700 g is how many rpm

Determine g acceleration - centrifuge

Calculation of the g-force for a centrifuge with a certain size and speed. A centrifuge is a rotating device that is used, for example, to separate materials. With constant rotation, a centrifuge generates an acceleration. The speed is the number of revolutions per second (r / s) or minute (r / min). Please specify two values ​​and the desired units, the third value will be calculated.

The formula for the acceleration in a centrifuge is: a = 4 π² r n²


• a satal slingshot with a radius of 10 centimeters, which rotates twice per second, already generates an acceleration of almost 16 m / s² or 1.6 g.

• a centrifuge for training pilots and astronauts has a radius of about 5 meters. With one revolution every 3 seconds, i.e. 20 revolutions per minute, it generates 2.2 g.

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