How your social security number is determined

When you take up your first job, you will be issued with a social security card. This contains personal data and a social security number. But over time it can happen that the ID card or the social security number is lost. You can find out how to apply for a new social security number and where you can get a new social security number here.

What is the social security number?

Anyone who wants to work in this country needs a social security card. This is obtained from the responsible pension insurance provider when you start working. It contains the first name, surname and a social security number.

In the Federal Republic of Germany there is no uniform number for all insurance systems. The health insurance number and the pension insurance number show significant differences. The social security number and the pension insurance number, on the other hand, are identical, so you can find them out from your pension insurance.

Why do I need a social security number?

The social security number is used to identify citizens in Germany who are legally insured. This is an individual number for each and it stores data that is important for the later retirement. This includes, for example, training periods or years of work. This number is intended to help the state determine later how the pension is calculated for each person. In addition, unauthorized receipt of social benefits and illegal work can be controlled and prevented in this way.

How do I find my social security number?

  • You can request your social security number directly from the German pension insurance by email. However, for security reasons, you will not be given the social security number immediately.
  • You can also contact the pension insurance under the free service telephone number 0800-1000 4800.
  • It is also possible to find out the social security number from your local health insurance company. In a branch of your health insurance company, you can then receive the social security number from an employee after identification with your identity card.

How is the social security number made up?

The social security number is made up of twelve different digits and letters. This number contains, among other things, the date of birth in the format DDMMYY, the first letter of the name at birth, and two digits for the serial number, which is between 00 and 49 for men and between 50 and 99 for women.

Can I change my social security number?

No, in principle it is not possible to change the social security number. However, there are also exceptional cases in which the social security number can be assigned in a modified form. For example, this is possible if there has been a change in civil status according to the Transsexual Act or if the date of birth is incorrect. However, if you change your place of residence, you cannot reassign the insurance number.

Who Needs a Social Security ID and Social Security Number?

Soldiers, civil servants and judges do not need a social security card because they are exempt from insurance. Anyone who draws a private pension, such as the Riester pension, must inform the insurance provider of the so-called allowance number, which usually corresponds to the social security number.

Which abbreviation relates to the social security number?

It often happens that in documents there is no direct mention of a social security number, but abbreviations and paraphrases are used. The most common are the abbreviations VSNR, SVNR, VNR and SV number.

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