What happened to Brittanya's son Romeo

Pamela Anderson Her son Brandon: "I've never seen my father Tommy Lee clean"

Now his son speaks up. Brandon Lee hit his father, "Mötley Crüe" front man Tommy Lee (55), ex-husband of "Baywatch" mermaid Pamela Anderson (50), ready for hospital on Tuesday night. Lee reportedly passed out and had a concussion for several minutes after his son was beaten.

In an exclusive statement for “People” magazine, he explained the incident. "I am devastated by the events of the past few days that are the result of my father's alcoholism," he said.

“I worked tirelessly to help him, and it's incredibly upsetting that none of this has borne fruit. I wanted my father's rehab and recovery to remain private, but following his allegations on social media, I feel compelled to speak up, ”said Brandon Lee. He had never seen his dad clean before. "I love my father and I would like to see him sober, happy and healthy."

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"You just want to save your bum"

But Tommy Lee obviously sees it very differently. He tweeted, “I'm happier than I've been in my entire life. I have a few drinks every now and then because I'm retired and enjoying my life. I've worked for 30 years and more, I've earned it. You didn't try to help me, you hardly spoke to me when you were with me. You just want to save your bum, ”he raged against his son.

Tommy Lee's fiancé Brittany Furlan, who was in bed with the rocker incident, wrote on Twitter: "My stepson has guns in his room." She called 911 on Monday night. She said, “My stepson and my fiance are arguing. Tommy didn't hit his son, but his son pushed him. Then Tommy said to go and tried to push him out the door. His son slapped him in the face and knocked him out. He is bleeding."

Apparently, Brandon currently lives with his father. "My stepson has guns in his room and that's why I freaked out, I just locked the door." She also confirmed that the dispute over posts from Tommy Lee was about Pamela Anderson. She later tweeted: "Violence is never the answer."

We are excited to see how this family drama will continue ...

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