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How to set up and apply the modifiers

The modifier is a set of options that can be applied to the items. They help sell the same item with different options like fillings or toppings. When used correctly, modifiers simplify and speed up the sales process and provide information about which options are most often chosen by customers.

Creation and setup of a modifier

In the Back Office under the menu item "Articles" click on "Modifiers".

To create a modifier, click the "+ Add Modifier" button.

In the Create Modifier form, enter the name of the modifier. Then fill in the "Option Name" and "Price" fields. During a sale, the price of the applied option is added to the price of the item. To create more options, click Add Option.


Don't forget to save your modifier.

Now you have to assign modifiers to each article.
Go to the "Article List" in the Back Office and open the required item for editing. Find the Modifiers section. Enable the modifiers that you want to apply to this item when it is sold.

Click on "Save".


Sales and reports

If you are selling through your mobile application, select the item with the modifier. A dialog box will open. Select the modifier you want to add to the item and tap Save.

An item with the options you selected will appear on the receipt.

Then continue with the same steps as for the normal ordering process. Taxes and discounts on the goods are already calculated taking into account the added modifiers.

Modifiers do not have a Track Inventory option, but you can review modifier usage in the Report section. Modifier reports can be found in the Back Office under the Reports menu and the Revenue by Modifier section.


You can change the order of the modifiers on the sales screen (iOS only) by clicking and dragging the four-line icon in the back office.

Note: You can only change the order of the modifiers when All Stores is selected.


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