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Banana emoticons

This is our dancing banana emoticon collection, all of the animated emoticons feature the dancing banana and his friends!

There are 42 emoticons in the Banana Emoticons pack.

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Poop emoji! haha lol he is pooping lols

LOLS very funny ha ha Love these poop emojis!

I love these emoticons and would like to use them in my emails in Outlook ...

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Dancing bananas

The Dancing Banana is recognized as an Internet phenomenon, in the true meaning of the word. Its popularity continues to grow and to this day, users continue to create new versions of the banana with different themes, though the basic dance animation remains the same.

Where did the Banana come from?

This dancing yellow banana gained its legendary popularity after appearing in a late 90's flash clip called. The clip attracted a lot of attention and became a worldwide hit, one of the first Internet memes.

The banana slowly made its way into pop culture, making several appearances in TV shows and other media. Variants of the emoticon include dancing carrots, cucumbers, onions and other characters such as Sonic, Mario, Megaman, etc. This banana icon is sometimes incorrectly called the Banana Man. To learn more about the beloved banana and it's history, visit its Wikipedia entry.

The emoticons

Shortly after its debut, thousands of unique and animated dancing banana emoticons were created and used in forums across the Internet. The ": banana:" emoticon shortcut still works in many forums and blogs for displaying the banana animation.

When MSN Messenger allowed the use of animated emoticons, many of the dancing bananas were immediately ported over for use in Messenger. The small size of the banana icon makes it perfect for use in MSN other Windows Live Messenger. We've tested all of our dancing bananas and they work correctly as WLM and MSN emoticons. Just save the GIF images and add them to your Messenger.

You can use these emoticons anywhere: on MSN, WLM, MySpace, forums, bb, and so on. You can either download them, or use the smiley codes to post them online. These banana smileys also work very well as AIM Buddy Icons, so try that if you're an AOL user.