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BUILD THE DOSTLER COMPLETE PRICE LIST | EXTEND | GARDEN All prices can also be found at www.dostler.de E F IN AC H AU FR E N GE D! Page 1 THE DOSTLER TEAM FROM THE SAWMILL TO THE SUCCESSFUL PARTNER OF THE HANDWERKS HOLZLAND DOSTLER - A SUCCESS STORY Wood is our passion! We carry this enthusiasm on every day at our location in Bayreuth. FAIR PARTNERSHIP Our customer relationships in the region have been growing for generations. You are successful and lasting. Today there are fair and mutually strong partnerships with woodworkers, fitters, carpenters and many other professionals in the craft. We are very proud of this! HolzLand Dostler stands for quality and service in everything to do with wood. We are known in Bayreuth and from Bamberg to Hof, Amberg and Weiden. Private customers, craftsmen and wholesalers appreciate the wide range of products and know-how at HolzLand Dostler. OUR COMPETENCE Thanks to our large warehouse, an extensive range for construction, interior design and garden design is immediately available from us. More than 50 competent employees look forward to seeing you at HolzLand Dostler! Each of them lives wood with great passion. They are all wood professionals with heart and soul - and happy to be there for you. Page 2 THE TABLE OF CONTENTS CONSTRUCTING LUNCH TIMBER Planks / formwork, squared timber, battens & frames 7 - 10 PLANE boards / frames planed, KVH, laminated beams, profiled boards, Rauspund 11 - 17 PANELS three-layer panels, window sills, film-coated panels, kitchen worktops, laminated wood panels, OSB panels, chipboard, plywood panels, Kerto laminated veneer lumber 18 - 29 BALCONIES Balcony construction kit, balconies INSULATION Wood fiber panels & accessories ACCESSORIES Fittings, screws, dowels, nails, paints & adhesives 30 - 32 33 - 36 37 - 58 EXPERTISE AND SERVICE IN THE WOOD TRADE The story our timber trade goes back to 1957. What has developed from the Bayreuth steam sawmills since then is impressive. Professionals and wholesale customers in particular appreciate our wide range, large warehouse and comprehensive service. The successful cooperation and the growing demand in the product and service area reflect the importance of our company in the region. As a family company in the third generation, we are proud of this positioning. We would like to maintain and expand our strengths in the future as well. EXPANSION OF FLOORS Planed boards, cork floors, laminate, parquet, vinyl floors, flooring accessories & care DOORS Door leaves, frames, door accessories & lever handle sets WALL & CEILING Panels WELLNESS Sauna accessories 67 - 69 70 - 71 72 - 73 GARDEN TERRACE BOARDS & FENCING PLATES Privacy screens, trellises, fences & posts Michael Dostler 59 - 66 74 - 79 80 - 84 WOOD IN THE GARDEN Garden wood, palisades, posts, planters, garden rules, children's play equipment 85 - 91 Page 3 THE DOSTLER EXHIBITION In our large exhibition we present noble, stylish floors Doors and trendy ideas for garden design. Our exhibition inspires and invites you to discover. Best service included - and always with a personal contact at the Dostler exhibition in Bayreuth. Opening times: Mo - Fr: 8.30 a.m. - 6.30 p.m. Sa: 9.00 a.m. - 2.00 p.m. Open Sunday: 1.00 p.m. - 5.00 p.m. * (* no advice, no sales) Page 4 THE DOSTLER SERVICE BEST QUALITY HIGHEST DEMANDS IN WOOD IN SERVICE are top quality products our claim, because we want to inspire in the long term. That is why we choose our suppliers and partners with care. BEST SERVICE ADVICE Do you have any questions? Our trained specialist staff will be happy to help you! CUTTING, NATURALLY AT DOSTLER We not only have a comprehensive range of products for you, the service beyond that is simply part of it at HolzLand Dostler! Thanks to our large warehouse, we deliver quickly and reliably - trust us! Boards or strips not in the right size? At your request, we will cut everything to fit! DELIVERY We deliver your goods reliably and easily to you. HIGH COMPETENCE AT YOUR DOSTLER Our competent contact persons will advise you competently and with great passion for wood. Just ask us! We are happy to help you - the best advice is our passion! MACHINE RENTAL Take a look at our range:> Isocut insulation cutting machine> Eric polishing machine> Carpet stripper> BEA wide-back stapler A PARTNERSHIP THAT PAYS Mutual appreciation and trust are the basis. COMPLETELY ASSEMBLED BY THE BEST CRAFTSMANSHIP The Dostler service promise by our service partners. Page 5 YOUR CONTACTS WHOLESALE / INTERNAL AND FIELD SALES Martin Schleicher Tel. 09 21/51 63-202 [email protected] Markus Schwindel Tel. 09 21/51 63-204 [email protected] Bianca Brendel Tel. 09 21/51 63- 203 [email protected] WHOLESALE Klaus Müller Mobile 01 51/18 26 81 25 [email protected] Marina Stiller Tel. 09 21/51 63-207 [email protected] Marina Schmidt Tel. 09 21/51 63-205 [email protected] Christian Prifling Mobile 01 51/18 26 81 24 [email protected] MONTAGEHANDWERK Stefan Pöllath Mobile 01 51/18 26 81 33 [email protected] Andreas Walther Tel. 09 21/51 63-104 Mobile 01 51/18 26 81 27 [email protected] Nedzad Dzajic Tel. 09 21/51 63-102 Mobile 01 70/3 13 73 52 [email protected] Florian Schulz Tel. 09 21/51 63-101 [email protected] Frank Maisel Tel. 09 21/51 63- 105 [email protected] Inge Röder Tel. 09 21/51 63-108 [email protected] Winfried Parchent Tel. 09 21/51 63-121 [email protected] RETAIL Georg Holzbeierlein Tel. 09 21/51 63-111 [email protected ] Gerhard Vogler Tel. 09 21/51 63-106 [email protected] Christian Gebhardt Tel. 09 21/51 63-197 [email protected] DISPO / LOGISTICS RETAIL Kerstin Tempel Tel. 09 21/51 63-103 [email protected] Page 6 Jens Lübeck Tel 09 21/51 63-104 [email protected] Hans Opitz Tel. 09 21/51 63-107 [email protected] Alice Hofmann-Wehrl Tel. 09 21/51 63-197 [email protected] Hans Lenz Tel. 09 21 / 51 63-251 [email protected] Florian Pecher Tel. 09 21/51 63-252 [email protected]