Mesne landlord rights with the tenant

Landlord rights: what landlords are allowed to do

2. Landlord's rights upon termination of the tenancy

If a tenant terminates the tenancy agreement after many years, there are numerous opportunities for the landlord. He can sell the apartment or house without reducing the selling price, use it himself or rent it again and obtain a better rent.

It looks different if the landlord does Terminate tenancy would like to. Since this is usually a complex process and the landlord's rights are less important than the tenant's rights, problems often arise here.

In the case of personal use, landlords have the right to terminate the tenancy within the framework of a personal use termination. Landlords can also terminate their tenants if the tenant has repeatedly failed to pay the rent, has violated the house rules, has unauthorized subtenants or has otherwise acted contrary to the contract. The termination of a tenant must but be formally correct and legally justified, so that in the event of disputes the dismissal can withstand court. Further information can be found under "Canceling a tenant".