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Classic & old board games

Chess, checkers, mills, backgammon and whatever they are called. The classic board games of yesteryear are not necessarily the classics of today. But which old board games are still popular today? Here is a list of games not to be missed that should be part of every board game collection.


A forgotten classic: Backgammon / Nardi

Backgammon or Nardi (in Russian) is an old but very classic board game. You play on four fields, where your stones and those of your opponent are placed. Likewise, you can beat your opponent's stones with a skillful approach and use this to your advantage. The aim is to be the first to move all of your 15 stones onto the home field.


Conclusion: Backgammon is characterized by a little luck and skill.

2 players | From age 6
Ideal for a relaxing evening for two

The family game: monopoly

Choose your character and become a real estate investor. Build houses and hotels on them and let your fellow players pay rent if they land on your ground. This is how you can secure a higher income and get wealthy in the world of Monopoly. In addition, properties that have not yet been sold can also be auctioned in this way. Negotiating skills are required here! However, you should be careful that event cards can pose dangers to you, such as ending up in jail or having to pay a corresponding amount to the bank. The winner of this board game is the one who did not go bankrupt in the end.


Conclusion: Monopoly is still a classic game for the whole family or friends, a simple board game with a high fun factor.

2 - 6 players | From 8 years
Ideal for children and the whole family

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  • 2-6 players

March out: Man don't get angry

Who does not know it? Don't worry, it's still one of the best board games out there. At the beginning you choose a color and you have to move your four pieces all the way around the board in the direction of the end circles. By rolling the dice, you move your pieces forward. But be careful: your pieces can be thrown off the field by your fellow players. This is not only fun, it also creates excitement!


Conclusion: What else can you say big? Don't get annoyed, definitely belongs in every household, a classic that goes down well with everyone!

2 - 6 players | From 8 years
Ideal for a relaxing evening with family or friends

The letter game: Scrabble

Scrabble is a classic letter game. The task of the players is to put words together using letters so that they are related to each other like a crossword puzzle. You use the game pieces to form words and thus score points. The aim of the game is to get as many points as possible.


Conclusion: Brain jogging and letter salad, that's how you could describe Scrabble. A great board game with a high learning effect.

2 - 4 players | From 10 years on
Ideal for a relaxing evening with family or friends

The quiz game: Trivial Pursuit

Shine with your knowledge in over 3000 questions. Trivial Pursuit is about moving the character while correctly answering quiz questions that are asked. This is the only way to get the knowledge stones you need to win the game. In the Master Edition, the levels of difficulty of the questions are very different, which means that you also have a high learning factor. This game is great for know-it-alls or those who want to become one!


Conclusion: Knowledge is power, should be the motto of this game. This is the best choice for those who want to test their level of knowledge.

From 2 players | From 16 years
Ideal for a relaxing evening with friends

The classic par excellence: taboo

Old but still very popular, taboo. Here you have to explain certain terms without using certain words. For example, the word “Ebay” is on the card. Your job is to explain the word to your team members without using the synonyms listed. If you use taboo words such as computer, auction or internet, you lose the round and the opposing team gets a point. As if that wasn't enough, you are under extra pressure with a timer. The aim of the whole is to get more points than your opposing team.


Conclusion: Need a little more creativity? Taboo is a lot of fun and thinks about creative thinking.

From 4 players | From 12 years
Ideal for a fun party evening