What does quiet bust mean

Lukyanova Street in the heart of the Russian capital, not far from Three Train Stations Square, used to be a deeply aristocratic-bourgeois corner of tsarist Moscow. Until 1964 it was called Babuschkin-Gasse in honor of a long-established merchant family. It was then named after the aviator hero Alexander Lukyanov, who is said to have shot down 16 enemy aircraft in the Great Patriotic War alone.

Today Lukjanowa is a small, quiet side street. The Lenin bust appears a little unexpectedly and stands - coming from the old Basmannaja uliza - in a dingy place. In summer the stele is entwined with dusty petunias. Someone came up with the brilliant idea of ​​painting the revolutionary leader with burgundy paint. That gives the monument a touch of Andy Warhol. Certainly unintentional, but all the more interesting for the contemporary visitor to this place. Right next door is a beautiful (in June 2011 still quite dilapidated) merchant's villa from the 19th century. It was built in an extremely eclectic mix of styles at the instigation of the German cotton trader Johann Karlowitsch Prowe. More information about this little Moscow street is available in Russian at Wikpedia.