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Jack Dawson is best known to anyone who has watched the movie Titanic. He was played by Leonardo DiCaprio and helped him to a world career. But did Jack really exist or does it come from the director's imagination? If you are interested in this question, some information will help you.

The story of Jack and Rose

In 1997, when Titanic was released, the love story between Dawson, a penniless artist, and the wealthy Rose DeWitt-Bukater moved the world to tears. You will probably remember: Rose is on board with her family and her fiancé, whom she does not love but has to marry for financial reasons. That's why she wants to kill herself, but Dawson saves her at the last moment. The two fall in love and spend a few romantic days on board the gigantic Titanic. Among other things, there is a very famous scene in which the artist Jack paints the naked rose. Everyone knows how the love story ends: The Titanic sinks, the two are floating in the water and reach a door. Jack helps Rose to the door, but there is no room for either of them and so he freezes to death while she survives. Surely you are wondering, after crying while watching snot and water, whether the tragic story really happened that way. As is so often the case, the answer lies somewhere in between.

There was no Jack Dawson, but ...

First of all, it should be said that neither a Jack Dawson nor a Rose DeWitt Bukater existed on board the Titanic. Several other characters from the film, including Rose's fiancé Cal Hockley, are also fictional.

  • For the role of the sympathetic artist, director Cameron had initially planned Stephen Dorff or Jared Leto, but in the end the 22-year-old Leonardo DiCaprio was able to prevail - even though he was just nonsense at the casting.
  • However, there was a couple on board the gigantic ship whose story is similar to that of Rose and Jack, namely the Straus couple. Like Rose, Ida Straus was offered a place on a lifeboat, but she decided to stay with her husband Isidor.
  • Particularly tragic and heroic: Both could have been saved. Isidore was offered a place in a lifeboat because of his age (67), but he turned it down in favor of the women and children. Then Ida decided that she would stay with him. Her words were, "Wherever you go, I go too."
  • The two can also be seen in the film. Look out for the following short scene: An elderly couple lies on the bed in their cabin while it overflows with water.

Conclusion: Tragically and romantically, there is a real couple who didn't want to split up on the Titanic. Unlike in the film, they both died.

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