Where are golf campers turned into houses?

Go golfing with the motorhome

A caravan with 35 motorhomes moved through Franconia and the Upper Palatinate from golf course to golf course. For the 13th time, tournament director Heinz Dietz from Ebern organized his annual Promobil Cup. He also drove to the Schweinfurt Golf Club in Löffelsterz with 64 motorhome enthusiasts. Under the motto "Four days, four golf courses", the caravan golfers had already stopped at the clubs in Coburg and Maria Bildhausen before they went to the third station inaken inaken to Schweinfurter Platz.

Club president Manfred Filko welcomed the golf campers. You drive a new route every year. The participants and their vehicles have already been pulled over golf courses in the Czech Republic. The goal: A golf tournament is played in each of the four clubs visited in order to determine the best player.

The evening ended in a perfect atmosphere in the clubhouse before the golfers retreated to their mobile homes to sleep. "Corona has reduced the actual number of participants from 108 to 64 this year," said tournament director Dietz. "But even if we were less golfers in the motorhome this year, it didn't detract from the mood."

After the tournament in Schweinfurt, the campers moved on to the last stop, the Jura golf course in Habsberg. Motorhome enthusiasts from Germany and neighboring countries such as the Netherlands and Austria take part in the Promobil Cup. According to Heinz Dietz, the caravan of motorhomes should visit four golf courses again next year, then hopefully without any restrictions from Corona.

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