How to contour big eyes

What do you call an animal with big eyes? Cute little animal with big eyes (photo)

Many are touched with wide eyes at the sight of the animals. And indeed, these beings seem entertaining, unusual, and beautiful. But what animals have big eyes and how does it help them in the rough life?


Many have heard that it is a small animal that lives in the Philippines and is known for unusually large eyes. At home he was called "Tarsier". Among mammals, it is primarily due to the ratio of the size of the eyes and body. Because of this, he was listed in the Guinness Book of Records. It is a small animal with large eyes that weighs 134 grams. Females weigh even less - only 117 grams. Accordingly, their calves are small, typically 10 to 15 centimeters. But their eyes are remarkably large, and each of them by weight exceeds the weight of the animal's brain. If a person had the same ratio of "eye-growth" it would look like we put grapefruit in the eye socket.

Tarsier is nocturnal life. In the dark, he concentrates very well and is able to see UV light. But pipsqueak cannot distinguish between colors. The animal is not a threat to society, rather it eats a wide variety of insects and worms. If someone is able to tame them, the tarsier would be a good assistant to his master in exterminating vermin. But this cute big-eyed animal struggles to get used to the person and cannot get along with him. Thus, the diet of the scout includes spiders, small vertebrates, lizards and insects. To eat, pipsqueak sacrifices enough to two legs and not let go of them. What is interesting is that tarsiers can turn their necks 360 °, and this fact is very fearful of locals who thought that the head of these animals was separated from the body.

prosimians Lori

It's a different animal with big eyes (photo below), and the tenderness it causes in humans. There prosimians Lori who lead the nightlife and emerging good eyes. During the day, in their sleep, the children draw legs to their eyes, but as soon as it gets dark, they begin to walk and lively play with each other. When this animal hears movement from outside beings, it begins to move slowly or not at all, at all stops being unnoticed. If he was still recognized, then removing it from the branches is very difficult. Just before midnight, lories begins to hunt for insects and birds. But they also like to eat the fruit that can be found on the trees.

It is worth noting that recently these lemurs have been planting like pets. You must also mention that this big-eyed beast might belong in one of three ways: the slow release of fat, thin, and small Tolstyh Lori. As a pet, usually acquire the first species as the remaining root is very difficult to find in a home environment (they do not come into contact with pain and bite).


Cats - this is the most common human animal. But they are attracted not only by his elegant, beautiful body, but by the large eyes. But even among the cats have masters - it's British. Their eyes are very large compared to the body and at the same time they are not equipped with cilia. But that fact doesn't stop buzzing navigating in the dark. Often you can see them begin to glow in the dark eyes. This phenomenon occurs when light falls on a cat on its surface, in which case it is reflected from the body from the exact same path that it is on the retina.

This big-eyed animal has a strange sight. The cat is able to see 180 degrees and observe what is happening behind it, but it cannot see an image in front of its nose so it is forced to connect the touch. Therefore cats always on their guard. It is interesting that the animal is able to focus on one point if necessary. At this point his snout seems to be very focused and pupil fully expanded. In addition, it is important that the cat be aware of objects that are 60 meters away.

Even for many years it was believed that purrs see the world in black and white. But modern technology has proven that it isn't. Cats are able to distinguish colors, but this range is not as wide as a man. The main peculiarity of the cat's eye - the definition of shades of gray. In any case, the animal's human eye sharper six times. But this is a big-eyed animal in its abilities to compete with ostriches, which also occupy a place of honor in the "eyes" list.


This bird is known to many inhabitants of the earth. There ostriches are considered the largest birds. Weight for adults can reach up to 75 kg, and height - up to 2.7 meters. Of course there are usually a little smaller than ostriches. But not only are they a huge amount to distinguish, they are also big eyes. For example, when compared with the brains of poultry, the corpses of theirs are even more so. Therefore, even an ostrich and a distinctive intelligence, but he is famous for sharp vision. These birds are able to see an object at a distance of one kilometer. As soon as the ostrich sees danger, it turns its tail. Since other animals are not as keen eyes, they just see ostriches and also rush to flee from danger that they haven't even suggested.

sea ​​animals

It is also necessary to tell and about the biggest eyes in the animals that live underwater. That squid, squid and squid. You need good eyesight to survive in complete darkness, under a layer of water. In the giant squid, each eye can be about 30 centimeters wide. Such a size is really unusual for living beings, but they are necessary in order to see the objects to be at a depth of 2000 meters. In 2007 he was caught squid whose eyes reached almost 30 cm in diameter, and its lens was the size of an orange. It was found that most of these creatures had big eyes on the ground. It is worth noting that the scientists found an interesting fact: the animal was caught only a teenage girl. He weighed 450 pounds, while adult squid can reach 750 kg.


Another creature with big eyes and unusual - a dragonfly. The organ of sight organized it in a more complicated way than that of any other creature. Eyes in this insect is made up of about 30,000 facets. Thanks to them, a dragonfly is able to see both the back, the sides and in front of it. So it can immediately see no danger or approach food. In this dragonfly differentiates between color and has the ability to see polarized light.

Gecko listohvosty

Another amazing animal with big eyes - a gecko. But apart from the fact that his eyes are really big in relation to the body, they have been unusually arranged. This body of an animal consists of dispersirovannyh pupils. They are divided into vertical and horizontal series. Thanks to this arrangement, you can find color image in the body of geckos at night. Compare them to cat eyes. Purrs, as mentioned earlier, see about 6 times better in the dark than humans. But Geckos exceeds our capabilities 350 times in this regard!

Who has big eyes

There are many animals on the ground that surprise their appearance and big eyes. We checked those of these properties that surpassed other inhabitants of the planet. we also learned the name of the big-eyed animal, which is of particular emotion in humans. But it should be noted that horses, dogs and many other animals that can move quickly can be added to this list. In such animals on the body the eye is relatively always larger than that of other creatures. This is due to the fact that the speed of a large eyeball helps to better spot moving targets and calculate their speed.


At a special level, you can put a chameleon. Although his eyes may appear small and small, it isn't. These animals have a fairly large eyeball, but it's almost melted eyelids closed. But the possibility of this being surprised. His eyes move independently of each other. This "built-in" enables the chameleon to observe several objects at the same time. But he completely overlooks the entire area around them, "dead zones" do not exist for him. In addition, these lizards can see UV light.