BMW differential whining when braking

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So capone_82 and spitzel first of all, MANY thanks for your answers, so I'll buy other rubbers, cost around 60 to 80 euros if I'm right, I think original BMW rubbers are from ((( Zimmermann ???))) or which brand is behind it, or which coverings are recommended Jurid / Lukas etc ... ???
I only installed Ate because I was REALLY of the firm opinion that they don't cause any problems and that the service life is better, because I've heard from some others that the pads are so hard that they only squeak and make noises (when warm), and others are soft and wear out quickly. But if it's really the brake pads, then I like to change them and throw the (old) ones far away! Which toppings are recommended ??? if the problem still occurs, then it is because of something else ... Write me your opinion again. Maybe someone has EVENTUALLY but does not have to be ..., part numbers.
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as soon as i know bmw jurid or lukas at least both brands were on the bill. However, I do not know whether BMW now produces itself or other standards for the pads are obtained from the manufacturer. and whether manufacturers have to sell other rubbers for free replacement of automotive parts. means it is quite possible that you will always get different rubbers on the free market than with bmw.
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Hi Marcus,
what has become of the KLACK?
I've had the same problem for a few days. My pads are no longer the newest, but they are still good for 2-3 thousand kilometers.
This noise every time you brake! Strangely, not when it's cold.
Write if and how you solved this problem.
Greetings Rompa
on the subject of "clack":
are the 2 large screws on the brake caliper bracket tightened? with torque wrench (think 110Nm)? Maybe there will be a click if that is not firm enough (enormous forces are applied when braking). I would not suspect the guide bolts - the brake caliper is on them only with rubber sleeves - ie. with some play - stored. Otherwise maybe check the wheel bearing.

to recommendation brake pads:
can recommend TRW (Lucas) without reservation and you get it for about 35 EUR (for an axle)
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Here is my 7 Series E66:

Here is my 3 Series E36: ​​

New sound file:
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