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Neuralink: Elon Musk plants artificial intelligence in the brain

The procedure should be as easy as laser eye surgery. No long hospital stay and a relatively low risk of surgery. The new business idea from Elon Musk is not about better vision - it is about better brain performance and new skills.

The technology entrepreneur not only wants to read the human brain wirelessly via implanted electrodes, but also link it to artificial intelligence and charge it. After initial experiments on rats and monkeys, a first study with volunteers is to be carried out next year, Musk announced at a presentation of his previously rather secretive company Neuralink.

Elon Musk admitted that due to the complex approval procedures of the authorities it could take a while before the technology is fully operational. But these hurdles have to be overcome. Because in the opinion of the 48-year-old entrepreneur, nothing less is at stake than keeping people in power.

Musk rates artificial intelligence as the greatest threat to humanity because it could take control. He repeatedly said: "Artificial intelligence is more dangerous than nuclear weapons." In Musk's view, the only way out is to merge the human brain with artificial intelligence in order to keep them in check with brain doping.

"There is no cable hanging out of your head"