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A list of the most popular emojis and their meanings

Emojis - everyone knows them and everyone uses them. Nowadays it is hard to imagine writing messages without the little Internet faces and symbols. With emojis you can express your emotions and reinforce your statements so that the other person always knows exactly what you want to say. The emojis are used in all possible messengers and social networks, such as WhatsApp or Facebook. Sometimes the emojis are displayed differently depending on the platform or mobile device - but the differences are usually only minor and the meaning remains completely the same.

With more than 3,000 different emojis, it is hardly possible to keep track and to know every single meaning. In addition, the emojis are used with different meanings depending on the interpretation. This is exactly why we have listed the most common emojis and their meanings on this page for you.

Emojis, emoticons and smileys: what are the differences?

Usually the terms emoji, emoticon and smiley are used interchangeably - always referring to the funny yellow faces and symbols that underpin our written communication. Strictly speaking, however, they are all different things.

  • The term Emoticon is made up of “emotion” (German: feeling) and “icon” (German: sign) and describes short strings of letters, numbers and symbols that are supposed to represent facial expressions. ":-D", ": -O" and "

Smileys & faces

Of all the emojis, the classic yellow internet faces are probably the most used and loved ones. In this category you will find a suitable emoji for every emotion and you can perfectly accentuate your statements in the chat. After all, talking to your friends isn't all about the written word. In addition, you can use emojis to provide information about how you feel about what is written - basically as a substitute for your own facial expressions and gestures.

Grinning face

The grinning face is one of the most frequently used emojis and is ideal in many situations to express joy or excitement.

Smiling face with an open mouth

With its big eyes, this emoji radiates boundless joy and enthusiasm.

Laughing face with open mouth and smiling eyes

The emoji laughs exuberantly and heartily. Especially the closed eyes make the laughter look more than real.

Smiling face with open mouth and closed eyes

The emoji is synonymous with "XD" and shows that someone can barely hold back from laughing. However, this can also mean gleeful or hateful laughter.

Grinning face with smiling eyes

A grinning face with a mischievous smile that exudes exuberance, anticipation or excitement.

Grimacing face

This emoji tells you that you are really embarrassed about something. This is an expression of nervousness or embarrassment.

Smiling face with heart-shaped eyes

This face shines and is in love with a person, a place or an object. This expresses affection and strong feelings.

Smiling face with open mouth and cold sweat

A sweaty smile and the relief that an event has just gone so well again or that you are nervous.

Grinning face with star eyes

Enthusiasm, anticipation and positive speechlessness are evident from this face. It shows that you are absolutely excited and overwhelmed by something or someone.

Face with tears of joy

This face radiates that you can hardly contain yourself laughing and that you almost cry tears of joy.

Rolling on the floor laughing

"ROFL" - "rolling on the floor laughing". Something is so funny that the emoji rolls around on the floor with laughter.

Winking face

The smiley winks teasingly with one eye and is a good choice when someone has a joke. It can also be used to weaken messages.

Smiling face with smiling eyes

A face with a shy and embarrassed smile. The red cheeks also stand for joy, happiness and contentment.

Slightly smiling face

With this slightly smiling face, every statement looks much friendlier. The smile is subtle, but on the other hand it can also have a sarcastic meaning.

Smiling face

The shy grin radiates complete contentment and bliss.

Mischievously smiling face

This smile exudes irony or playfulness when someone wants to flirt or is up to something else.

Hugging face

A friendly and warm gesture that exudes friendliness.

Smiling face with halo

You are guaranteed innocence in person with the face with a halo, as this looks particularly dear and exemplary.

Upside down face

The upturned face is useful if a statement is meant as a joke or if you want to fool around with the person you are talking to.

Flushed face

This emoji is useful when you are really shocked or embarrassed about something and you want to express shame.

Pain-plagued face

The emoji indicates that something unexpected has happened and is also a mixture of shock and disappointment.

Dazed face

The dazed face looks very dazed and dizzy with crossed eyes and open mouth. It can also represent strong emotions.

Amazed face

If you can't believe something, the amazed face is the perfect background for your reaction. The emoji looks incredulous and completely overwhelmed.

Frowning face with open mouth

This emoji exudes horror, fear, worry and distrust and is particularly useful in the event of negative surprises.

Face frozen in fear

In the case of shocking news, this emoji gives your statements weight. The smiley is frozen with fear and hits his face in shock.

Open mouth face that is vomiting

You can use the throwing emoji to express various things, such as nausea, a hangover, or what you think of a certain thing.

Disgusted face

This emoji is so disgusted that his face is already turning green. With this you express disgust, aversion or illness.

Violently crying face

This emoji radiates hurt and intense pain as the tears flow from the eyes like waterfalls.

Open mouth face and cold sweat

This fearful face with a cold sweat also shows that you are speechless and shocked about something and that you feel emotionally stressed.

Crying face

The emoji describes that someone is hurt, sad, and upset about something or an event.

Disappointed but relieved face

The face is relieved, but also disappointed or worried about the outcome of a thing or situation.

Face with cold sweat

When things have gone worse than expected, the face exudes worry and sadness in a cold sweat.

Face with hand over mouth

The emoji expresses shock or surprise when you have the feeling that the other person may not be telling the truth.

Sleepy face

The emoji is very good for expressing tiredness or showing that you find a person or thing very drowsy.

Face with exploding head

When you can't believe something or find something very surprising, the exploding head is a way to express your shock.

Face that sends a kiss

This emoji throws someone a kiss to show affection or gratitude - be it in friendship or as an expression of love.