doctor and Seymour Beardfacé are "Schniedelcousins" because they both slept with Laverne. (My 37 minutes)

Personal [edit | Edit source]

What she likes Edit source]

  • The church
  • Jesus
  • Soap operas
  • To sing
  • Portrait cake
  • Chatter
  • God
  • your family
  • Carla Espinosa
  • Dr. Kelso (previous relationship)

What she doesn't like Edit source]

  • People who talk behind their backs
  • People who treat their religion with disrespect
  • People who throw gummy bears into their cleavage
  • People who say she is older than she really is
  • People who have sex before marriage.
  • Abortions
  • coconut (she was allergic)

Trivia [edit | Edit source]

  • Aloma Wright returns as Nurse Shirley in Season 7. She looks just like Laverne, but nobody but J.D. notices that. The two names are a nod to the sitcom Laverne and Shirley, who is mentioned by Kylie in the episode "My Sitcom".
  • Laverne's character apparently changes, as she seems more and more toned down and less cheeky and aggressive in the sixth table.
  • Laverne's breasts are named after them Paris and Nikki. When Carla asks if she named them after the Hilton sisters, she replies that the two sisters are named after their breasts.
  • Laverne has a nephew who is a sergeant in the army and supports the Iraq war there. (My contentious colleagues)
  • Along with many others, Laverne appears in J.D.'s last daydream at the Sacred Heart. (My finale)
  • Laverne is the second person to return as a "ghost". The first is Ben Sullivan.
  • In season 5, she says she is 48 years old.
  • Laverne had a dog. (My sponsorship)