Chanel scarf to say authentic

Question: How long does it take to ship?
Answer: The delivery time will vary based on who you are and whether the product you are ordering is instant. We will send you to inform you of the estimated delivery time for your product. If your order is in stock, we will deliver it to you within 3-14 working days.
Question: What if my shipment is lost or stolen?
Answer: Your package is unlikely to be lost or stolen. If we agree that your item disappears, we will send you another one again for impenstate. But if the post office delivers the bags / handbags to the wrong address, or you have changed your address without notifying us in advance, we cannot do anything to recover your goods.
Question: What methods of shipping do you offer, and what can you tell me about them?
Answer: Shipping with EMS is standard, and is recommended for most regions. As soon as we ship your package, we will send you a tracking number as soon as it is available. The delivery time is 3-14 working days.
Question: It's been two weeks, where is my order?
Answer: The delay does not happen often. But if there is any significant delay in your order we will contact you immediately. We keep in touch with you from the moment you place your order. When your bags / handbags are sent out, we will deliver you with a tracking number of our choice. This tracking number will be emailed to you automatically. In the meantime you will receive our notification.So you don't have to email us to ask when your package has been dispatched.
Question: I am for handbags goods that are not listed on your website, can you provide them?
Answer: If you are looking for handbag goods we are not listed on our website. Please contact us with a picture, a serial number or the model number of the goods. The more details given, the easier and faster to locate the goods in the factory.
Question: I ordered and received the parckage but I had to change it from another model, what are my options?
Answer: If you made a mistake in ordering the wrong goods and would like to change for a different model, we allow an exchange process within 3 days of receipt of the goods and a $ 25 handing & shipping fee will apply.
Question: Will the funds be paid immediately or after I pay the goods if I purchase with a credit card?
Answer: Funds should be paid immediately by credit card. If the products'quality has problem after you receive the goods, please contact us asap, we will deal with the return procedure for you.
Question: How do you ensure your products after I finish payment?
Answer: Within 3 working days after you finish payment, we will send detailed list which is including: order number, payment time, express tracking number, payment amount, products'name purchased, and the quantity, expiration date, likely deliver time.
Question: Your product is defective or seconds?
Answer: All the products sold in our store are new and high quality goods

Order questions

Question: How can I order?
Answer: To order a product, simply click on the "ADD TO CART" button next to the picture of the product. You can find the goods ordered in the shopping cart items. This will then begin the check out and payment process. Just follow the instructions that will collect all information such as shipping and payment information. As soon as your order has been processed you will receive an email confirming your order. The shipping costs are out of your consideration and we are responsible for them (with the exception of the returned goods)
Question: How do I find the right size and style to choose?
Answer: See our pictures and the description for the extensive information about our bag
Question: When will I receive my order?
Answer: Your order will be shipped by international express, such as EMS. Orders will arrive to you in 3-14 working days from the date your order was shipped. In some cases, due to international customs, it may take longer, please check with your local customs authorities for the time estimates for international parcels to be received. The delivery time may be longer during the January-February period. (Only * Estimated Time, May Vary). In order for you to track your order, we will provide the tracking number to you as soon as possible.
Question: Can I get more discounts?
Answer: Our goods have little discount. But if you want more discount, please contact us.
Question: Which countries do you deliver?
Answer: We ship all over the world.

Payment issues

Question: How can I pay for my order and how secure is it?
Answer: You can now pay for your order with your debit card and credit cards. Currently we can accept Master Card, Visa Card, American Express Card, JCB Card. In addition, we also take on the Western Union; please contact our service staff to ask about the payment account before placing your order. In the meantime, we will send an email with the payment account to you for your convenience in order to do the payment. Upon receipt of your payment, we will ship the order information with you to confirm and arrange the shipping costs.
Question: Currencies in the website?
Answer: The main currencies on our website are USD. Note that the final transaction will be processed in US dollars, but converted into your local currency by your credit card provider.
Answer: Are there any additional duties or taxes?
Answer: All taxes and fees before the custom game in our country are our responsibility. There are no additional fees or taxes for the goods you have ordered.

Service questions

Question: Shipping time and costs?
Answer: Orders should arrive in 3-14 working days from the date your order was shipped. The delivery time may be longer during the January-February period. Shipping costs are our responsibility.
Question: is it safe to buy from your website?
Answer: If you have any doubts about online shopping, you are right to be careful. Here is some important information about us to give you more confidence in starting shopping with us.
  1. All products you buy from our website are covered by a 14-day refund and 14-day exchange guarantee. All products have passed rigorous testing before they run out and also we have a secondary inspection before shipping which provides an extra level of quality beyond what is finished in the factory.
  2. You will be assisted by friendly English speaking staff before and after your order, and you can get full product information and assistance, even before you buy.
  3. Your goods will be carefully packed and the packages properly labeled and accompanied by all the paperwork that is needed for a smooth customs clearance in your country.
  4. The information collected from you will only be used to process and ship your order. We are serious about protecting our customers' personal information. We will not sell, rent, trade or give away any personal information entered on this website to any third party.

Refund, Maintenance, and Exchange Policy.

We try our best to ensure that the products shipped to our customers are in the best condition


We will give you a full refund once we have received the product in question. However, you will have to pay for the initial and return shipping costs. And we are not responsible for returned products getting lost in the mail. Our website cannot give a full refund for quality problems such as:

"I changed my mind about this article."

"The product is not what I would imagine it to be."

"I don't like this product after I receive it."

We will deduct a 15% processing fee based on your total order quantity and give you a partial refund.

You can't change or re-enter the product if you don't like the size and color. Please choose the right size and color carefully before purchasing.


We offer special promotional prices for our products and they are special offers so you need to send them back to us directly on your problem resolved.


We offer you replacement policy on the condition that there are some obvious quality problems of the items, you can come to our live support or send us an email and we will tell you how to solve the problem. You can choose a replacement of the same product or product of the same value. We will ship a new item to you as soon as we receive the item in question. However, you will have to pay the original shipping costs and the return shipping costs. And we are not responsible for returned products getting lost in the mail.