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The CosmosDirekt insurance group is broadcasting a new commercial in Germany that focuses on CosmosDirekt's motor vehicle insurance.

UPDATE December 2020:

The new commercial shows how much work and sweat people spend on their beloved car in their free time. The car is touted as the key to freedom, which of course also has to be properly insured. “Protect what you love” is the slogan of the current CosmosDirekt advertising campaign.

The song from the CosmosDirekt TV spot is called:

Love Times Gazillion of West Coast Exiles

CosmosDirekt TV spot:

Original message October 2018:

At the beginning of the TV commercial, you see a man who has a van in his living room and apparently also sleeps in it. Shortly afterwards, a family man can be seen driving his child in a toy car in a parking lot. In the further course of the commercial, a young woman gets a car tattoo, a mother is surprised by her daughter with a cake on which a red chocolate vehicle can be seen. Then an elderly man forms a convertible out of his hedge. A few more scenes follow that make it clear how important their car is to people. At the end of the TV commercial it is pointed out that CosmosDirekt is Germany's most popular motor vehicle insurer for the 5th time in a row. The current slogan is: “Do it directly, at CosmosDirekt.”.

The song from the CosmosDirekt TV spot is called:

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