How to unlock Daemonenjaeger Frontier Areas 2

How to unlock the ointment maker in Bravely Default 2

Getting the right job in Bravely Default 2 just got a lot more complex with the ointment maker. Here's how to unlock the optional job.

The ointment maker is an excellent job class that allows items to be combined and made more efficient. The other added benefit of having an ointment maker on a team is the ability to create new concoctions that create new and unique team effects.

Bravely Default 2 offers a variety of jobs and job combinations that can maximize play styles and team compositions. Collaboration can take teams to a whole new level, and the ointment maker is a new job to consider. The combination of the bard with the white mage or the white mage with the black mage is a popular combination. The ranger with the ointment maker can do a lot of damage with the analyze ability and the speed boost.

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How to unlock the ointment maker in Bravely Default 2

The ointment maker is an optional job that you can get in Bravely Default 2, so you have to walk around a bit to unlock the quest for it. It is important to note that you can only get the ointment maker job once you have reached chapter three. The journey begins in Enderno. After arriving in Enderno, head north past the snowmen on the right. Immediately after the snowmen there is a house in front of the large staircase on the right-hand side.

You go into the house and talk to the person in the green hat next to the bed. After talking to her, a quest called "In Dreams" begins. The quest asks the group to pick up a piece of moon clover to wake Glynn from his slumber. You leave the house and Enderno in the north via the stairs. After leaving the city, the hunt for the moon clover begins. From the starting point in the new area, go right until a path to the north appears.

Continue north and follow the path that goes to the right. You take the first path to the north again and find a diamond-shaped marker to the right of a treasure chest with the moon clover. You bring the moon clover back to the house and talk to the man in the green hat, whereupon the group is transported to dreamland.

After teleporting it looks the same as in Enderno, but has a gray haze. You go back to where the moon clover was in this dream-like world, but pass it and continue north, where you wind your way through a labyrinthine area. Eventually the man in the green hat appears and challenges the group to a fight. After he has been defeated, a jewel falls in a cutscene, which is the job of the ointment maker.