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Thuja planting distance - how many thuja plant per meter?

2018-11-26 | Hans

Have you decided on a thuja hedge? So that the hedge grows opaque, the correct planting distance between the individual thuja plants is crucial. Our gardeners explain how many thuja you should plant per meter.

Benefits of a thuja hedge

The evergreen thuja are especially popular as hedge plants. They provide sufficient privacy all year round as they do not lose their soft needles in winter. Thuja are known to be fast growing. Therefore, a newly planted thuja hedge grows opaque within a short time. The needles of the different types each have a different color. There is a shade of green for every taste! Thuja can also be planted all year round: in spring when the gardening season starts, in summer on a cloudy day and even in winter (as long as it doesn't freeze).

Why is the correct planting distance between the thuja important?

If you are planting a thuja hedge, you should make sure that the individual plants are set at the correct distance from one another. If the plants are too far apart, it can take a long time for the hedge to become completely dense. It may even be that the hedge grows opaque at all. If the planting distance between the thuja is too small, the individual plants will not have enough space to grow. The plants interfere with each other: the lower part of the hedge does not get enough sunlight and becomes bare. In particularly extreme cases, the hedge dries up because the roots cannot draw enough water from the ground. The correct planting distance guarantees the health of your thuja hedge.

Thuja planting distance

We offer prefabricated elements for thuja hedges in our online shop. These elements consist of three individual plants that are already at the correct distance from one another. The prefabricated hedge elements are already in shape and can be planted directly. Gaps between the individual elements quickly become opaque. So if you need privacy protection very quickly, the prefabricated hedge is the best choice. If you have a little more time, you can also plant individual thuja side by side. In general, a planting distance of three thuja per meter applies. If the plants are taller than 175 cm, 1 to 2 thujas per meter are sufficient. At the beginning these "cones" are far apart. However, the gaps between the plants grow completely dense in a few weeks and form a dense hedge.

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