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Founded in 1965 as Refu Elektronik, the company operates today as Refusol GmbH. The company, whose headquarters are in Metzingen, Germany, is a specialist in power electronics and has generally specialized in quality converters. Around 30 years after the founding of Refusol GmbH in 1979, the existing know-how was successfully transferred to the development of the first grid-commutated inverter for the photovoltaic industry.

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REFUsol string inverter

REFUsol string inverter

Also available as UL and JP versions

    DC disconnection point / insulation monitoring

    Independent power disconnection according to VDE 0126

    Ethernet, RS485 and temperature sensor

    WxHxD / weight = 535x601x277 / 38.4kg

REFUsol string inverter for large systems

    String monitoring REFUsol

    Independent power disconnection according to VDE 0126

    Ethernet, RS485 and temperature sensor

    WxHxD / weight = 760x820x300 / 75kg

REFUsol central inverter

REFUsol data logger


Today, REFUsol GmbH develops, produces and sells high-quality inverters which, with an efficiency of around 98.5 percent, are among the most effective devices on the entire market. The company's string inverters and central inverters enjoy an excellent reputation within the industry. REFUsol GmbH currently covers every application area with the available inverters and provides the right device for every photovoltaic system, regardless of its size. At the same time, REFUsol GmbH operates its own Internet portal Refulog. This is used to monitor and visualize all parameters of the respective photovoltaic system and offers numerous other functions.

If your solar modules are also equipped with an inverter from REFUsol, not only does the manufacturer offer you excellent service in this regard, but also AEET Energy Group GmbH. If you have any questions about the provider's products or would like to order repairs or maintenance, for example, you can reach our experts on our hotline. Remember that each individual module should be serviced regularly so that you benefit from the greatest possible effectiveness over the long term.

With branches and subsidiaries in almost 20 countries around the world, REFUsol GmbH has a good service and sales network. Thus, REFUsol GmbH is represented in all promising markets of the photovoltaic industry, for example in Germany as well as in many other European countries, in China, India, Korea and the USA. Inverters from REFUsol GmbH are generally characterized by a design that generally aims to keep the maintenance effort as low as possible.

Independently of this, REFUsol GmbH operates a customer service that offers the right support extremely quickly and directly and is also personally present on site. Service and maintenance contracts from REFUsol GmbH also help to keep the ongoing costs of a photovoltaic system as low as possible. The training courses and seminars offered by REFUsol GmbH are mostly aimed at people who already have previous knowledge of photovoltaics. In particular, these are therefore employees in sales, architects, system planners or fitters of photovoltaic systems.

For the small power range, REFUsol GmbH offers a transformerless, single-phase string inverter, while the three-phase inverter from REFUsol GmbH is already intended for larger systems. The transformerless inverters from REFUsol GmbH have extremely low voltage fluctuations against earth. This makes them ideal devices for use with thin-film modules.

REFUsol GmbH offers corresponding large inverters for photovoltaic systems on commercially used buildings or for free-field systems. These are suitable for outdoor use. Their compact design and the simple installation of the devices contribute significantly to reducing the installation costs of the entire system.

For larger systems, REFUsol GmbH offers central inverters with their own protection against islanding. Our own central inverter systems are also available, which, thanks to their well thought-out design, can also be used in difficult environmental conditions.

The manufacturer offers you a long-term guarantee on all inverters, so that you can usually file a complaint in the event of a defect. So that this is not time consuming for you, the experts at the AEET Energy Group will be happy to take care of the processing on your behalf. This means, for example, that you can order one of our employees to come and see you if necessary. If the inverter is defective, our expert will contact REFUsol and buy appropriate spare parts. The manufacturer bears the costs for this in the event of a guarantee.