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Talk legend Conan O’Brien quits with a late night show

In the coming year, US talker Conan O’Brien will end his long career as host of a late night show. He is drawn to the streaming service HBO Max.

After around 28 years in business, Conan O’Brien is retiring from late night shows. WarnerMedia has announced that O'Brien's current show “Conan” will be discontinued on TBS in June 2021. But that does not mean that the television face will disappear entirely from the screens.

According to the industry magazine “Variety”, the US presenter has signed a contract with the US streaming service HBO Max, for which he will do a weekly variety show. It is not yet known when the new show will start

The best advice of his career

Johnny Carson, another legendary US show master, gave O’Brien “the best advice of my career” back in 1993, according to a statement by the presenter. The moderator jokes that he should make sure that he gets a show on a streaming platform as soon as possible. O’Brien is looking forward to getting a free membership to the service and “whatever I do on HBO Max”.

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Before “Conan”, O’Brien hosted the shows “Late Night with Conan O’Brien” and “Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien”. “Conan Without Borders,” the American's travel special, will continue to be broadcast on TBS. In Germany, the format can be seen on Netflix.

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