How to Jailbreak Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830i

Install ICS Android 4.0 on Galaxy Ace S5830: The Myth Custom ROM

Note: The stuff written below is not completely mine. I have put in my part of it as well as gathered information from, and a few other places and posted here for your ease. πŸ™‚

I had installed ICS alpha on my Galaxy Ace S5830. There were a few glitches owing to which I shifted to The Myth ICS.

The problems I faced while I was running ICS alpha were:

  1. My camera was not working.
  2. Screenshots were difficult. Not impossible, though.
  3. Phone responded late, which is obvious since I was using alpha version.
  4. USB debugging will not be possible. More things are needed for that. Mail me if you need that information, better not use this alpha version. Nevertheless my friend Jay Rambhia found a solution to it. Switch off the device. Press the power button and center button simultaneously and leave the power button as you see Samsung. Go to mounts and storage. Select mount USB storage.
    This will save the burden of doing it the hard way. πŸ˜‰
    Those who knew about it, lite! πŸ˜‰
    And others, enjoy πŸ˜€

The Screenshots of ICS alpha version which I somehow took are:

Somehow, I did not want to continue with a ROM which had lags. So I shifted to ICS Myth.

Custom ROM firmware is mainly based on the Gingerbread 2.3.5 BUKS1 but if you have a look at the build number and the interface it's an exact replica of the Ice Cream Sandwich Android 4.0.1 version. In the due course of the article, we will check out on what are the features of this version. Please note that this is not an Official version of firmware which is released by Samsung Electronics.

Features of Myth Custom ROM Firmware:

  • Rooted Custom ROM Firmware,
  • Apps 2 SD feature comes pre-loaded,
  • CRT Off Enabled,
  • Over Scroll Glow is enabled,
  • Extended Power Menu,
  • Preloaded with Google Maps 5.11,
  • Semi-transparent Touch Wiz,
  • ICS styled icons,
  • Android Market Powered with 3.3.12,
  • Disabled journaling ext4,
  • Comes with ICS 4,
  • Comes with Styled dialer, BLN Service, Google Music,
  • Custom boot animation,
  • ICS Gennie widget,
  • ICS Clock Widget,
  • Supports Flash 10.1, 10.2 & 10.

Grade: Don’t use KIES to backup as KIES won’t be detecting the phone after this update since it's a custom ROM.3

These are the screen shots of The Myth ICS beta 2 lite.

How to Install Ice cream Sandwich ICS The Myth ROM on Samsung Galaxy Ace


Steps to Install The Myth ICS ROM on your Ace S5830

  • Make Sure your phone is running on Android Gingerbread 2.3. *
  • Install the CWM recovery (see Galacy Ace CWM Installation Guide)
  • Copy file to SD card
  • Backup all your data and charge your phone to a good battery level
  • Switch off your phone and re start it in CWM mode by pressing home + power button
  • goto wipe data / Factory reset >> click yes
  • Wipe cache partition >> Click yes
  • Goto Install Zip from SD card >> select the file >> Click yes
  • When it shows install from Sdcard complete >> goto main menu and restart the phone.

When you boot it first time it may take 5-10 minutes. So be patient.

Thats it .. You have ICS on Galaxy Ace S5830 now., Enjoy

This video tutorial will help you.

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