How can I open Dlis files

.dlis File extension

Sensors are placed in oil wells to monitor their activity. These sensors create log data files with the primary purpose of determining whether a formation contains commercial amounts of hydrocarbons.

One of the formats in which log files are logged well is the DLIS format. This format was introduced in 1991 and is still used today for exchanging borehole data. The DLIS format separates data into layers consisting of media, format, model, schema (descriptions of objects) and dictionary.

The DLIS file can be viewed by the PPDM data model. PPDM stands for Professional Petroleum Data Management, an association that sets the baseline definitions and practices around Exploration & Production Data Management (E&P).

You can also use DlisBrowser to view the full structure of DLIS files. DLIS files can be converted to ASCII and LIS format using Oilware EzTools.

Programs that can open DLIS files