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Windows 10: How to change the default browser

When installing Windows 10, Microsoft Edge is automatically activated as the default browser. We explain how to get your favorite browser back.

A freshly installed browser program as a rule asks whether it should register itself as the standard program. If this is confirmed with "Yes", all future web applications will start with this software.

If the question does not appear, the user can also separately inform the operating system that he prefers a different Internet browser. Otherwise, Windows 10 will always open the Microsoft Edge browser when you want to access the Internet.

Change the default browser in Windows 10

To deselect Microsoft Edge, open the Settings (Windows key + I) and click on "Apps & features". In the next step, select"Standard apps"and click on"Microsoft Edge". An overview of the browsers installed on the PC pops up. Here you select which browser you would like to use to surf the Internet in the future.

Statista-Grafik: IE and Firefox on their way into the niche. (Source: Statista / t-online)

Alternatively, you can define your browser as the standard directly using the menu function.

By the way: With the browser, users have another alternative for securely surfing the net.

According to Statista, Google Chrome now dominates the browser market. In second place is Mozilla Firefox. Microsoft's Internet Explorer, on the other hand, is slowly dying out. In the past, this had made the headlines again and again due to numerous security gaps.

Microsoft wanted to make a fresh start with the Edge browser. But this project is also rumored to be on the verge of collapse. The browser has a market share of just five percent.